Carmageddon MOD APK 1.8.507 (Unlocked)

Carmageddon MOD APK 1.8.507 (Unlocked)

October 15, 2020


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Remember back in the 80s, 90s, our moms, dads, uncles, aunts with other kids often went to the arcade and played their favorite games. One type of game that has always been teens’ favorite is a racing game title. “Carmageddon” stood out and occupied the fans’ hearts. Yet, the world has developed so fast that everything is done on everyone’s mobile phones, from reading news to playing games. No more worries because all the fans of this game can now get relaxed with its free mobile version.

The game was released by Stainless Games in 2019, not so long ago. “Carmageddon” mobile version is undoubtedly one of the best, most addictive racing games of all time. Not to mention, it has all of its original’s features so that players can experience the game to the fullest.


“Carmageddon” is a fun, violent, vehicular combat game. Many people may wonder “Why is it violent and fun at the same time?”. Well, of course, it is because while players hit pedestrians and smash other cars on the street, they may find out some hilarious hidden features at that moment.

You will have two choices for characters, Max Damage and Die Anna. Each of them will have 30 different looks and cars to unlock. Your main goal is to win the race by meeting all the objectives and rank up. The ranking system starts at 99, and you move up after completing as many races as you can through 36 circuits. Your rank decides which one among 36 races that you can enter, and it increases by earning enough credits during a single race.

Be careful about the race because all the opponents will go after you and remember, they are not there to win but to ruin your car.

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Violent but enjoyable missions on the run

To win the race, players must complete all three objectives or wait for the time to run out. Yet, it is more exciting to see what the missions are than driving until the line “Time Ends” appears. There are three goals to each race world, and they are all the same even in different races. They can be listed below:

  1. Pass the checkpoints
  2. Destroy all opponents
  3. Kill all pedestrians

The first goal is not hard to understand what players need to do. The second and the third require players’ driving skills so that they can smash the enemies while hit the people walking by without wasting time. Running over innocent people or destroying opponents’ cars in creative ways will give you more time and earn more points. Nevertheless, killing the pedestrians is said to be the hardest mission among all. There are over 400 people on the map, and they will attempt to get out of your way when they feel the danger. They seem to have their own behaviors and reactions. Some will move back and forth, sides to sides, and some will react early or late.

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Racing is not as easy as it seems

The race can take place in some locations such as chemical facilities, coastal roads, mine shafts, and the Arizona desert. Each location is filled with citizens and decorated with street furniture and a beautiful sky.

Each level is massive and there are numerous obstacles to look out for. Mines are set all over on the race run and will send you flying if you are brave enough to run through them. As all the opponents compete to control their cars, they will be smashed to concrete barriers. Also, remember to watch out for jelly traps, which make your cars bounce and waste a lot of time to get out, double-edged swords or pinball mode.

In order to gain more benefits, there are plenty of powerups waiting to be run over. A message will appear on the screen when a bonus is earned, and players will receive extra credits. Players will gain damage bonuses, the ability to drive underwater or weapons to eliminate other cars or pedestrians. There are pedestrian bonuses such as “Extra style bonus!”, “Splatter bonus!” and driving bonuses “Head-On bonus!” or “Cunning stunt bonus!”.

A variety of cars to unlock

All players will start with The Eagle or The Hawk. The Eagle is a tough, metal machine that can help you to rear out under any circumstances. On the other hand, the Hawk is a more precise and faster-handling car. The latter is weaker but easier to handle. There are 30 cars that can be unlocked throughout the gameplay.

As you complete and win races, you will level up and gain upgrades. The money will be awarded after passing checkpoints, killing pedestrians, attacking cars, doing stunts, etc. During the race, you can earn money which can be used for repairs. Flipping and wrecking your car also requires coins to repair. To win more easily, players can purchase parts for their cars and improve the armor, power, or offense stats in the Parts Shop.

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Control system

The game is played in third-person mode. The controls are touchscreen-based, which are located in the lower part of the screen, they work fine but can be problematic sometimes. Your stats and car damage are in the upper part of the screen, which leaves you a big enough area to concentrate on the race.

There are three control schemes: tilt, analog, which is a bar moving left, right, up, and down, and digital, which contains rectangular areas controlling acceleration, braking, and steering.

All items are already unlocked

You do not have to worry about paying for fascinating features anymore because “Carmageddon” has unlocked everything for you. Randomly pick one out of thirty cars and enjoy the race to the fullest

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While playing, gamers can see some minor tweaks such as glossy paint on some cars. Your cars might flip and spin out of control far too often, causing frustration and wasting time.

The tilt and analog control are too sensitive or not sensitive enough to control. The menus can become unresponsive, forcing players to restart the game.

There are too many people for you to finish your killing pedestrians’ task on one map.



“Carmageddon” has all the features from the 1997 version, and the car models remain the same. The graphics look old, yet, the colors go well together. Furthermore, the game has consistently high framerates. Car and land shadows can be enabled or disabled.


The sounds remain unchanged from the PC version released years ago. The music tracks in this game are from Fear Factory and Lee Groves.


Carmageddon Mod APK is a wrecking racing game with features that cannot be found in these days’ games. Players can see how the game has improved from the 1997 version. If you are into mindless violence with an arcade twist, this game is definitely worth your time.

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