Blitz Brigade MOD APK 3.6.2a (Unlimited Ammo)

Blitz Brigade MOD APK 3.6.2a (Unlimited Ammo)

October 19, 2021


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Gameloft SE
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(Unlimited Ammo)

Blitz Brigade poster

Blitz Brigade is a first-person shooter game for Windows Phone. The game is developed by the famous game company Gameloft. They guarantee that by the popularity of Blitz Brigade versions for Android and iOS, players can be completely assured of this Windows Phone version’s quality.

Before taking part in the game, you need to choose a character that you like most among the five available character lines. You will have five options as soldier, gunner, medic, sniper, and assassin stealth.

In Blitz Brigade, players can fight alone or in teams. Depending on your choice, you will receive different tasks corresponding to your chosen character’s unique features.

What are you waiting for without downloading Blitz Brigade to your Windows Phone and conquering over 120 challenging missions in the game to prove yourself the greatest warrior? You can download this fantastic game via this link.

General Information

Blitz Brigade is an inspiring and attractive team shooting game released by Gameloft. Although it is old-fashioned (released from May 9, 2013), this old game has still received the love of the World gaming community with millions of downloads on Google Play and Apps Store.

Blitz Brigade is an online mobile game version with stunning 3D graphics. With the look of a funny and thrilling online FPS shooting game, you will take part in the battle to the death and revive the game.

Besides, the weapon system is extremely diversified with a variety of types and applications that are not inferior to any other shooting game that has been available on the market. With a variety of game modes, including Team Deathmatch and Domination, there are also various character classes such as soldiers, gunners, and medic or snipers for you to choose the most suitable character freely.

Blitz Brigade has a loyal fan base worldwide. And that is the reason for Gameloft to release new updates or gameplay for this game continually. And to keep up with the trend like all attractive shooting games today also have, recently Blitz Brigade has also upgraded itself to a new zombie version for gamers to shoot hands-on.

In this new mode, players and teammates will have to defend their bases before the flood of zombies at all costs to survive to the end. Before the new threat, the Blitz Brigade will provide the character classes with a variety of weapons to specialize in zombies.

For example, the Stealth class will have a bow and arrow Thunderbird Arch with a robust penetrating ability or the Double Death shotgun, which is powerful in the Demolisher class. Gamers can play the zombie mode in Blitz Brigade and other standard ways.

Background Story

For gamers who follow Gameloft’s products, the Blitz Brigade name is exceptionally famous and familiar in graphics and gameplay. With a new shooting style and a personality full of graphics, Blitz Brigade has created a phenomenon in the gaming community, despite the insane heat of Modern Combat seniors.

So far, this one time super-FPS still maintains an enormous fan base, the principal reason for Gameloft to update new content for Blitz Brigade. But no one thought the French game developer could forcefully add the Zombie function directly into this game.

They officially published the game on July 20, 2013, but because of some technical problems, until 2017, the Zombie event officially started. It was an excellent opportunity for gamers to confront the flock of zombies overflowing like a flood.

Blitz Brigade has one particular thing that Gameloft has for Windows Phone, similar to other games released recently, and it is a free-to-play game. So, you can download it completely free.

The game only supports 1GB RAM devices. Hopefully, shortly, it will officially help all remaining devices, including 512MB RAM devices. As discussed in the previous section, we advise you not to ignore the game from Gameloft because it has stunning graphics, and the gameplay appeals to players, especially since it is entirely free.

Gameplay Instructions

For many people passionate about strategy games on smartphones, the Blitz Brigade will be an option worth considering. The game possesses sharp and realistic 3D visual effects. Each character in the game appears with colorful, funny shapes and has its personality and unique fighting ability.

Players will have to build an army with eight combat units and upgrade and strengthen in many different ways, with combat units such as infantry units, snipers, armored vehicles to tanks. Also, Blitz Brigade MOD APK allows players to become or join an alliance to challenge others in fierce and engaging PvP mode.

In this new zombie mode, players and teammates will have to force themselves to die before the storm-like attack of the zombie flock at all costs. They must survive to the end and not become suitable prey in their mouth.

Before the new threat, Blitz Brigade will provide players with weapons specialized in zombie mode. The first item will be a standard cowboy pistol with crazy, destructive power named Tres Muertes. And the second item of Thunderbird Arch can penetrate any target that dares to get close. This weapon pair will be given to class sniper and stealth.

The rest of the classes do not have to worry because the demolisher will have a pair of mini shotguns called Double Death, while it places the medic and soldier on the super rifle called Jawsome. The engineer will use Slaystinger, which Gameloft is expected to become an active lifesaver after Turret.

Blitz Brigade screen 1

Overall Evaluation

Globally, iOS and Android devices’ installed base is enormous, so a quality multiplayer shooter, which can be downloaded for free, could make a bang and redefine the concept of mobile gaming. Many have tried, but it varies the problems.

In the first place, it has not yet found a universally effective solution for having a touch control system that is both precise and immediate. Second, there are the limits of the infrastructures required to manage the traffic generated by a mass of online games that can reach frightening numbers.

The concept is precise and fascinating on paper, but so far, it has not materialized. To make a further attempt in this sense could only be Gameloft, one of the most committed companies on the mobile front.

