Crime City MOD APK 9.6.2 (Unlimited Money)

Crime City MOD APK 9.6.2 (Unlimited Money)

August 14, 2022


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We believe that everyone has heard of Mafia Wars, or is still playing. The role-playing type is also considered as a representative of the early stage of the battle game. So far, they have derived more new game methods.

If you are a fan of street robbers and want exciting innovations in the experience, Crime City will be an excellent choice for you. Becoming a gangster and adventure on city streets in Crime City is so much fun right away.

Crime City is a street robbery mobile game familiar to gamers. In the situation of being chased by the police, as a gangster, you need to have enough tricks and wisdom to escape from the police’s pursuit.

In Crime City, game players will interact with many social components. Besides the police above, you can face other gangsters, people on the street or vehicles, and weapon attacks.

Crime City is a game that is rated well when it scores 4/5 at the Google Play Store. They updated the latest version of Crime City on March 16. You can play Crime City with the latest version via this link.

General Information

Crime City is a very fun simulated driving game to combat criminals and many gangsters in the city. The game uses a classic of the 3D engine build. The playing screen will refine your gaming experience and bring first-class viewing in the game.

It is the most dynamic car driving simulator game ever! The game will test your car driving skills, and you must improve your gang ranking through each challenge. Crime City is one of the latest and most challenging games. The game soon becomes a new simulator game sensation worldwide.

Players will play a police officer, driving police cars to come to perform tasks, show off their superb driving skills, and super multi-tasks are waiting for you. If you are interested, download it via this link!

Crime City features a street robbery game such as

  • Beautiful 3D graphics, rich game effects
  • Exciting car robbery simulation
  • Large map with dozens of different quests
  • Diverse weapons
  • Complete over 30 varied missions plus dozens of random events
  • Story with over 30 single-player quests
  • A variety of deadly weapons and ammunition
  • The store sells weapons and costumes with many improvements
  • Recent threats are regularly updated, with energy guns and rocket launchers

Background Story

Movie fans have well-received Hong Kong’s gangster movies. In Crime City, one of the fascinating Android games, you can also play as a gangster and perform various tasks such as robbing shops, assassinations, and debt collection.

Crime City is openly inspired by the first two episodes of Grand Theft Auto, trying to reproduce the atmosphere, the gameplay, and freedom on a mobile phone. In a city reminiscent, the player takes on the role of a young gangster who takes up arms and throws himself into a series of missions challenging criminal gangs and corrupt cops.

The graphics are two-dimensional with a top view. The missions to be carried out are 60, all with the killing of an individual per goal. They show the position of your target on the radar at the bottom left. It is a useful solution given the fairly generous dimensions of the various scenarios (ranging from beaches to the suburbs, passing through the luxurious central areas, famous districts, and the port) and spread over two cities.

It is possible to walk or steal a car among the many models parked or in transit. Along our way, we come across harmless citizens and more dangerous criminals and cops. The player initially has a simple pistol, then much more effective rifles and machine guns that can be recovered from downed enemies’ corpses.

You must continuously improve your experience, and you can get various rewards (money, diamonds, weapon props) in the execution.

Some highlights of the game:

  • There are various styles of police cars in the game. Complete various tasks to get rewards, waiting for you to unlock the experience;
  • Diversified game modes and different police car driving and parking challenges will bring you unusual excitement;
  • Exquisite 3D graphics, various realistic simulation map tracks, more practical and exciting police car driving.
  • A new mission challenge mode, so that players can enjoy a novel driving style;
  • No need to wait for the red light. As long as it turns the alert mode on, other vehicles on the road will actively give way for you;
  • Complete the corresponding challenge within the specified time and feel the destination.

Arcade Gameplay

In the game, you will start the game from your living building block. You can build many houses in this block. We can use these houses for trading for you and also avoid being looted.

When the money is enough, you can expand your territory and build more houses. In accumulating wealth, completing tasks is also a significant part, and it is also the best way to upgrade and make money in the early stage.

To meet the mission or level requirements, players must purchase the corresponding equipment or weapons. It is also vital information for the smooth play of the game.

The task is straightforward at the beginning. The benefits and profits are also small, such as being an assassin for a short period, fighting with NPCs on the street or attacking hostile characters. As the task progresses, the difficulty and benefits will escalate.

It limits the number of missions in each area. By completing the tasks in an area, you will have control over the city, and we will restart the mission with a higher reward.

You can control this area if you have the area map and control. You can purchase all these extra items in the online store. As the game progresses, some map areas will be gradually unlocked according to the player’s level.

