Shadowgun Legends MOD APK 1.3.3 (Unlimited Ammo)

Shadowgun Legends MOD APK 1.3.3 (Unlimited Ammo)

December 3, 2023

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1.23 GB
MOD Features
God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, No Overheat

Shadowgun Legends is a mobile FPS game where players play as elite mercenaries, defending humanity against alien threats.


Are you tired of the traditional FPS games where you’re only limited in certain maps or a set of weapons? With Shadowgun Legends, you’ll are free to explore a massive world and take control of some of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Go against intergalactic enemies in exciting and intense battlefields. Find out more about this amazing game from MADFINGER Games with our reviews.


In a faraway future, in which humanity has reached its peak of evolution. The universe isn’t something that’s too uncertain for us. We have had interactions with multiple races of aliens, many of them even become friends with our people.

However, as we discover the universe, we also encounter hostile enemies who know nothing other than conquering and destroy. Thus, mankind finds itself caught into a conflict between the powerful races of aliens.

Being a capable warrior and soldier, you’re equipped with some of the most powerful gears and weapons to deal with the enemies. Combined with your enhanced physics, you’ll need to lead your men to the victories.


Here are the incredible features in Shadowngun Legends that would surely satisfy you:

Exciting single player campaign mode

Right at the beginning, players will find themselves in extreme situations that they must do their best to overcome. And as you progress further into the game, there will be tons of other different mysteries and secrets for you to discover.

That being said, with the thrilling story campaign, Shadowgun Legends – FPS PvP Free Shooting Games delivers a captivating storyline that would certainly impress you. Hundreds of different missions which take place in 4 different planets, frenzy and exciting gameplay, and tons of discoverable elements. The game is enough to satisfy every shooter fans out there.

Enjoy exciting co-op missions with your friends

Aside from the amazing single-player mode, you’re also introduced to the co-op missions in which you can play side-by-side with your friends in your missions to rescue the Earth from the invaders. Take down giant enemy bosses as you earn yourself incredible rewards. Go toe-to-toe with them and destroy their facilities for awesome loots.

You can also try the War Games arenas; in which you’re placed in chaotic battlefields. Fight your way to the victory or accept your fate as the loser. It’s your choice to make. The fate of the Earth and its people is in your hands. In addition, the make the war games more challenging, you can go for the Hardcore games instead of the Casual ones.

Take on actual players in PvP team battles

And if you think that the co-op missions with AI are nowhere near a challenge for you and your teammates, you might want to try out the PvP team battles. Here you and your friends will have your chances to go against the most skillful and capable Shadowgun Legends players. Make uses of your skills and teamwork to take down the enemies before they lay their hands on you. You can either challenge online players in exciting 1vs1 faceoff or fight alongside your friends in the 4vs4 matches.

Massive collections of weapons, gears, and accessories

For those who’re already tired of the limited options in the traditional FPS games. Here in Shadowgun Legends, you’re allowed to make uses of the massive arsenal that the game offers. Take control of powerful weapons including pistols, rifles, machine guns, or even rocket launchers.

Protect yourself from enemies’ fires by equipping yourself with varied armor pieces, with each of them having their own powers and abilities. Build an armor set of your own that is suitable to your fighting style.

Convenient communication features

Communication is a vital key for soldiers, especially when you’re fighting in such intense battlefields as the ones in Shadowgun Legends. That being said, players will have lots of interactive options while playing this game. You can chat with your friends while you’re in the lobby, invite them to your squad or recruit new teammates on the server chat panel.

Explore the exciting reward system

And what could be more exciting than to have valuable rewards for your achievements in your favorite games? In Shadowgun Legends, players will have the chances to earn credits for your prizes. Experience the unique fame system where the more famous you’re, the more impactful your characters are. In addition, you’ll also be rewarded with awesome bonuses as your FAME increase.

Enjoy the game with millions of others

With their previous experiences with the Dead Trigger series and the awesome zombie FPS of Unkilled, it’s no surprise that Shadowngun Legends had received lots of attention when it was first released. However, it’s the amazing gameplay that has kept gamers hooked into the actions. That being said, you can join the world of Shadowngun Legends and experience this awesome shooting game with millions of online players from all over the world. Currently, the game is having over 200 million registered gamers and the number is increasing.

Free to play

For the incredible gameplay and exciting stories that Shadowgun Legends offer, it’s hard to believe that the game is currently free to play and can be download anytime onto your Android devices. Here you can experience the best PvP shooter games, explore the most exotic and powerful weapons of the futures, make uses of the incredible guns and accessories that would help you during your combats.

Visual and sound quality


With incredible graphics, the game is probably one of the most beautiful and realistic games on Google Play. Ready to experience the awesome graphics with Shadowgun Legends. In addition, you are introduced to smooth and satisfying gameplay thanks to the optimized hardware. That being said, you’ll likely to be able to enjoy the game on most of your devices, despite the differences.


The powerful music and sound effects would make you feel like you’re caught in a real fight between the Earthlings and aliens. Experience intergalactic fights with some of the toughest enemies that you could think of. In addition, the accurate audio makes each and every one of your actions extremely real.

Download Shadowgun Legends MOD latest 1.3.3 Android APK

For those shooter fans who’re looking for a great FPS title for their Android devices, Shadowgun Legends is certainly a great game to enjoy. You can download and install the game right now on Apkdone. It’s free to play so why don’t you give it a try?

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    Where is the god mode

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    Mod is not working it shows that there is unlimited ammo, but actually is not and ammo finishes like in original game

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