The developer had brought to the App Store and Google Play the game of Blitz Brigade, an FPS oriented precisely to multi-player but also equipped with a substantial single-player component. The set contains about one hundred and twenty training missions that can prepare for any situation before starting matchmaking and entering the fray.

Graphics and Designs

We were just talking about the age-old question of touch controls regarding the first-person shooter genre. Well, Blitz Brigade adopts a solution that immediately turns out to be reasonably valid.

With a double virtual stick for the character’s movement, the extraordinary view, and a separate fire button, by only one press, you can move your character to aim and shoot simultaneously.

Besides, implementing a semi-automatic lock-on makes this configuration effective and allows you to move with relative tranquility within the scenarios. You can also engage in furious firefights and maybe escape because your energy bar, which does not reset automatically, is reduced to a minimum.

Blitz Brigade screen 2

Operating Systems

There are flexible commands for changing the equipped weapon, for jumping and for running. The players only need a second left stick for rapid movements, which is an excellent intuition. It is even possible to activate the gyro to manage the view this way, but it didn’t drive us crazy.

We then come to the fulcrum of the offer or the online multiplayer. You can log into your Gameloft Live account or use your Facebook credentials. But the lack of automation in this sense makes the procedure a little too slow and cumbersome.

Once the matchmaking starts, you can choose whether to search for a quick game with arbitrary rules or select the death match or domain modes. These two rules are available, which provide a maximum of eight and twelve players on three maps: Fort of Malta, Madagascar, and Ruins of Madagascar.

Two classes are immediately accessible, soldier and machine gunner. In contrast, spending diamonds must unlock the others (sniper, medic, and assassin stealth), if you have any.

Virtual Simulations

The action turns out to be fun and carefree. The industrial sector is impeccable. The graphics are fluid, colorful, designed with an excellent cartoon style that undoubtedly recalls Team Fortress 2.

With Blitz Brigade, Gameloft gives many joys to the mobile multiplayer shooter and almost reaches the moving target. We say “almost” because the game still looks like a “open yard”.

Gameloft can well! Maybe they should have a quick turnaround on the questionable choice of tokens and resolving more or less severe problems that afflicted matchmaking and the quality of the online sector.

Overall, what Gameloft offers to the players today is a beautiful product. They equip the game with a touch control system that is not perfect but undoubtedly effective.

Besides, there is a harbinger of a genuinely fun action where everything works perfectly. The problem is undeniable when it occurs through many Gameloft games, which still happens too often and, therefore, postpones the discussion to the next updates.

Blitz Brigade screen 0


The first weeks of the game’s life were challenging. The questionable inclusion of the extra-charge system to play a game is annoying.

But when you link to the free premium nature of the playing experience, it limits your experience. And many users left the ship as soon as they realized what Gameloft had developed to force them to put their hand to their wallet.

Yes, because the tokens had to be purchased with actual money. Fortunately, there has been a very rapid resurgence (probably dictated by the collapse of downloads), and the current presence of IAPs in the game appears relatively limited.

With some extra advantages for those who spend, for example, the immediate respawn, or the possibility to unlock new classes or even the instant upgrading of weapons. But the players receive nothing to achieve, even with a little practice.

Blitz Brigade screen 3


Recently, Nobodyshot has released the free multiplayer online shooting action game KUBOOM 3D on the Android platform. This mobile game will put players in the tactical and stylish bombardment of many blocky games like Trove or Minecraft. The game developer also said that users could play KUBOOM 3D on both PC and Android devices.

At first glance, KUBOOM 3D shows that from the map, characters, scenes, even guns, the bullet explosion effect in KUBOOM 3D is built from square Lego blocks. The developer has upgraded the usual 2D pixel style, and it supports the image in this game with more vivid 3D effects.

In KUBOOM 3D, players will test their marksmanship in confrontations with friends, colleagues, or other marksmen. This first-person shooter game promises to bring players into the fiery online arena.

Modern Combat Versus

Modern Combat Versus or Modern Combat 6 is a super-focused multiplayer shooter game and will be released by Gameloft as a free-to-play game. In the sequel to this cult shooting series, instead of paralleling the Single and Multi-player arrays, Modern Combat Versus will focus solely on online combat.

Players will have to make use of their abilities and ingenuity to win against other players. Once released, Modern Combat Versus will have 12 Agents for you to fight based on four main character classes, including Attacker, Defender, Assassin, and Specialist.

The attacker can be powerful. The defender again supports teammates with the ability to minimize damage, good health, and vehement defense. Next is Assassin, which has a mighty blow, but his blood is easy to destroy. Finally, Specialists have many unique abilities, and weapon wields depending on the combat situation.

Final Words

For lovers of action, war, shooter, target practice, and online multiplayer games, a new title on the Play Store signed by Gameloft arrives, announced in recent months with the video trailer. The game in question is Blitz Brigade MOD APK, and it promises to be interesting.

As you can read from the description and see from the images and videos the new game from Gameloft, Blitz Brigade MOD APK combines different genres accompanied by excellent graphics.

Are you ready to start a new adventure with the game’s characters? The game has over 120 missions for you to complete and practice your playing skills. So, if you are a terrible fighter on the battlefield, these missions will train you to become a good shooter.

Blitz Brigade has 100 types of weapons for the players. The game is even more improved in terms of scenery, vehicles, and characters, and it offers something to suit everyone’s play style.

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