Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn MOD APK 1.25.01 (Unlimited Money)

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn MOD APK 1.25.01 (Unlimited Money)

Freyr Games Unlimited Money

First released in 2013 by Freyr Games with version 1.01, up to now, the mobile shooting game titled Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn has been published with version 1.25.01. The first thing you’re going to be taken by about this game is the apparent similarity with the console hit Borderlands 2. It borrows all prominent features from the infamous video game series and puts it into your iOS/Android devices. They published the game right at the moment when the mobile game market is lacking a good shooter role-playing game, and many developers haven’t been able to get it right yet. Successfully seizing the chance, Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn rapidly received a lot of attention and rose into fame.

Because of the hype and the controversy about this game’s idea and graphics, we want to provide some in-depth review on it before leaving you to decide whether to hit that ‘Download’ button. Let’s scroll down to figure it out!

Concept & Story

On a far-out planet called Muspel, you (or more precisely, your character) is a bounty hunter who carries weapons around and chases down culprits. The bounty hunters are not considered good or bad characters. They live in that morally questionable area between respectable copper and loony vigilante.

As we mentioned before, you will immediately realize that this game is a ‘dupe’ version of Gearbox Software’s Borderland franchise with RPG element colorful 3D graphics. We consider this similarity to be an advantage of Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn due to its familiar and easy-to-understand plot and concept.

Like its ‘original version,’ Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn has an FPS-RPG structure, which means your physical aiming skill and weapons’ stats will determine your combat level. Mission-based single-player campaigns integrated with a multiplayer feature are also a central part of the game.


For those newbies who don’t know a thing about this shooting game, we’ll go through an essential guide for you to enjoy it right away after installing without spending more time on finding out what to do.

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn consists of four classes, each with two genders. Each class is designed with unique characteristics. Once you jump into the game, you have to choose whether your character is a guy or a girl, and pick the class. The classes provide a bunch of options to create your avatar with unique skills such as healer, tank, stealth, etc.

After all the pre-game settings, you’ll start with a series of welcome/beginner missions. Instead of including too much control instructions or gameplay explained, these tasks are concise and comprehensive enough for you to get the point quickly without annoying.

Your character will earn experience through 8 adventurers with different backgrounds and unlock new skills and abilities when leveling up. The missions are somehow repetitive, just like any other FPS-meets-RPG game. All you’re going to do is go to a place on the map, shoot the enemies, and collect widgets. Various types of attribute equipment, including pistols, machine guns, and sniper rifles, can fall down from enemies and bosses once you defeat them. You can ‘loot’ these things as booty.

What’s good with latest version 1.25.01

For those who have already experienced the previous version of Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn, we’re pleased to inform you some new features updated in the following:

  • Increased Chips’ loot-drop rate
  • Increased Gold and Mithril income on tasks, Arena, and enemy loots
  • Decreased the game’s difficulty, especially the Boss fight
  • Added rare weapons that only be looted from Boss
  • Added a new mighty Boss
  • Added new avatars
  • Designed and unlocked a whole new level


Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn surely has many prominent features to make it a worth-trying game that cannot be uninstalled once you download it.

Online multiplayer mode

Although the main events of the game are solo missions, the publisher developed incredible online mode. This is actually suitable for those who want to play with friends and families or simply go online to make friends with anybody who has the same hobby.

This game also has a 4 player co-op mode instead of the three slots available in other games. Much of the game can be played in a co-op multiplayer mode, so you and your friends each can select a class to build an all-round team and smash all missions.

Things become even better when it comes to the 8 player PvP mode. The matches are really challenging since you’re against 7 humans like yourself. This feature brings a lot of fresh experience compared to the solo mode and will keep you coming back for more.


Incredible shooter controls

Even though many FPS titles on App Store and CH Play suffer from weak controls and easily failed auto-targeting, Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn has some of the best shooter controls we’ve ever experienced. The targeting works intelligent and doesn’t require too much of a crutch. Usually, you have to unload a clip of bullets around your target after aiming. However, in this game, the aiming is not so fickle, it offers a smooth shooting experience.

Wide ranges of weapons

The weapons differ from reload speed, power, range, damage, etc. Each has its own stat that fits a particular task and skill. According to the game’s developer, various elemental weapons affect enemies differently. They created a randomly generated weapon drop system that makes sure your combat will be the most satisfying experience. Besides, there’re 7 categories of weapons to obliterate varied battlefields.

Therefore this feature increases the chance for you to own a perfect weapon and stimulates you to unlock, collect, and use as many weapons as possible to find perfect killer equipment.

Encourage strong team spirits

In Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn, teamwork plays an important role. Team task mode will help you upgrade rapidly. It requires strategic team dynamics and earning victory in the Teamwork arena.

Imagine entering your friends’ game and helping them bring a big bad guy down, healing them when they’re injured, sacrificing to lead the team to victory. That’s what a true hero and team player would do for their squad.

Boss fighting

One indispensable part of any action game is fighting against the Boss. Grasp this feature, the developers have created many powerful bosses to challenge your survival skills and keeps adding more almighty Boss in new versions. Each boss fight is designed for unique encounters with epic fight scenes. Sound interesting, right?

Vibrant graphics & Western vibe

Another prominent feature of this game is its steampunk western vibe with well-designed landscapes and backgrounds. The colorful graphics are fully expressed through a futuristic-Western setting and rich 3D comic book visuality. Together they create a colorful, amazing virtual world that resembles our real life.

Bring your favorite action role-playing FPS game into your mobile device

The FPS & RPG combined structure games are indeed easily addictive. Still, it is usually published in video types or for PCs. Instead of playing the video console hit Borderlands ’til bored to death and continue craving for more console ones, you can download Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn to your Android phone and have endless fun anywhere, anytime.


Besides the pros, Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn also has a few small flaws that may make some players feel inconvenient.


Although lagging is a part of any online game, especially heavy graphics, the PvP feature of Bounty Hunter makes it more visible. But as the online mode isn’t the only main event, we think that doesn’t matter so much.

Repetition & lacking its own identity

Accused of copying some of Borderlands moves and then adding some features from other FPS games, Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn lacks its own personality. Some high-standard, fastidious users might think that the missions are quite small-scale and familiar, just like a dozen of FPS/RPG games on the market: collecting this, going there, killing baddies by solo or by team, etc.

From our perspective, this is not a big deal if you’re interested in this type of shooting game. On the other hand, the fantastic settings and characters make you want to dive into the adventure, upgrade your arsenal to prepare your best for the next mission.

Final thought

Overall, Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn offers amazing gameplay and spectacular settings, of course, with some drawbacks, but it’s doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. It deserves to be representative of the role-playing shooter on the mobile game market. We believe it’s on the way to set itself apart from other influences.

Download Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn Mod APK via this link and get ready for the unlimited missions experience with infinity gems and golds. It’s a total time killer and endless fun!

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