Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad MOD APK 2.3.0 (Always Critical Hit)

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad MOD APK 2.3.0 (Always Critical Hit)

August 24, 2021


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For the first time, fans of the famous American novelist Tom Clancy will have their chances to get involved in varied games that were inspired by his great masterpieces. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad introduces gamers to a completely renewed story with the presences of all the famous characters from the previous Tom Clancy games. Play the game with your favorite characters from Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, The Division, and so on. Interested? Let’s find out all you need to know about this amazing game from Ubisoft with our review.


The game takes place in the modern world with a combined setup from all the famous Tom Clancy games in the past. The world is experiencing multiple incidents in the recent times. Chaos and havocs are beginning to destroy our civilizations. The best heroes of the Earth are called upon and tasked with extremely important missions, investigating the reasons for the recent incidents and put a stop on them. Together with Tom Clancy’s elite squad, you’ll take on epic missions, engage in thrilling actions, and explore a whole new gameplay with the online modes.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Exciting real-time team combats

Right off the bat, players in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad will have their chances to engage in epic real-time team combats. Join forces with the most elite squads from the multiple series and defeat your enemies in thrilling gunfights and actions.

Embrace the tactical aspects of the game and take on varied approaches to your missions. Depending on your forces and that of the enemies, decide if you would like to choose direct conflict or complete your missions in stealth mode.

Famous characters with varied powers

As mentioned, with Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, gamers will have access to all of their most favorite characters in all Tom Clancy video games. It’ll be great seeing groups of badass characters fighting alongside each other. In addition, each character in the game will fall into a certain class, resulting in varied powers and abilities:

  • Attackers – If you need someone for a direct conflict with the enemies, heroes in this class will be perfect for the job. With good attack skills and decent defense, they can easily disturb the enemies’ lines, allowing your team to organize a decisive assault. However, make sure you remember to pull your attackers out of the combat after certain amounts of times, since their attacking nature can cause them to fall into enemies’ traps.
  • Guardians – For long and sustaining combats, your guardian heroes will definitely come in handy. These heroes offer extreme defenses that not many could penetrate through. They’ll be great for attracting the enemies’ attention while your attackers do the damages.
  • Team leaders – These heroes will make great captains on your squads. Their commanding skills allow you to access many useful buffs for the whole team while engaging with the enemies.
  • Strikers – Like attackers, your striker heroes come with excellent attacking powers. Plus, they also have more dexterity and flexibility, allowing them to stay comfortable during prolonged battles. However, their low defense will allow the enemies to take down your strikers once they’re focused in.
  • Counter intelligence – Knowing these enemies before initiate in battles is definitely a decisive factor to help you gain the upper hand. That being said, having one of these heroes in your squad is always a must. Thrilling actions and captivating stories in campaign mode

Pick up your weapons and form your ultimate squad. Embark on a dangerous but exciting adventure as you engage in thrilling real-time actions. Enjoy the captivating stories and slowly unveil the mysteries behind the incidents by progress in your campaign mode. Encounter new characters and recruit new heroes to your squad.

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Fun and exciting multiplayer matches with your friends

And if you’re looking for some multiplayer actions, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad also introduces fun and exciting multiplayer matches that you can enjoy with friends. Field the battle with up 5 players in each team and get excited in exhilarating friendly multiplayer matches.

Play the game with online players from all over the world

And for those who want some serious challenges, you can put your skills and abilities to the test by going head to head with online players from all over the world. Challenge online players in exciting PvP battles.

Join or create your own Guild and participate in epic guild events. Show your guild’s strength to others by engaging in awesome Guild battles.

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Unlock new weapons and abilities for your characters

To make your characters more capable during battles, you can either level up their skills or collect new equipment for them. Spend time upgrading your favorite heroes to create an ultimate squad in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. Take down any enemies that stand in your ways.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play, which means that online gamers from all over the world can easily get access to its features. All it takes is a couple of minutes to download your videos and you’ll have countless hours of excitements.

Visual and sound quality


The game features clean and vibrant images with accurate character designs, powerful visual effects, and matching environments. All these elements combine to deliver awesome graphics experiences for Android users. Enjoy epic Tom Clancy gameplay right on your mobile devices.


Following the escalating conflicts, players will also be introduced to better sound experiences. Enjoy the powerful blast as you launch your rockets to enemies’ facilities.

Download Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad latest 2.3.0 Android APK

Fans of Tom Clancy’s novels or any of his related video games would surely find Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad a title that worth their time. Enjoy playing as your favorite characters as you’re also introduced to new ones in every stage of your adventures.

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