DragonVale MOD APK 4.30.4 (Unlimited Money)

DragonVale MOD APK 4.30.4 (Unlimited Money)

April 27, 2024


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This time it’s a dragon game, but it’s a warm upbringing game with almost no fighting elements. DragonVale is a heartwarming game that focuses on training and island development. The visuals have changed drastically from the previous version, and cute dragons are available.

DragonVale is a breeding game where you hatch 250 or more types of dragon eggs. Feed them and breed them and then multiply them with other dragons to breed new dragons. Let’s collect various dragons in the game DragonVale that trains dragons.

Background Story

Backflip Studios is an international game maker, and they are developing various games such as dragon training and ninja games. DragonVale is one of the most successful games of this brand.

The first step is to get the eggs and load them. An uncle who seems to be a dragon will carefully explain each one. It is the first dragon you can get. You can rename your dragons by your favorite.

Denote that it is the only available in English keyboard, but you can name it whatever you want. Now go to the island. Dragons can get their eggs and hatch at the egg farm, but before that, you must secure a place for them to live.

You must buy a habitat for each dragon and create a habitat in an open space. By doing so, it can make the dragon live on the island. Dragon not only comes from eggs, but you can also choose two dragons in the cave and mate them. It will give you a fresh dragon egg.

There are various dragons, but some can be purchased by consuming cash, and we can purchase some using gems that can be replenished for a fee.

Even if you don’t use jewels, you can get dragons by mating.

Interesting Gameplay

It’s easy to operate, and you’ll learn it as you go along the tutorial. It is a fun game to raise various dragons, but the important thing is the money in the game and the food of the dragon. If you don’t have money, you can’t build many facilities, and if you don’t feed, you can’t grow dragons strongly, and you’ll never get a rarer dragon.

By raising the dragons, each dragon discharges money. Let’s build another facility while successfully collecting. We can produce dragon bait on a funny farm. It takes a lot of money and time, but let’s do this here repeatedly and adequately. When the food has accumulated to some extent, give it to the dragon and raise the dragon level.

If you add a few dragons and raise the level, welcome a new dragon. It is the birth of a recent life by multiplying two dragons raised by breed animals. Let’s hatch the egg and raise the level again. When a new dragon is born, give it a name. If it is a dragon you have already accumulated, you can sell it.

Special Features

It requires food to level up the dragon.

Food can be produced by building a funny farm. If you feed them properly, the level will rise, and the appearance will change. You can also collect money from the habitat where the dragon lives.

If you raise the level, the rate will also change, and the rate at which you can collect money will increase. Please note that the payment does not increase when you are out for mating. You can buy decorations not only in buildings and habitats but also in shops. It is essential not only to raise dragons but to create one little island with embellishments.

By creating your island, you can increase the number of visitors (people visiting the island). You can also buy new islands by raising the level. By purchasing another island, you can further develop it and create a magnificent archipelago.

Stones, bushes, and trees on the island must be removed to set up buildings and habitats. By removing it, you can clean the island and increase the space for installation. Not only removal but hatching and mating of eggs and setting up habitats take time.

DragonVale screen 2


All time-consuming jewels can save time and get done quickly.

It will be more efficient, but if you do not pay for it. It is worth waiting because jewelry is precious. If you play for a while, you can clean up to this point. Besides, you can decide when to achieve a level 10 island theme.

With this island, the theme of “plant” is an island designed with ivy. You can unlock more island themes as you level up. There are two facilities at a distance. The small facility below is called Dragonarium, and you can check the collected dragons. You can also buy the dragon eggs released here.

The significant facility above is the Cave of Social Breed. You can mate your dragon with other players’ dragons. It will cross you with an unknown dragon you do not have, so there is a high possibility that you will get a dragon you have never seen.

Please know that it will take a considerable amount of time. There is one island in a place far away from outer space. This dragon lives here, and this dragon can also feed and raise. The money can be collected here, and the pace of increasing the cash is breakneck.

DragonVale screen 0

Eridianian dragon

If you want to make money efficiently, let’s use this dragon as the level will increase more and more. As you progress, you can buy more facilities. The Colosseum in the image above allows you to get your dragon into various matches and win prizes.

You don’t fight other players, and you get a chapter when you play the game, and time passes. There is plenty of fun to raise the level and open various facilities to develop the island.


As for Breed, if your friends are enjoying DragonVale, you can multiply your friend’s dragon with your own. If your friends have a rare rarity dragon, we highly recommend Breed. It’s also nice to give gifts every day. It’s also fun to invite friends you haven’t played yet to play. And it’s a gentle system where you can get breed tips.

