Star Warfare MOD APK 3.01 (Unlimited Money)

Star Warfare MOD APK 3.01 (Unlimited Money)

October 16, 2023


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Freyr Games
24.50 MB
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Unlimited Money

Star Warfare poster

Star Warfare is a game under the genre not unfamiliar to everyone. However, it is a unique shooting game.

The first impression of Star Warfare

Star Warfare allows players to experience the first person perspective. In addition, players also have to go through the challenge of invading alien creatures.

These terrifying creatures can come out from space portals or deep holes in the ground. They can approach and attack you in many ways, such as flying very fast towards you or sneaking close to you. But usually, they will run in groups towards the player. Wave after wave of attacks will come, making the players unable to ignore and low down their guard.

Each wave of attack will have different difficulty levels. However, you should not worry too much about the difficulty of the game because you just need to be confident that you will pass the level.

The gameplay in general

The players will control the character with 2 virtual controls located on the right and bottom left of the screen. The left button controls the character to move around. You need to accurately pinpoint the target and shoot with the right button at the same time.

In Star Warfare, if you want to look around without being attacked, you can stand in the middle of the screen. You can adjust the direction and viewing angle by touching the screen and customize in the most suitable direction for you.

The gameplay is quite simple. You must attack continuously to destroy all the extraterrestrial beings. You have to upgrade your character after each milestone because when you progress further, the difficulty level increases. The wave of attacks also increases and lasts longer.

There are many different levels to select after unlocking all maps. On the way, you collect gold and coins after defeating the enemies. You can use money to upgrade weapons, armor or ammunition. Ammo will not be replenished in a level, so you will have to go back to buy ammo and play again if there is not enough ammo in the match.

Star Warfare screen 1

The most favorite mode, single player mode

Most players after purchasing Star Warfare will choose single player mode. While in this mode you will have to travel through five different areas to complete the game. Of course, each area will be subdivided into several landmarks, namely thirty landmarks, requiring players to complete missions to pass.

The difficulty of each landmark also increases and after every 5 landmarks there will be a big battle. This big fight will be the fight for survival. The game will also assist you in observing your progress by showing you the achievement bar.

After each successful mission, you will receive a bonus amount corresponding to the difficulty of the level. This money will help you to upgrade your character later.

If you are not interested in single player mode, you can invite your friend to play with you in multiplayer mode

Besides single player mode, Star Warfare also offers a game mode to play with a group. Although it is called a multiplayer mode, the game only allows creating rooms with only three members at maximum.

Through these intermediary environments, you will be able to invite friends and family to join you. When playing with a group, you will have more chances of winning bosses and save time completing quests.

Although the likelihood of winning is higher when playing with many people, you still have to upgrade the character to a certain level in order to deal significant damage to the bosses. Star Warfare will not allow the player to fight bosses in the solo mode.

However, when in this mode, you can still fight bosses. Just create a room online and wait for other single players to enter and you can join the boss battle while playing in single player mode. We recommend playing the game this way because it will give you more benefits.

First, you will not have to spend time waiting for enough people to enter the game like the multiplayer mode. Second, you will collect many precious items while playing the solo mode. Third, you will understand the game better and will support your teammates better when playing in a group later.

Star Warfare is easy to get along with

Star Warfare is a game in general very easy to control, even easier than Shadowgun War Games. To be able to move, the player must use the knob to the left. When you meet an enemy and you must attack, you will need the shot button located on the right. These controls are fixed position and cannot be changed optionally.

This type of control will create a bit of a problem for left-handed people. In addition, there are special move buttons located on the top right of the screen. To get an overview of the area, players can swipe up the map from the bottom of the screen to see the routes.

Star Warfare has amazing weapons and gears

Star Warfare has a treasure trove of equipment for players. You can own nearly 30 different weapons such as light guns, mine launchers. In addition, there is more heavy equipment waiting for you as you level up.

These weapons are bulky but very destructive such as rocket launchers and plasma guns. In addition to being bulky, heavy guns have another downside: a very long cool down. Players should choose the most suitable gun for each map.

For example, a map with many hills requires mid-range guns because other guns will have a disadvantage in their sights. In addition, you can upgrade your equipment to increase their attack power.Star Warfare screen 2

There are many options to get what you want in Star Warfare

In Star Warfare, in order to own weapons, you have to buy them in the store. There are two ways you can exchange goods. The first way is to use the money you gain after each battle. This money is only used to buy common items or upgrade them and cannot be used to buy rare items.

