Dead Ahead MOD APK 1.2.7 (Unlimited Money)

Dead Ahead MOD APK 1.2.7 (Unlimited Money)

Mobirate Unlimited Money

Dead Ahead offers a unique experience from similar zombie-themed games. Because normally, when you think of a zombie game, you will immediately think of the shooting genre as Rambo or the survival game. But it all changes when you get to Dead Ahead. The Dead Ahead follows the trend of Clash Royale and Zombie Age 2.

In the game, you will play the role of a supreme commander. Choose between the military units that are the survivors on the bus and stop the zombie advancement targeting the city. Each of your units has its strengths and weaknesses to fight zombies.

For example, the farmer guy holding a shovel will be the most basic unit and have fast cool-downs. So, you can quickly push out as a shield for gunners or even a special force with flamethrowers standing behind.

General Information

This game follows the trend of the Clash Royale and Zombie Age 2 strategy of dropping troops. The game also requires you to protect your main house as a bus. You will pass the game screen when successfully defending from the zombie attacks.

Choosing how the units are before each match is based on the number of resources left or the strategy and also has to see how your opponent plays on the screen. The zombies do not stand still, but they will also strengthen in the later stages, causing a lot of trouble with stats such as the ability to withstand or power to skyrocket.

Also, depending on the ability that you show, you will receive the right amount of bonuses to unlock high-class units or other equipment. We base the choice of units before each match on the remaining resources or tactics. And you also have to see how your opponent plays on the screen.

The zombies do not standstill. They will also strengthen in the later stages, causing a lot of trouble with statistics such as speed, ability to withstand, or power to skyrocket. The later battles will be more challenging when countless special zombie species are accompanying the ranks. It requires you to be diverse in the drop of troops and thinking about the selection of troops.

Besides, the visual effects of Dead Ahead are also shown in cartoon style. In the game, each character appears with a colorful, funny shape and has a unique personality and special fighting ability. It promises to bring the best experience in both gameplay and items for those who try it.

Background Story

Up to now, we have had three months of gaming experience. Those are the days of patiently watching commercials. Since Dead Ahead is an excellent game, we strongly support the publisher by constantly watching the ads. If playing the hard-hitting scenes without the gold-smashing magic money, then we cannot overcome the challenges.

Dead Ahead is a mobile game with very impressive gameplay. The first thing to say is that it is easy to get used to. After a few introductions and instructions for less than 30 seconds, you can enter the game with ease.

The gameplay is so simple that, in fact, you just need to click to select six-character boxes on the screen and wait for the animation to take place. Similar to the classic player, the two sides will protect their principal buildings. The player side is the reinforced bus, and the zombie side is the barrier that prevents the bus from passing.

When the main house runs out of blood, the bus will either buzz or run over the barricades that have been cleaned to get through the back screen with energy indicators (in the game, it is Courage) used to produce soldiers. And the number of spells (in the game, it is Rage) is used to use skills or special items to support the attacking group of soldiers.

The player will wait for the Courage to regenerate to spawn soldiers. Sometimes, Courage and small gems drop randomly on the map. Remember that more Courage will produce more soldiers. It is the battle to crush your enemies.

Whether it is the zombie side and the human side, the side that has more obedient soldiers will attack the enemy’s main house more easily. The starting levels of the zombie side are only composed of hordes and weak. But the more the later levels, the more aggressive the ultimate high stats such as wearing bulletproof vests, anti-stab, anti-fire, anti-explosion. They also come with some special skills such as continuous slap, stun, or strike.

How to play Dead Ahead MOD APK?

Dead Ahead MOD APK makes the player have to upgrade the existing soldiers to receive more new troops. Then you must continue to upgrade. To overcome the upcoming challenges, the combination of soldiers will largely determine the outcome of the game.

