Nexomon MOD APK 4.3.3r2 (Unlimited Money)

Nexomon MOD APK 4.3.3r2 (Unlimited Money)

October 3, 2023

Role Playing

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Nexomon is a virtual pet game on a mobile. It is inspired by the famous Pokémon brand. With a tactical role-playing game, taking part in Nexomon, players will still play the role of an animal trainer with the major task of collecting cute monsters called Nexomon with special abilities.

From there, gamers will engage in matches according to the story of adventure to explore or confront other players in the colorful world in the game. You will level up your monsters by participating in battles for one player in mission mode.

After defeating the opponent, your Nexomon will receive several experience points to level up and improve your stats. Also, some Nexomon will strengthen if it reaches certain conditions such as level sufficiency or use of auxiliary equipment to become even stronger.

When not fighting, you can control your character as a young trainer, exploring and performing a myriad of different quests on the island where the storyline in this game takes place. There will be an infinite variety of vehicles to navigate and terrains for the battles in the game to take place.

You can download this amazing game via this link.

General Information

You are looking for a game with gameplay similar to the legendary Pokémon game, Nexomon may be the game for you. The plot of the game is rich with over 300 different monsters. Although it is free to download, if you want the full version of the game, there is a certain cost.

With a tactical role-playing game, Nexomon will still take players into the role of an animal trainer with the major task of collecting cute monsters called Nexomon with special abilities. From there, gamers will go deeper into the matches according to the story of adventure to explore or confront other players in the colorful world in the game.

Completing the missions in the game will help increase the monster’s level. Every time you defeat an opponent, you will receive several experience points to level up and upgrade your monster’s stats. Similar to Pokémon, the monsters in Nexomon will strengthen when most conditions are met.

Players need to complete the missions in the game to level up their monsters. And every time you defeat an opponent, a certain amount of experience points will be given to your monster. Each time they level up, it will increase their statistics. When a certain level and condition is reached, monsters in Nexomon will grow.

In the game, you will need to build your squad by coordinating the moves of Nexomon species. However, the principal goal will still be to learn and capture as many types of Nexomon as possible.

Owning a simple 2D graphic background with a top-down view, the image layout in Nexomon is simplified to suit mobile devices. It creates favorable conditions for gamers to cover and explore the mysterious world of Nexomon.

The upcoming new update will include PvP multiplayer mode, Cloud Backups, different languages, and Netherworld expansion. And since it is a mobile game, we can expect more stories, side quests, and new Nexomon to be included.

This RPG gives life to a valid and fun basic gameplay, seasoned with an epic-comic story of high quality. The small game world is simply to explore and many will have fun discovering all its secrets and all the Nexomon. However, some choices by the development team do not fully convince, which is aggravated by a series of bugs. And the basic difficulty makes this title not suitable for novices or those looking for fast gameplay.

Overall Assessment

The game we are about to review has a long history, which starts with the mobile gaming sector. An interesting RPG called Nexomon arrived on Android devices, and later iOS, a few years ago. Many people praised its general quality, and some aspired to an evolution of the project.

Unfortunately, some titles like these risk dying over the years (the classic example is Minomonster) but fortunately Nexomon resisted. Thanks to the support of PQube has leaped quality, Nexomon can reach the latest generation consoles. And in this section, we will find out if it deserves your interest.


The first thing we would like to discuss this video game is its gameplay as it is simple and curious at the same time. In Nexomon, they call the player upon to solve a series of missions with a team of six creatures (each with one of nine types).

To do this, it will be necessary to explore the game world full of objects and non-player characters (NPCs) that will help the protagonist. Among these things, some characters will attack the protagonist together with the wild Nexomon.

Nexomon fights feature two teams fighting each other, each with a maximum total of six creatures. These Nexomon have different types and moves, and a Health and Stamina bar. Each of Nexomon’s four attacks consumes Stamina.

If the Stamina reaches the minimum level or a Nexomon’s Health drops to zero, the creature will have to rest to launch a new attack. And we achieve victory when the entire opposing team is exhausted.

The fights against wild Nexomon follow an almost identical approach to Pokémon, but there are two differences in this game: the food and the capture system. During the fight, the player can give the wild Nexomon some food to make him friendly. And afterward, you can try to throw a Nexotrap.

These have different capture probabilities, but all will require the player to complete a small mini-game involving the A/B/Y/X buttons. Hopefully, the creature will be recruited and become a new member of their team.


The narration of Nexomon is of an epic-comic genre and has a very simple development. The player lives in a small orphanage and is about to become a new Monster Tamer. It will not only capture and collect Nexomon, but you will face several threats that could lead to the extinction of all humanity.

