Digimon ReArise

Digimon ReArise

April 7, 2020

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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
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Get involved in the world of digital monsters as we begin your adventure in Digimon ReArise. Here, you’ll find yourself being able to interact with the cute and amazing digimons. Discover the unique world with these tiny little creatures in the latest Digimon game from Bandai Namco.

Enjoy collecting and raising powerful digimons on your mobile devices. Have your digimons participate in epic fights with the others. Make friends online and have your digimons interact with theirs. Take good care of your digimons and form your unbreakable bonds with them. Show your opponents the powers of your bonds.

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The game takes you to a fictional world where mankind have had their technologies so developed that we were able to erase the boundaries between the virtual and actual worlds. Here, you can have yourself the incredible digital creatures that’re called the Digimons. They possess incredible powers, that, if being used in the right purposes will be really beneficial for us.

However, like any other story, people start to corrupt and begins to use these powerful digimons for their own goods. This causes a lot of trouble to the Digiworld. However, there is also a group of dedicated digimon owners who called themselves the Tamer that work toward the greater goods.

That being said, these are the people that protect the well-being of the wonderful digimons as well as maintaining the order in the digital world.

The stories begin when you, a tamer, suddenly notice a strange digimon who called itself Herissmon appeared on your smartphone and asking for help. Things begin to turn worse with the sudden attacks of a mysterious organization called “Spiral”.

Time to prepare yourself for your upcoming adventures. Find out the reason behind their attacks and Herissmon. Discover the world of Digimon right on your mobile devices.

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Let’s take a look at all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Experience a completely new story

To start with, DIGIMON ReArise introduces gamers to a completely new adventure in the Digimon franchise. Here, you’ll have the chances to join your favorite digimons and characters in their latest adventures to take down the mysterious “Spiral”.

Discover a captivating story that connects digimons and their tamers. Discover different aspects of the digital world, interact with your digimons in different stages as you raise them up and form your own bonds.

The game also introduces many new characters that add up to the series. Not to mention that they were all designed and illustrated by one of the original designers of the franchise, Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru. Find yourself immediately get used to the unique art styles that the game offers.

Explore dozens of different interactive features

Gamers in DIGIMON ReArise will find themselves completely immersed in this digital world. Here, you can find yourself many other digimon tamers, each with their own traits and abilities. Make friends in the world of Digimon and have them helping you in your future mission.

Your digimons can also easily interact and play with each other in the custom DigiTown, which is definitely a new feature that you would love. Explore other activities in DIGIMON ReArise and feel like you’re living in the virtual world.

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Challenge the opponents with your strong digimon team

Gamers in DIGIMON ReArise can have their tamer skills tested with the epic digimon battles. Here, two tamers can let their digimon squads fight against each other in real-time battles that features up to 5 digimons per team.

Build your own digimon squad by having each of the digimon carefully raised and trained. Since different digimons come in different species and have varied powers, it’s really important that you have yourself the right digimons in your team. Having the right approaches and strategies will be a great help at getting yourself some advantages over your opponents.

Take good care of your Digimon and help them grow

And as you find yourself involved in the world of Digimon, the game also allows gamers to participate in many different activities when raising and training your digimons. That being said, you can share memorable moments with your digimons to strengthen your bonds.

Complete their unique requests to gain their affections. Help your digimons as they workout, train, or hone their skills. This doesn’t only make your digimon stronger, but also increase their stats. And if you are lucky, your digimon might even get its Mega Digivolve and become a serious threat toward the opponents.

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Addictive and exciting combats

The game features simple yet addictive turn-based combats. Here, you’re free to pick your squad of five different digimons and have them participate in exciting fights against the enemies. Make uses of their combined powers and synergies to unlock the unbelievable strengths to defeat the enemies. That being said, your team compositions will be extremely important, especially when you get to the higher levels.

Collect epic items to power up your team

In addition, your digimons will also need you to equip them with new items so that they can easily power up their abilities. Each items in DIGIMON ReArise come with varied uses and will require you to invest certain amounts of time to understand them.

Complete varied challenges and achievements

Along with the exciting missions, the game also features many different challenges and achievements that you could complete to earn yourself epic prizes. It’s a great way to collect bountiful loots for you and your digimons. Hence, you can quickly strengthen your team with these items.

Enjoy the exciting online gameplay with players from all over the world

And last but not least, along with the normal campaign, players in DIGIMON ReArise can also explore the endless online world. Find yourself interacting with incredible tamers from all over the world. Have your digimons battling with the toughest opponents and train them to their maximum potential. Compete with the greatest tamers and climb the leaderboards.

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Visual and sound quality


The game features beautiful anime art style that’ll make you feel like you’re caught in the anime. Enjoy the game with the cute and interactive digimons. Fight the enemies and unleash stunning spells and attacks against them with your digimons.


The game features accurate and realistic sound effects that would certainly surprise you. Find yourself relaxing with the soothing soundtracks and hooked to the combats with the epic audio experiences.

Download Digimon ReArise latest 99.9.0 Android APK

Fans of the famous digital monster series will find themselves satisfied with the latest Digimon game from Bandai Namco. Have yourself another monster training title along with Pokemon Master that you could enjoy anytime you want on your mobile devices.

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