It divides soldiers in the game into three major categories: melee soldiers, short-range shooters, and long-range shooters. These groups are further divided into more specific characters. First is the melee soldiers, which have cheap types with short preparation time and bulletproof vests. They come with abundant blood and expensive preparation time.

Next, near-range gunners are equipped with shotguns, pistols, and light submachines. And the shotgun soldiers that use slash bullets are useful to repel a large group of zombies due to bullets thrown in the beam. It means that buffalo and dog zombies are also easily knocked out if they stick to a close-range jolt. We equip the soldiers with pistols with dodging skills with melee ability that can repel zombies.

Long-range gunner soldiers have no other ability than being able to shoot down zombies from a distance with eminent power on each bullet. And later, they are spurned because of their ability to shoot slowly. Their preparation time is long, but the speed goes slowly.

Only the melee soldiers can clear the defense barrier, while the long-range soldiers specialize in protecting. Good coordination between these two soldiers is the path to glory. As for the supplementary skills, the Rage bar is only full when the player fights zombies. And it also costs one square out of your six ticks, which means careful consideration to get the most out of the number of troops and additional skills to carry.

According to our personal experience and three months of sporadic playing, it is most appropriate to have a group of four soldiers, including two melee soldiers and two ranged soldiers. In particular, the youth shovel topless at the beginning of the game, and the youth upgrade to the shovel wearing an extra T-shirt is useful until you clear the island. It will reveal the money-making of the publisher. When playing any map again, you will only get a froth of about 10 gold bars on average, while we sell a new class for around 10,000 gold bars.

You even have to use gold to upgrade buses, soldiers, match items, and will not spend less than 10,000 gold to bring a class from level 0 to level 15, which is the crystallization of the series of advertising days in the game. At worst, the best and most effective classes are only in the money box. If you do not own these classes, the way to conquer the player’s challenge will stomp in a place for at least three months. Because the last challenge of chapter six is only hard, but to chapter 7, it immediately becomes a nightmare with leper zombies kills.

If the publisher does not make players spend money and take advantage of the product, we will have a splendid game that is worth playing. We pay little attention to the arena. Even though it is also the only part that sees the world, when most in the game, the player has to beat the zombies alone. The reason is that this part is also largely influenced by the money of the chancellor, whichever side has more genuine soldiers or more upgrades always wins.

Special Features

Dead Ahead for iOS is a very attractive zombie game with a unique drop-strategy style game, giving you an uncommon experience with the same series. Usually, in a zombie-themed game, you will probably think it is a shooter where you fire bullets to destroy hordes of zombies or a survival game where you have to escape and survive. But coming to Dead Ahead for iOS, you will have a fresh experience.

Dead Ahead has tactical gameplay style drop troops like Clash Royale and Zombie Age 2. Here, you need to use many units of soldiers to prevent the zombie army from reaching your main base, which is a bus. Each soldier has its strengths and weaknesses to fight the hordes of undead.

Survival factors combine defense tactics

  • Fight off the zombie army in Dead Ahead’s new tactical survival game.
  • Destroy all attacks, collect items, find survivors, and create your fortune.

Zombie invasion

  • Protect the bus and do not let the hungry army kill the survivors. Break barricades along the way and set up a battle camp to gain an edge.
  • Gather troops and send units into battle, using all means necessary to stop the large zombie army.
  • Slash, shoot, or burn zombies with gas bombs, barrel bombs, and grenades. Directly attack or stealthily kill your opponent.

Use your brain

  • Show that you have the real steel spirit to conquer the map. Kill as many zombies as possible to become the legendary freedom warrior.
  • Command and conquer, use defensive and tactical steps to kill zombies, and eliminate obstacles. Remember that the undead army will not make it easy for you to achieve your goal.

Improve skills and equipment for survival

  • Collect items, earn experience points, protect buses, and complete missions to upgrade units and vehicles.
  • The more equipment you have, the more zombies you can kill.
  • Send them to hell forever.
  • Compete for scores with other players.