The upcoming tasks for the players are continuing to guide the character to explore new areas. Each region has unique characteristics. The game can also allow players to allocate points to their attributes. The movements are effortless, only attack, defense, and action.

To meet the mission or level requirements, players must purchase the corresponding equipment or weapons. The player’s money income is mainly obtained from various stores in the player’s territory.

The income can also come from the investment and construction of the gang. In the game, players can connect with other players to fight or rob. There are over 150 types of weapons and cars to buy, and over 60 urban areas to explore. The gorgeous graphical interface will make you love this game.

Players who want to experience a different criminal life will love this game by the following reasons:

  • Very suitable for friends who like speed, excitement and racing;
  • Familiar with driving skills, avoid chasing and ignore all obstacles;
  • A perfect racing game with veritable scenes and a pleasant game environment

Special Features

The recent appearance of Crime City fully graphites the famous gangster theme. Players need not read a simple text anymore. Instead, they are replaced by delicate Flash animations.

It is more engaging and exciting to play. Are you interested? In this section, we illustrate some unique features in this fantastic game.

Game Interface

Overall, the game’s effects and operating system are clear, without too many cumbersome buttons. It details the specific interfaces for each task that provides sufficient instructions and information for the player.

Game Experience Explanation

To be honest, as long as you have played Mafia Wars, it is easy to play this game. But considering that there are still new players who have not contacted you before, we will give you a brief explanation.

In the game, the player acts as a member of the gang members. The primary way to get experience is to perform organizational tasks. It may be the shop robbery, underworld killing order, and debt recovery. And the execution will also get some money, diamonds, weapon props, or action point compensation.

The tasks’ implementations are an essential part of the game. And you can get relative rewards for completing tasks. But they are not as difficult as you think. You only need to perform tasks without thinking by following the organization. It is also the best way to upgrade your items and make money in the early stage.

Mission Accomplishment

The common point of this game is to meet the needs of the mission or level; we must purchase the corresponding equipment or weapons. For example, for the first time to rob a department store, it may require the player to buy a shotgun with more durable attack power.

To perform the task smoothly, you must purchase all kinds of pre-tools at your own expense. Besides the money, you will also require a certain amount of diamonds or prestige. An area will not require too many different props. It will help you complete the tasks efficiently.

Crime City screen 2

Gain Incomes and Profits

We can get the primary money income from various shops in the player’s territory, and we also consider it as the investment and construction of the gang. Here is more inclined to the construction type game.

Players can build the site by themselves. After completion, they can collect protection fees at a fixed time, and the steel factory will produce the steel for construction. Some buildings use the Frontier Ville method. If you want to complete the building, you must rely on your friends’ help to post the information to your homepage and ask your friends to provide the unique materials needed.

Maps and Buildings

The player’s level accompanies the unlocking of the map area, and the task will continue to guide the player to explore new areas. You can also see the intention of the game. The city will have its characteristics you want to highlight.

Like the Chinatown on the gigantic map, you can see the nearly Chinese-style buildings with dragon-shaped decorations by entering the area. And some business signs are also in Chinese. Some insignificant details are noticeable.

In the player profile and detailed information and records, you can also see all the props you own. Here, you can configure your attributes at will.

Without making the player too complicated, there are only three simple items: attack, defense, or action points. You can set your image, click “Change Avatar” to enter the fitting room, and enjoy dressing!

Crime City screen 4

Player’s Challenges

Next is the challenge player part. After entering the “Rivals” at the bottom right, you can see a list of random challenges. You can know some information about the player and then choose whether to attack.

From this interface, click to the “Visit” on the site to enter more intensive challenges. You can search and rob the stores on the site, and you can choose whether to attack the opponent directly. Both actions can gain money, experience, and reputation. However, for intrusive behavior, beware of the full resistance of the opponent or their families.

Crime City screen 3

Warnings for the Game

We recommend this game for adults to play. For underage friends, this game theme feels less suitable, because the content is violent, such as hunting, robbery, and destruction. We are only afraid of causing bad demonstrations to young people through this game, but there is no particular grading system on FB games.

Although it is an old theme, with the addition of Flash animation and sound and light effects, the impact is more significant than the text version of Mafia Wars. Perhaps, it is too much to worry about, there will be a hidden worry for the game’s content, especially for parents. It is a problem that needs to be addressed before allowing youngsters or children to play this game.

Final Words

Crime City MOD APK brings players a novel experience of drag racing with police cars. The feeling of getting started in the game is still very fresh. It tests the player’s operation ability very much.

There are also a variety of emergencies and tasks waiting for the player to execute. So, it is the end of the Crime City MOD APK introduction. There are more exciting and luxurious Android game downloads on our site. Welcome friends to come and enjoy it!

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