Car Eats Car 2 MOD APK 2.1 (Unlimited Money)

Car Eats Car 2 MOD APK 2.1 (Unlimited Money)

January 29, 2024


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Unlimited Money

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Racing games are no longer strange to any gamers for their diversity and interestingness. I have tried so many racing games that I cannot list my favorites since they all are. Not all are dangerous and violent, but most of the popular racing games have a sharp look in the game, such as Asphalt, Need for Speed, F1, etc. These games, which I listed above are so similar to each other that sometimes they can be repetitive. If you are looking for a unique game with distinctive features that can keep your attention for a long time, “Car Eats Car 2” is a perfect game for you.

“Car Eats Car” is a series of racing games that consists of multiple parts that players can enjoy by themselves, with friends or family. Thanks to the success of its origin “Car Eats Car”, part two of this game is warmly welcomed by lots of players. Not only is it well-known for the unique story, but it is also popular for the fascinating gameplay, “Car Eats Car 2” will definitely not disappoint any gamer.


The story begins with a spaceship losing connection with the station while it was on the moon mission. The son of an astronaut on that ship heard the news, and he was so worried that his dad might have faced something dangerous. So, he started working on a project related to rockets and cars in order to find his father. He might be a little kid, but he was so smart and brave. While he was walking to school with his project in his hand and backpack, his toy car fell out and was suddenly surrounded by the bad guys. His mission is to survive and race for survival. Will he come back safely or not?

A small car in this world of madness full of dangerous evil trucks is in need of your help. I can only tell you what happens at the beginning of the game, you can find out more while playing and I guarantee that it is going to be amazing. The game will give you a brief but clear instruction on how it works so that no player will be confused. You will learn how to use the control system, study the use of each item as well as the upgrade system, and so many more.

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The gameplay is simple and filled with interestingness.

“Car Eats Car 2” does not require you to do any hardcore action besides leading your car through the danger zone and find the way back home. As I have mentioned in the story above, our hero is not a basic car because it also contains a rocket’s parts. In this game, you will have cool driving skills such as jumping over obstacles, rolling over to dodge the enemies, swerving left and right of objects, and collecting cool boosters to leave the rivals behind. The driving system can be a little bit difficult for starters as it may go in the direction you do not want to, yet players will get used to it just after a few tries.

It is undeniable that “Car Eats Car 2” has such straightforward gameplay, anyone can play it without any in-depth research. The tutorial is understandable, all information such as boosters’ information, the control system is written in short but full detail. Your main objective is to avoid or defeat any nemesis that comes after you, drive safely and finish the level perfectly.

The control system is quite simple. There are four buttons in total, and all are displayed on the screen with ideal positions. The control system includes back and forwards buttons, a bomb button, and a gas button. Moving buttons help you to control the car, rolling over and dodging the obstacles. The bomb button allows you to blast your enemies when they come near you. The gas button is useful when your energy is charged and can be used to move faster.

The lesser your heart bar is, the more broken and slower your car becomes. However, while playing, the red item can increase your health bar, while the purple item will give you the energy to move faster. The game is over when your heart bar is completely empty.

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Game modes

There are over 35 crazy new levels with racing missions and four fantasy worlds waiting for you to conquer. Each level has three modes for players to complete: normal, expert, and mad mode. Players are first introduced to the normal mode, which gives you one star and one gift package when complete. After that, you can move on to the expert mode. Yet, t it is recommended that you should upgrade your car to a certain level so that there is no struggle while playing.

After completing the expert mode, you will receive two stars, 50% more rubies, and two gift packages. And the final mode is the mad mode which players can receive three stars, 100% more rubies, and three gift packages. The higher the mode is, the harder it becomes. Do not worry if you cannot collect the rubies in one try, all levels allow you to restart.

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Cars, upgrades, and power-ups

There is a range of car selections for you to choose from, such as Camborgini, Grader, Flymech, Tankominator (a potent mixture of strength and power), and so many more. Upgrading your vehicle will also enhance its performance. Increase the speed, the maneuverability, upgrade the armor, the turbo, and the engine using rubies that you collect from the levels.

A variety of bomb types can be purchased and upgraded such as dynamite, frag, Molotov, etc. Guns are also an essential part of the game, they can be used to cause massive damage for the enemies. Some can be seen in the game are slingshot, shotgun, sawgun, etc. Gadgets can be crafted with collected items in the gift packages that you receive after a level. At a point, you can also attach a magnet to the truck to collect the rubies faster.

Boosters can be rewarded by playing the spin. Sometimes you earn nothing but that is okay, do not give up. You can get a free spin by watching a video or wait when the timer is over. Moreover, remember to play every day and receive a daily bonus to get higher rewards.

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Unlimited money

If collecting rubies turns out to be tougher than you think because some levels are too hard to beat, set aside your worries because Car Eats Car 2 Mod APK supports you with an unlimited money feature. No more trying a level over and over again just because you do not have enough rubies because it wastes so much time.


“Car Eats Car 2” has such insane cartoon-style 2D graphics, the design team has done a great job in building all characters, backgrounds, as well as small details. Not only do the visuals look stunning, but the soundtracks and effects are also uplifting. You will get to experience the beauty of the game through many levels.


All in all, “Car Eats Car 2” is such an addictive game with so many unique contents that will surprise players during the gameplay. If you are looking for a fun, competitive, but also reckless, “Car Eats Car 2” is undoubtedly the perfect game for you.

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