Overall Assessment

If you are a fan of the Infinite Run game genre (the game that runs as far as possible, typically Temple run) and loves the zombie theme, keep an eye out for Dead Ahead because the game cleverly combines the two factors above.

Dead Ahead offers a novel experience from similar games. Normally, when you think of a zombie game, you will immediately think of the shooting genre as a Rambo or trying to hide like a survival game. But it all changes when you get to Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare.

The visual effects of Dead Ahead are shown in a cartoon style. With each character in the game, they appear with colorful, funny shapes and carry their personality and special fighting abilities. The game guarantees to bring the best experience, both in terms of gameplay and graphics for those who try it.

In the Dead Ahead game, you will be the only one who will survive the zombie disaster. To survive, the player has no choice but to run away from the bloodthirsty zombies. With a motorcycle and a pistol, how long can you last?

The player’s task is to dodge obstacles on the way and prevent zombies from coming in front of you. You can do this in a variety of ways such as tricking them into obstacles, using a gun, or speeding up your car to get rid of nasty stalkers.

Also, you can collect for the items scattered on the road, increasing your chances of survival such as increased damage, invulnerable for a few seconds. Besides the principal part is survival, the game also offers other small missions such as killing 150 zombies or 150m travel to help players rank up and earn more money to unlock more powerful weapons.

Highlights of the Dead Ahead:

  • You can upgrade your weapons, vehicles. Or if you accept to play, you can buy a new better from the Garage.
  • The system of diverse tasks, gradually increasing from simple to complex, will make you have a headache in calculating and showing your reflexes.
  • Also, the good point of the game is that when you level up, you will have an Achievement Card and can share them directly on Facebook or Google Plus to show off with your friends.


Dead Ahead has a cute 8-Bit game and easy-to-play gameplay, but the publisher tried to capture and make the most money from the customer’s pocket. For a gamer, we would rather watch ads and not mess around with the game, but three months of hard work plowing through the advertising day still cannot overcome the tough challenge of the game.

The game graphics and sound are just average. The image is not sharp; the sound is boring and has not created excitement for players. The most annoying point when playing games is the ads. Because Dead Ahead is free, the publisher will take it back by forcing you to watch the banners or pop-ups. We think it would be better if the producer had the option to pay to get rid of player annoyances.

From chapter 6 to chapter 7, the difficulty of the game has increased by dozens of times. It’s been nearly three months just to plow money to upgrade soldiers and buy better soldiers. Although we have no longer challenged our perseverance, this game is well worth playing. It deserves more praise than being criticized.

Recommended Alternative: Zombie Age 2

In the 2D genre scrolling scene, by allowing the character to move up and down on a plane, Zombie Age 2 uses a joystick control system and two virtual buttons on the screen. We assign the two buttons to select and use melee weapons, the other key to select and use the guns in the game.

Test on some Samsung devices, the game controls are very responsive and smooth. And you can play Zombie Age 2 both on machines with 1GHz CPU and 512MB RAM, although the zombie-heavy scene can be jerky.

At the time of launch, the game had a few levels, but completing all the quests was difficult. Zombies are always overwhelming and appear from everywhere, with many types with unique characteristics but sharing the same goal, making it possible to keep the major character’s life issue.

You can seek help from the NPC characters the game provides to make the level easier. But they will have to rest up to a few hours after each help so you cannot abuse.

Final Words

Dead Ahead is a good entertaining game with simple gameplay and does not require any complicated skills. If you want to experience the feeling of sitting on a scooter, walking around, and playing with bloodthirsty zombies, it will be a game worth trying. A slight note for mothers and fathers that the game has some scenes that are not suitable for small children, so please keep out of reach of the children.

With simple yet fun gameplay, Dead Ahead is a game worth trying out on Android. Be careful because this is something that can keep your nose on the screen for hours. Although the difficulty is high, you can still conquer the game without having to spend actual money if you master the touch control system and take advantage of all the free opportunities.

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