The story seems to have a very trivial development. But the development team shows its real ace up its sleeve: comedy. The development team has given players a narrative based on the epic-adventure genre full of comic elements that make the story unusually hilarious.

The jokes not only blow up your mind, but they do not bother taking anyone for a ride. Nexomon makes fun of players, the developers, the Nexomon community, the RPG genre, and the video game itself. It creates dialogues that are so surreal that they are effective.

In our opinion, Nexomon has one of the best storylines we’ve seen in recent years thanks to a perfect combination of epic and comedy. And we are sure you will like it!


Nexomon not only aims to have effective gameplay but also focuses on offering a medium-high challenge rate. The game has an accessible start but takes an impressive surge, making it all complex.

It stems from the fact that the levels of the opposing and wild Nexomon adapt to the evolution of the plot, and the game helps with the dropper. To solve this problem, there are various ways. However, you may feel obliged not only to change the team but also to overcome secondary missions that will be much more challenging than you can imagine.

In this game, it’s useful to rely on objects, and if you can do enough farming, you can overcome any adversity. Who knows? Maybe you will even be able to strengthen some Nexomon.


Like all mobile games, Nexomon has some flaws. But as far as we are concerned, we focus on two major aspects: the inconvenience in the management of secondary mechanics and many bugs, including various crashes or errors in the execution of the clashes.

For example, the game does not allow you to keep track of all the important interactions with the other NPCs, and the clashes seem to be managed unnecessarily complexly. We know that Nexomon is a deliberately tough game, but some elements make the game more frustrating than necessary.

Besides, the enemies can make more attacks than normal during encounters and the meagre amount of experience gained (the fact that there are very few healing areas) makes farming long and tedious. To be honest, some of these elements can be compensated for, but you have the feeling of always being one step behind.

From our perspectives, we think it is essential to fix the various bugs and maybe a good idea to improve some elements of the game. For example, evaluating the inclusion of more areas of care and testing more comfortable management of the Nuclei. These elements could give the title a better pace of play without distorting its difficulty.

Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster is a game designed in the style of recruiting and training monsters, similar to the gameplay of Pokemon Go or the series of How to Train Dragons on mobile. Monster is the principal theme in Sigma Game’s Bulu Monster. The game turns the player into a monster trainer on the mysterious Bulu Island.

The mix of simulation-style with role-playing adventure has created an interesting monster training game. Bulu Monster is your chance to explore, capture, fight, and train over 250 different monsters. You can connect with friends or other trainers online, team up, or go against each other.

In terms of visuals, the characters in the game are hand drawn in Japanese Anime style, the storyline strengthens in the style of adventure and attractive online PvP mode allows players to “show off” the collection. Train your monsters and have them fight face to face with each other.

Bulu Monster takes players on a unique adventure that you have never experienced before. Not only the usual monster capture scenes, but gamers can also train them to promote special abilities, limit weaknesses, and equip many other unique skills. Another noble thing about Bulu Monster is that you can play online or offline.

If the offline mode is completely applied when there is no Internet and helps you focus on training the strongest monster. When online, gamers will play PvP against each other in familiar turn-based fighting battles.

Battle Camp

For gamers who have been attached to the legendary Pokémon game series, it is not strange to the role-playing genre talking about godly beasts with invincible power. Now, we welcome a new rookie named Battle Camp, a game that combines traditional style with the attractive gameplay of Bejeweled.

It sets Battle Camp in a world filled with powerful monsters representing the five attributes of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth that proliferate everywhere. With their vigorous growth, they appear with players who had the goal of searching for fame and fortune. And you will be one person to embark on that adventure.

Battle Camp’s gameplay mechanics put itself in the familiar Bejeweled style. It requires players to arrange symbols and attributes in a fixed vertical to perform attacks. Especially, unlike Bejeweled, Battle Camp allows gamers to move icons freely in the battle, creating long and powerful combos.

On the battlefield, gamers will get acquainted with a true role-playing game. You can nurture, coordinate monster squads, and even develop them into high-level types that bring damage and defense beyond. It will be a key factor determining your strength in the world of Battle Camp, especially when other real-life players are also present with increasing power every day.

Final Words

Nexomon MOD APK is designed with simple 2D graphics, a top-down view, and the appearance of many colorful colors. It optimizes layout in the game with gameplay and is suitable for playing on vertical screens or mobile devices.

Especially, for hardcore gamers of the Pokémon series, you will immediately recognize the resemblance to the layout and design of Nexomon with this famous game series. There are so many other things to say about this game but, to avoid spoilers, we would rather stop here.

What do we feel like saying about Nexomon MOD APK? We are happy that such a video game has arrived on Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the adaptation in multiple languages, it will get substantial support from our local players. With what we have shown, Nexomon is a replacement and fresh wind for the virtual pet game genre.

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