The Tribez MOD APK 17.4.0 (Unlimited Money)

The Tribez MOD APK 17.4.0 (Unlimited Money)

May 25, 2024


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The Tribez: Build a Village offers exciting 3D farm building simulation experiences. You will start building an interesting farm on a large island with your family. The game is a combination of city construction simulation and a great adventure. The game is suitable for everyone. You will create a wonderful family, build a charming tribe, and enjoy life in the peaceful village. You will grow a variety of plants, and tame cute pets. The game is sure to bring a lot of pure fun to you after hard working hours. Get ready for an exciting farm adventure with your cute family on the wonderful island.

About Gameplay

The Tribez Build a Village is about a small family. You travel with your family to an unfamiliar island. You discover many unfamiliar things, interact with a lovely virtual villager tribe, and start building the village to your liking. After a period of construction, you upgrade everything into a beautiful town to enjoy a wonderful peaceful life. You have many things to do: grow plants, take care of your own garden, harvest crops, take part in a multitude of village activities. The farming task is quite simple, you just need to choose the right plants, plant a crop, wait for the harvest, stock up on hay for the horse, and keep repeating the job cycle. The game emphasizes vibrant farm adventure experiences filled with interesting stories. You interact with charming characters, and enjoy warm moments. Get ready to explore an amazing farm adventure on an exciting island. Of course the island is vast, and you have loads of interesting adventures in village life. The island is large and has many valleys in mist, explore new lands to increase construction and expand the area of ​​cultivation.

The Tribez: Build a Village offers a unique farm adventure, and you work offline too. Therefore, you can adventure the island on a plane, subway or car. The island’s cozy village is always yours, and you’re ready to have fun wherever you go. You step by step explore the island, and make friends with the lovely virtual villagers. You meet farmers, builders, tax collectors and many other wonderful citizens. The game paints a beautiful world of village life, farm life. From here, you enjoy the adventure, and immerse yourself in tons of amazing buildings on the island. You use creativity to create unique designs in your own style. Over time, you harvest and collect money. Use your money to unlock tons of items, tribal characters, buildings, and decorations. From here, you will increase the experience for great farm adventures.

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The Tribez: Build a Village brings together all the essentials of a building game. You have lots of things to do like farming, building your own town, producing goods, growing vegetables and fruits. You receive the reward of a harvest of land and sea resources. From here, you increase the population through housing works. You proceed to expand the frontier as you explore new mountainous regions, and build farmland everywhere. The complete game is about experiencing a farm adventure through exploring the island, and doing many great things. If you love the genre of farm management, then the game is suitable for you when set in the world of prehistoric times. The game evokes a sense of history as you live in a natural land with lovely prehistoric people. You will never get bored by many jobs such as building stone-age villages, exploring new lands, developing fertile lands, leading your tribe to prosperity.

The Tribez: Build a Village has a variety of settings. You explore from forests, plains to coastal areas, riverside, or even dark, cold lands. You are free to build the village to your liking, and without any constraints through resources, minerals. The game is attracted by many factors, especially the one that manages and builds freely. You are the chosen one by the gods, and your mission is to bring light to the civilizations of the tribes of the alien island. You are the supreme leader of the tribe, and must go to the end of the amazing adventure. You start everything from nothing. Then, you use the initial gold to be able to build simple earthen houses. Next, you will have to buy land and seeds to grow a variety of food crops, and fruit trees. From here, you harvest finished products to continue buying land, and raise livestock such as chickens, cows, ducks for eggs, meat, milk, etc. You will complete many quests to help primitive people have a better life. Try to complete the task of building houses with different uses, farming and breeding, … you will complete the respective tasks of the system. You earn and harvest many rewards such as gold coins or diamonds to buy items in the shop. In addition, you also use your money to expand your village. If you complete a quest in an area, then you can open up a new land and open up new challenges.

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The Tribez: Build a Village has about 9 independent small islands, and each has its own characteristics. You will have many different experiences from mountains, to plains, arctic ice and snow, … Each place has its own characteristics, and the game world is full of underground treasures. Explore caves filled with valuable items to add more resources to building land. You try to produce more goods to make people’s lives more prosperous, and they all become happier.


The Tribez Build a Village has a simple console interface. The controls are intuitive, and you’ll be familiar with it. All are very simple, and suitable for even the youngest players in the family. If you have difficulty, please note the instructions at the beginning of the game. The game offers short detailed instructions. From here, you can do the soil preparation, plant all your favorite plants, explore new places, harvest different foods, build houses and common areas. In general, the control is not complicated, the illustrations are also very clear and easy to understand. Get ready to enjoy an exciting new world on the beautiful island.

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Graphics and sound

The Tribez Build a Village brings stunning vivid visual experiences to the prehistoric world. You do great things on the island, and see detailed descriptions of everything. You can clearly see the builders’ activities on construction sites, and the farmers who harvest their crops. The game has 3D animated graphics with many eye-catching colors. The scene is poetic. Get ready to explore wonderful lands. The game has works with diverse and beautiful designs, and gives the maximum enjoyment to the player. The game will definitely attract you by the great attraction from the picture quality. The sounds are mostly playful music, and full of effects for the people’s actions.

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The Tribez screen 4


The Tribez Build a Village succeeds in offering a timeless journey back into prehistoric times. You cross the folds of space to find a new land, and use your rich imagination to create the best experiences on the exciting island. You are the divine messenger and lead the civilization of the tribe through diverse activities. You can enjoy the game even offline, and this is great, engaging, and convenient if you are a busy person. Get ready for a real adventure into the distant past, and uncover intriguing secrets, great puzzles. You build your own stone-age village, explore new lands and lead people to prosperity and prosperity.

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