Townsmen MOD APK 1.14.8 (Unlimited Money)

Townsmen MOD APK 1.14.8 (Unlimited Money)

March 21, 2024


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Townsmen Premium is a great medieval city-building management game. You play the role of a king, and your mission is to grow your small village into a medieval empire. You build buildings, generate harvests to boost the economy to prosper, and help the villagers be happy. You explore and exploit many locations about ore mines, farm crops. You also generate income from your own taxes. Residents also need entertainment, and you build interesting structures like, horse arenas, pubs, markets. The game provides a lot of works, entertainment to help beautify your city. You create majestic statues, magnificent monuments and lush gardens. Besides, you also need to watch out for hidden dangers, such as area bandits, external vandalism, and the plunder of your peaceful town from other opponents.


If you love the intimate management style of “Fantasy Island Sim”, then Townsmen Premium will please you. The game revolves around building, managing and developing the old city in your own style. Your mission is to build barracks, watchtowers to create solid protection. In addition, you need to recruit brave warriors to protect your people from hostile forces. You do many things to create perfect rule of your empire from your castle. Try to ensure a happy, happy life for your people. Of course, the game is not that simple, and you need to do a lot of things to build great cities in a medieval setting. Cities will start small, and over time the size of the city will expand. More and more people are coming to your city, and they create many jobs every day. The harvest from the people will fuel a complex economy, and create detailed production chains. You harvest and trade goods for money. Then, you expand the city with dozens of different towns and buildings. Prosperity comes with many risks, and you must have the right army to confront the bandits. Of course, the game also has a good story, diverse scenarios and many challenging missions. You can choose from the main storyline, or experience the fun with unlimited sandbox game mode.


Townsmen Premium is a valuable upgrade with many attractive features, the game of the famous previous Townsmen series. The game is developed by Handy Games. Through the game’s journey, you will build a rich and prosperous city in the Middle Ages. Like “Fantasy Island Sim“, you will start on a small plot of land, a remote town with few people. You must find, and exploit metal ore mines and fertile land areas to build farms. Of course, the act of harvesting and harvesting the farm will bring you gold – which helps you shop for many things. Thanks to the money harvested, you can expand your production by building more farms and gardens. The game offers a lot of buildings, and you can build more tall houses, amusement parks, markets, pubs, …


As the city of “Townsmen Premium” grows, you manage the residents to create a variety of jobs such as sales, transport or service staff at entertainment venues. Besides the exchange, you can collect people’s taxes to open up many other great categories. Life in “Townsmen Premium” is not peaceful and happy at all. You face many hidden and unpredictable dangers to people and their lives. You face the hordes of bandits lurking in the surrounding areas. From here, you must preserve the peace of the town with the powerful army. In addition, the game also has diverse natural disasters such as rain, floods, blizzards, droughts. Many difficulties can threaten crops and create dangerous diseases for your people. If you are a wise leader, then you must have good strategies to protect the people of the city.


Townsmen Premium is easy at the start with ample money, with little danger. Over time, you have to use the money effectively from the harvest, the resident tax money to expand the city. You expand the city into more small towns with magnificent houses and structures. There are dozens of different types of houses for you to build. More especially, there are countless scenes to build. Including magnificent castles, great monuments, poetic river bridges, …

In a nutshell, Townsmen Premium is a great management-build game in realistic 3D graphics. You will have the experience of managing a medieval city in your dreams. Get ready for a gentle and authentic city building journey.


Unlimited medieval city building experience.

Realistic simulation, challenging missions.

Sharp 3D graphics, close to everyone


Requires skill to create awesome cities.

Construction time is long with many people.

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