To be able to buy precious items, you must use a rare gemstone unit. They will help you to own modern and beautiful weapons, stylish and eye-catching costumes. However, to own this special “money”, you will have to spend a little money on the game.

Usually, players will have to spend a lot of time to earn enough money to buy new weapons in Star Warfare. So, use the money carefully. Only buy weapons that you think are right for you and avoid wasting money that you spend a lot of effort earning.

However, the game still has its own weaknesses

An undeniable fact is that every game has defects. In Star Warfare, the downside is finding bullets. Enemies will usually keep distance from you and use a gun to shoot you. Therefore, the player cannot use close-range weapons such as knives and swords to attack them. The only thing you can do is find bullets and dodge incoming bullets.

This is not easy. Normally, you will have very little health left when you find the ammo and will die after that. It’s annoying to finally find what you need and then lose, right? Star Warfare developing team also tries to fix this problem by adding weapons with large cartridges to the game. Of course, they are very expensive and only few people can afford them.

If there is nothing else you can do, the only thing you can do is increase your defense. Use your money to buy items such as armor and helmets or even shields to give you more time to find ammo.

Especially, when you go to collect items on the battlefield, you absolutely have to get the first aid kit and medicine. These will help you heal and fight longer. Keeping a lot of good weapons without a healer is also pointless when you have to die early, right?

Star Warfare screen 3

What makes Star Warfare being loved by so many people

Overall, Star Warfare is a very good friend to relieve pressure on everyone. This is a game with a huge investment in terms of graphics and player experience. With a very reasonable price, this can be considered the best game to buy.

Of course, the game also creates fairness for those who want the need to speed up the game progress and free-to-play ones. If you put more money into the game, your progress will be faster than others and will get many advantages that the free to play players cannot have.

Spending money on games is not a bad thing, it is about giving game publishers more incentive to improve the game. Thanks to the support and suggestions of the community that Star Warfare changed many times for the better. The game has revised many bugs and inadequacies.

In addition, new maps and lands are introduced and released to help players not get bored of having to play the old maps over and over. The game team is also working to fix the in-game bonus irrationality. In the near future, maybe players will have more money when completing a milestone. Also, weapons and equipment in Star Warfare will also be more affordable to help players access more new things.

Star Warfare screen 4

Frequently asked questions

Well, the answer is absolutely yes. When you download and play Star Warfare, you will have a chance to enjoy a prevailing game that has been in the Top 10 best iOS games in 62 countries. Its community is incredibly huge. Also, with a large number of gamers, and a lot of great developers, Star Warfare will satisfy a lot of players, even the most demanding ones.

Question 2: What is Star Warfare mainly about?

The game also has its own storyline. In this interesting story, you are a member of the warrior fleet protecting the peace on earth and in space by traveling in spaceships. You are equipped with a number of advanced tools and weapons. They are necessary for you to be able to explore and eliminate the enemy when confronting one. However, you need to train yourself with the spirit of steel. If not, you cannot stand against waves and waves of enemies.

Question 3: What could the players do in single player game mode?

In single player mode, Star Warfare Invasion gameplay introduces many types of monsters, alien warriors with extremely dangerous and powerful artificial intelligence. With a highly flexible and responsive control system, you will easily pass 42 missions in 7 large maps. Also, you can use these maps to compete against many people.

Question 4: What makes Star Warfare arsenal different from other games?

When you play Star Warfare, you will see and get overwhelmed by a very powerful weapon system with 36 different types of guns. They can be upgraded to level 8, and can only be unlocked when you complete a certain amount of missions. In addition, you can combine those weapons and items together without any specific recipe to make a unique arsenal of your own.

Question 5: Are there any other modes besides single player mode in Star Warfare?

Star Warfare does not stop in single player mode, but also has multiplayer mode. All the features in single player mode are also in multiplayer mode. You can invite and play with your friends via wifi and 3G. This will make the game more vivid and practical to play in the internet of things world. With all of that, what are you waiting for? Just hurry up to download the game and experience the adventurous times in this magical universe.

Final words

Star Warfare Mod APK is a survival game that everyone should try. The quality of the game is outstanding. Also, new things are always added in the game so no need to worry about the game will be obsolete. Just download it and enjoy it with your friends.

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