Dragons World MOD APK 1.98714 (Unlimited Money)

Dragons World MOD APK 1.98714 (Unlimited Money)

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Dragons World is a very attractive dragon raising and training game for Android and iOS devices In the game, you will be a boss with caring for and training dragons. Dragons World is built beautifully and equally magical with a collection of hundreds of different dragons with all the attributes such as water, fire, earth, ice, nature, and legendary dragons.

The initial task of the player is to raise the basic dragons with the above systems, farm to earn food or the tasks that the game offers to get more gold. When reaching high enough levels, you need to bring basic dragon breeds together to create new breeds of dragons with more attributes and power.

When there are dragons in your hand, quickly train them and join the fiery arenas to win and rewards. The game offers amazing 3D graphics and is easy to change the viewing angle. There are hundreds of unique and varied dragons.

You can play your dragon against other players. You can buy new islands to expand your sanctuary. Visit your friend’s island and exchange gifts. Finally, there is an online scoreboard for competitive players.

General Information

Dragons World is a prehistoric world of wide species, adventures, flying islands, and magic waiting for you. Your task in Dragons World is to collect different dragons and create new races, compete with many other players in tournaments, proving yourself as the most talented dragon trainer in the virtual world.

Dragons World simulates a colorful dragon world through stunning graphics, realistic 3D movements, and complete freedom. You can collect over 300 species of dragons with their special abilities. They come from many environments, raise and care for them, monitor their growth every day, and train your dragons. You need to craft their armor and use magic amulets, take dragons into tournaments, and win the game.

Dragons are always an attractive topic for many gamers. In Dragons World MOD APK, you will be the boss of the dragon island. The period when dragons still dominate the world, you need to become the most talented dragon trainer to compete with many other players in battles. Each dragon species has its skills divided into multiple systems representing the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Magic. You will also be fascinated with the beautiful dragon island image recreated through the special illustration background.

How to Play Dragons World?

When you first play the adventure game of Dragon World, players will see a brief game tutorial. This section covers the basic principles of how to develop a flock of dragons by building a habitat, hatching dragon eggs, nurturing, breeding, and increasing their experience levels. After completing the game tutorial, it allows players to choose and decide on the actions they will perform.

The aforementioned map button switches between the two primary screens of the free adventure game for Dragons World. The first screen will show the player’s base is a floating island. It is the place where dragons were raised. There is also a map screen showing the entire empire on that island and the dragon arena (Dragon League) for a fierce struggle.

In the beginning, the adventure game Dragons World had only two of the most basic dragons. Players can own many more species of dragons by breeding or buying in the game’s store. The player can increase the number of dragons by training and breeding.

All the above require the use of gold or jade. Dragons can create these after a certain amount of time. Players can also earn gold or gems by completing quests, winning glorious matches, and doing several other things. Asks all offer a variety of goals that require effective execution. Specifically, players will perform tasks such as raising dragons, building habitats, and exploiting food. It awards some rewards in the new Dragons World adventure game based on performance. Players will earn a lot of gold and gems when they reach a certain milestone in the game.

The battles that will take place in the dragon arena (Dragon League) are all turn-based battles. Players will choose three dragons to fight with teams of others. Dragons can unleash normal attacks (claw their claws at opponents) or use the dragon’s special abilities based on elements (spit fire at the enemy). After each attack, the dragon had to rest for one to two turns to regain its strength. Each dragon species has a different recovery rate depending on the element possessed. It allows players to open the reference panel to learn about attacks on the screen of the dragon arena.

Recommended Alternatives

Bulu Monster

Monsters are the dominant theme in Sigma Game’s new titles. And Bulu Monster is no exception. The game turns the player into a monster trainer on the mysterious island of Bulu Island.

The mix of simulation with adventure role-playing has created an interesting monster training game. Bulu Monster is your chance to discover, capture, fight, and train over 250 different monsters. You can connect with friends or other coaches online, team up with each other, or go against each other.

In terms of visuals, the characters in the game are hand-drawn in Japanese Anime style. The storyline strengthens in the style of adventure and attractive online PVP mode allows players to show off the collection train your monsters. You will have them fight face to face with each other who is the strongest.

Dragon City

If you love to raise pets and are interested in dragons, come right to Dragon City. Players will start the work of hatching dragon eggs on a magical floating island in the clouds, nurturing and becoming a true dragon trainer. The game also attracts millions of players by its beautiful design with the dragon hybrid feature that promises many interesting things.

It divides the dragon species on the island into 15 elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Leaf, Electricity, Ice, Metal, Wind, Darkness, Light, Magic, Legend, Pure, Warrior, and Ancient. These elements will have similar rules, such as Earth etched with electricity and Darkness, Fire engraved with Leaves and Ice, Water engraved with Fire and Warrior, Leaf engraved with Water and Light. Players can learn more during the game experience.

During nurturing, players need to track the development of dragons. It depends on the type that they require fresh food and different environments. The logical arrangement will decide the increase. And the dragon grows and the player can earn more gold.

Final Words

Dragons World MOD APK operating systems allow players to nurture their dragons. It is a classic adventure strategy game that brings players into a fantasy world with the appearance of many dragons capable of fighting well.

The 3D graphics of the new Dragons World adventure game include many beautiful details in the fantasy space that help dragons to fly freely. The gameplay of Dragons World is complicated but not confusing. Players will try to overcome the challenges, devise suitable strategies, choose the direction of training, combat teams, and manage dragons.

Dragons World has many similarities to Dragon Mania Legends, but dragon breeding is much more fun. This game includes over 300 species of dragons for players to explore, each of which possesses special abilities.

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