Zombie Catchers MOD APK 1.36.7 (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Catchers MOD APK 1.36.7 (Unlimited Money)

April 16, 2024


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Deca Games
100.98 MB
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Unlimited Money

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For those of you who’re interested in exciting zombie actions, but is already fed up with all the zombie survival titles where you’re forced to flee from hordes of nasty monsters, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself in this refreshing gameplay from Zombie Catchers.

Find yourself switching roles with the zombies as you now become the zombie catcher. Hence, those nasty creatures must stay away from you if they don’t want to be lockup and turned into some kind of delicious juices.

Join our two alien friends AJ and Bud as they help the Earth to prevent the zombie outbreaks while making some incredible profits from your zombie juice stand business.

Find out more about this amazing game from Deca Games with our reviews.


In the game, players will find themselves in a critical situation when a zombie outbreak is threatening to devour the entire planet. Fortunately, fate has delivered humanity our two alien friends, who’re willing to help us get rid of the zombie crisis if we allow them to do business on the planet. Of course, their terms were agreed, and thus, beginning their ultimate zombie catching adventures.

Find yourself taking on the simple and exciting gameplay as you guide our two friendly aliens in exciting zombie catching levels. Here, you’ll have to lure the zombies out of their holes, using their favorite foods, the smelly and delicious brains. And as the pop out on the ground, you’ll have to quickly unleash your hook and capture them immediately.

Have the zombies being transported back to your base and prepare to do some voodoo stuff on them to squeeze out their sweats. Turning them in excellent drinks to the customers as you make some decent profit selling your juices.

Picking up multiple upgrades and customizations to improve your zombie hunting capabilities. And have yourself prepared to deal with the series zombie bosses that won’t be captured that easily.

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Here you’ll find all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Experiencing the refreshing and enjoyable zombie gameplay

To start with, Android gamers will have their chances to get involved in an interesting zombie gameplay on their mobile devices with refreshing concepts that would certainly surprise you. That being said instead of killing the zombies or try to stay as far from them as possible, the game allows gamers to enjoy exciting zombie hunting challenges. Here, you’ll find yourself being the one who chases after the zombie, not the other way around. This will surely make things a lot more interesting if you’re bored with the traditional gameplay.

Produce all kinds of food from the captured zombies

And as you begin to collect the zombies across the planet, you can start having your businesses running by producing all kinds of food from the captured zombies. Feel free to create and sell tasty candies, drinks, and foods using the zombie ingredients in the game for the hungry customers. Earn yourself a lump sum of coins each time you open your restaurant.

Build up your entire food empire with the collected zombies

In addition, you’re also allowed to build up your own food empire in the game using the captured zombies in the entire planet. Develop your recipes and deliver delicious foods to the customers. Find yourself upgrading the producing equipment, increase your food-producing efficiency, and attract more customers with your good services. Collect enough money so you can open new stores and earn even more income.

Make uses of plenty of available equipment to capture the precious zombies

And to assist gamers in their zombie hunting quests, the game also features a variety of available weapons and gears with unique uses. Feel free to hunt down the sneaky zombies with your powerful harpoon gun or set up cunning traps. Make uses of many available hunting gadgets and help yourself completing awesome quests.

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Claim new territories on the massive maps and unlock interesting zombie actions

Find yourself claiming more resources on the planet as you trying to take more lands from the zombies and earn better chances of capturing them by discovering new territories in the game. Catch the zombies off guard as you lure them into their traps for a sudden assault. Enjoy refreshing gameplay each time you earn new types of ingredients from new species of zombie in the new territories.

Have your drone army to assist you in your zombie-catching business

And to assist yourself in your ultimate zombie-catching quests, gamers in Zombie Catchers are also allowed to enjoy the game with your armies of drones. Have your drones capturing the zombies for you instead of heading out into the fields on your own. Find yourself focusing on developing your businesses instead of wasting time on minor tasks.

Capture all kinds of different zombies with unique habits and escaping tricks

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves being introduced to some of the most incredible and interesting zombies with unique powers and abilities. It would take certain tricks for you to lure and capture different types of zombies. Moreover, with the special boss that features incredible quirks, it would take a brilliant plan before you start hunting them.

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Increase your ranks to unlock interesting rewards

And for those who’re interested, the game also features the exciting rank system which allow gamers to climb it and earn new rewards each time you reach a new milestone. Having said that, you can have access to more plutonium so you can perform new experiments on the zombies and unlock new recipes. Or earn new exclusive costumes for your characters. Feel free to dress them up to how you wanted.

Build your own underground lab for some voodoo zombie technologies

In addition, you’ll have the chance to build up your ultimate base in the game, which features plenty of researching and manufacturing facilities underneath your restaurant. Create a giant laboratory where you’ll have access to many useful researches and upgrades. Feel free to do whatever you want to the zombies.

Complete fun and exciting challenges for awesome rewards

Along with the main gameplay, you’re also allowed to enjoy the game through the fun and exciting challenges in the game. Find yourself competing in many interesting challenges and earn yourself awesome rewards. Have fun with your daily challenges whenever you have the time. And with plenty of interesting achievements, you can easily pick up special rewards too.

Enjoy the game with or without the Internet

And last but not least, gamers in Zombies Catchers will definitely find themselves enjoying the absolute portable gameplay in this epic mobile title. That being said, the game will allow you to enjoy the gameplay without the Internet connection. Hence, you’ll find it quite suitable for outdoor experiences.

Free to play

Despite having all those incredible features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Having said that, it’s always possible for you to look for the interesting gameplay from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

As for those who still find the in-game purchases and ads, you might want to enjoy the unlocked gameplay with our mod. Here, you’ll have access to the unlimited money, and therefore, being able to do whatever you want. All it takes is for you to download the Zombie Catches Mod APK from our website and install it on your Android devices.

Visual and sound quality


Gamers in Zombie Catchers will certainly enjoy themselves in their latest adventures in Zombie Catchers, especially when you’re introduced to the amazing visual experiences and funning looking characters. Not to mention that the smooth in-game physics also makes things a lot more believable.


Find yourself diving into simple and addictive audio experiences in the game. Explore the immersive experiences in Zombie Catchers for hours on end with the satisfying soundtracks and sound effects.

Download Zombie Catchers Mod latest 1.36.7 Android APK

For those who’re interested in having another casual title on your mobile devices, Zombie Catcher is certain a great nomination for its enjoyable gameplay. Find yourself enjoying the similar gameplay such as Anger of stick 5 and Stick War: Legacy in this new title from Deca Games.

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