Dragon City MOD APK 24.4.3 (One Hit Kill)

Dragon City MOD APK 24.4.3 (One Hit Kill)

May 14, 2024


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250.94 MB
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- One Hit Kill
- Always Your Team Turn

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You love dragons and find yourself completely enchanted by these amazing creatures? Then you would definitely enjoy this amazing dragon simulation game from Social Point. Choose between multiple species of dragons to raise and train. Become the greatest dragon trainer in the world of Dragon City.

The game lets you control an entire floating island where you’ll find yourself having access to the flying and powerful dragons. Collect the rarest species, train your dragons to your will, give them their favorite treat and turn them into the most magnificent creatures.

Join other online gamers from all over the world as you create your own alliance. Battle against other dragon master and alliance to earn your glories. Collect multiple loots from doing missions, challenges, and so on.

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The game introduces gamers to the amazing dragon simulation experience where they could enjoy multiple gameplay with their beloved dragons. Here, you’ll take control of an entire floating island where your dragons live in their own habitats. Make sure you build different areas so that each dragon can find a suitable place for it.

In addition, you’ll also need to give foods and certain goods to support and raise your dragons. And you can do that by having farms and production buildings. Your dragons also need to be trained so they could challenge others in battles. So it’s also necessary that you have a training ground. Discover all kinds of simulation option as you enjoy Dragon City.

With multiple dragons from different species and habitats, you’ll be introduced to the amazing world of dragons. Not to mention that each of them comes with unique powers which include the natural elements, you must also build a suitable team composition to win the battles with your magnificent creatures. Power them up by feeding until they grow up, breed new species, and many more.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Complete the Dragon Book and become the legend in Dragon City

Your ultimate goal in the game is to become the first person to complete the Dragon Book. With over 1000 different dragon breeds and an increasing number of newly discovered ones, it’ll be an extremely tough challenge for any Dragon Master.

That being said, you should start by growing and expanding your Dragon City first. Give your Dragon new habitats so the new species can settle in. With new species, come new chances of having successful breeds between your dragons. Hence, you can have new dragons on your Dragon City.

In addition, you’ll also have to take care of their huge demands in food supplies as well as other goods. So it’s recommended that you have your island completely upgraded before having new dragons on it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to raise them properly.

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Discover new dragons every week

On top of that, the game also introduces new dragons every week to make the world of dragons in Dragon City even more diverse. That being said, you can have access with the new breeds through multiple occasions, such as breeding events, new evolutions, unlocking special habitats, and so on.

Customize your dragons with multiple skins

Groom your dragons a little bit so they can look even cooler. Thus, making your island an attractive location for visitors. Give your dragons multiple Dragon Skins so they can vary their looks as well as gaining special effects while battling. Make sure you do well on special events so you can unlock these awesome skins.

Enjoy the addictive gameplay both online and offline

You can spend your time exploring the world of Dragon City in the offline missions. Spend time to journey through all the amazing locations in Dragon City and complete all kinds of different Dragon Quests to earn your prizes.

On top of that, you can even challenge other Dragon Masters in the exciting PvP Arenas. Here, you can take your strongest dragons to the tests against that of your opponents. Have them battle it out in an epic brawl to find out who is the strongest. Compete with the best and climb the leaderboards for amazing fame and fortunes.

Learn about all species of dragons at the Tree of Life

In addition, gamers in Dragon City can learn about different dragons, even the ones that they don’t possess through the Tree of Life. Here, you can summon all kinds of dragons with varied sizes, powers, and levels to test their skills against one and another. Choose for yourself the best dragons that you should have in your team. But remember, it’s only a test and you must collect the dragon yourself in order to experience their powers.

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Power up your dragons with incredible orbs

An effective way to enhance your dragons’ power is to give them the amazing Orbs. This is quite effective if your dragons have evolved to their latest form and can’t increase their power any soon. Just give your dragon certain Orbs that match their natural elements and you’ll see your dragons doing extremely well during battles.

Discover the advanced gameplay in Dragon City

And along with the main gameplay, gamers in Dragon City are also introduced to the legendary game modes of Ancient World and Guardian Dragons. But first, you’ll have to become a powerful and well-known Dragon Master before you can join others in this epic challenges.

Join millions of online gamers in many exciting activities

The game also features exciting activates which you can get involved whenever you want and with whoever you want in the online world of Dragon City. That being said, gamers can join or create their own Alliances with other online gamers.

Find yourself freely communicate with them, trade orbs so you can collect useful ones for your dragons. And most importantly, you can participate in the Alliance Gift Events and collect wonderful Alliance Chests that would open up amazing loots.

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Enjoy the cross-platform gameplay

And last but not least, gamers in Dragon City are also allowed to enjoy their favorite mobile game on their PC or laptop. Thus, you can take your dragons anywhere with you as you immerse yourself in this exciting cross-platform gameplay.

Free to play

Despite all the amazing features, the game is still free for Android gamers to enjoy on their devices. That being said, you can easily have the game installed on your devices without having to pay anything. However, the in-app purchases could somewhat slow you down.

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And if you can’t stand that, then we have just the right game for you. Just download and install our Dragon City Hack APK on your devices instead. With it, you can have the game completely unlocked for you to discover. Feel free to pursue the title of the world’s Greatest Dragon Master, now that you have no obstacle in your way.

Visual and sound quality


The game features beautiful dragons that are extremely well-designed. Each dragon have its own unique looks and evolutions that will please you. On top of that, the surrounding environments in the floating island, make its extremely realistic. It’s like you’re actually living your dream. Not to mention that the amazing battle effects between these amazing creatures will definitely satisfy you.


With powerful and immersive sound experiences, Dragon City introduces gamers to a whole new level of immersion. The amazing sound effects with great dynamic and accuracy make everything extremely real and intuitive.

Download Dragon City Mod latest 24.4.3 Android APK

Gamers in Dragon City will find themselves enjoying this amazing dragon simulation experience. With countless dragons to discover, a massive maps to travel, and millions of online friends who share the same interest, you’ll have plenty of fun with this game.

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