If you still have difficulty saving money, you can earn money and food by executing and achieving various challenges, so let’s do it steadily. There are also mini-games. By playing mini-games, you can get cute dragons and ornaments. It is not only about training but also various things that make the Dragon Vale attractive.

We recommend that you check the collection once the game progresses. Touch the Dragonarium at the bottom of the screen. Here is a list of dragons that appear in DragonVale. There seem to be some dragons for each season, so it appears complicated to collect them all, but it is exciting to fill them one by one.

There is also a pedestal collection on which you can put eggs. When you touch it, information on the dragon and pedestal will appear, so it’s fun to read.

DragonVale screen 1

Graphics and Sound Effects

If going into the content and the detailed layout of the game, players can almost feel the heat spreading from the smallest details in the game. DragonVale directs players on the subject with a reasonably tight mission layout, the gamer takes control of the island of the wildlands and focuses his efforts on training dragon battle.

Each dragon has unique properties and is divided into seven categories: earth, fire, water, ice, metal, wind, and wood. In raising, gamers may breed two types of dragons with unique attributes to create new breeds; by doing that, they will produce hundreds of types of dragons.

Also, players must feed them and feed them regularly. Nursing areas also need to focus and build and upgrade. By maintaining and refreshing frequently, players can ultimately build dragon farms with a larger and more monumental scale. Then compete with other gamers.

If the aim evaluation of DragonVale is reasonable and not boring if you choose. Beautiful game images, rich content and the theme, all of which will interest you.

DragonVale screen 3

What People Like Most About DragonVale

As there is no battle at all, it is a game of training and development of a healing system where you can relax and create an island. It feels like an island version of the game that has been increasing recently, developing towns.

It is an infrequent pattern in a game where the dragon plays a leading role in raising a dragon with many images that appear in battle in a peaceful world. There is no thrill because of the fight, but you can work hard to develop the island, So it’s perfect for those who like trick games.

You can freely decorate and customize the island, so it’s nice to have the freedom to create your island.

It’s also exciting that you can create a dragon you haven’t seen yet by mating. There is no particular storyline, so let’s create our own island-building story. Since commentary and ales come infrequently, we have reliable support.


However, it is difficult to get information on the strategy because it is an overseas site. It’s not a challenging game to get to know the procedure, so it’s best to take it easy. Each piece of work can take some time to process.

The longer it takes, the more gems you will need. It may require jewels to get facilities and dragons, so it is essential to use flowers if you want to proceed at once or want a rare dragon.

If you want to do so, you can charge for the gemstone, but sometimes you can proceed steadily without charge.

As soon as you play Dragon City on your phone, you will be overwhelmed by the majestic scenery of the mountains, vibrant colors, and accurate colors. The city where you will eventually nurture the valiant dragons lies on a high plateau, surrounded by fog.

When entering the game, there will be a powerful God that teaches you how to create a baby Dragon. The gamers just need to click the mouse under the instructions on how to place the baby dragon eggs, build the ground to raise the dragon, even the way to feed the dragon to turn into a gigantic dragon.

The first steps will be the foundation to build a player’s dream Dragon City. Once you have successfully created a Dragon, the program will continue to be bred with another Dragon, from which to build you make a legendary Dragon area.

Your essential job and fighting rival Dragons must also feed them with the products on your farm. The more they feed, the faster their growth rate and their ability to fight is also nourished. The more farms you build, the easier it will be to nurture the dragons, and the more the dragons will spawn.

When you pay attention to the farm’s construction, soon, the Dragon City will become more potent by the healthy Dragons. There are many types of Dragon in Dragon City for players to nurture and join in the fight: Venom Dragon, Mirror Dragon, Crystal Dragon, etc. And your hand creates many types of Dragons to select the Parent Dragon and Mother Dragon to produce baby Dragons.

A copy is available to guide how to breed the most effectively. Besides, the living environment is also something that players need to care about. Each type of dragon has specific habitats. Only when living in that environment did the dragons genuinely thrive.

Final Words

Among the games under the impressive management simulation category on mobile platforms, DragonVale now has to be mentioned. The tournament attracts players right from the first experience.

It is probably understandable because DragonVale is a combination of beautiful graphics, soft in each frame, and various online control features in the staging of an online game version.

DragonVale Mod APK is a game that you can fully enjoy the development of the dragon and the development of the island. Why don’t you make an island where your dragon lives?

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