Monster Super League MOD APK 1.0.240529062 (One Hit Kill)

Monster Super League MOD APK 1.0.240529062 (One Hit Kill)

June 12, 2024

Role Playing

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One Hit Kill

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The Monster Super League is a role play game. FourThirtyThree Inc., known as RPG, develop this game. Likely, the turn-based RPG games are still trendy on mobile devices at the moment. The Monster Super League belongs to that genre, and it is unique. For those who have ever played the Summoners Wars, then you might find this game familiar. For sure, you will know how it works. This game is a mixture of Pokemon and Summoners Wars.

What makes the Monster Super League special is because of its unlimited Astrogens to your character. You can transfer them into gold. And your progress will go much further thanks to these currencies.

In general, the Monster Super League is a fun game that you shouldn’t miss. If you a new to this style, you can give a try too.


So the story is like this. In your dream, you- as the player will be transported magically to Latecia, which is a fantasy world. Monsters are living there. They are called Astromon. Once you landed on an airship, Seira- the priestess will greet you. You will be explained about the war between the Chaos and Order factions.

There are two types of Astromon, the ordinary one or the Variant Astromon. The Variant is normally used as a leader in the fight. And how can you capture Astromon? You can use one Astrochips to catch one Astromon in the story mode, use gacha or get it in your dreams, etc. Basically, your goals are to collect as many Astromons as possible.

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Below are all excellent features of the game that might interest you:

The player can have unlimited Astrogems

Astromgem is the premium currency of the game. Players can have as many Astrogems as they want. You can get them quickly. Then they can transfer them into gold. This can be used to speed up your progress in the future. There are several ways to collect Astrogems as follows:

  • Nezz on the Airship
  • Hidden treasure on the airship
  • Questions
  • Missions
  • Releasing Astromon
  • Pay money to purchase

There are different ways to collect Astromon

As said earlier, there are many ways to get Astromons. First of all, in Story Mode, you need one Astrochips to get one Astromon. Is it effortless to catch an Astromon? It really depends on its rarity level. You can look for materials in the Dungeon to increase the rarity of every Astromon.

You can also boost the rarity by making the Astromon stronger. In this case, you will need awakening and evolution, even a gem that can be found in Story Mode or Dungeon. Note that each gem gives you different effects, such as adding defense, cellphone, or attack.

The second way to collect Astromon is to use gacha. And there are many other ways to get them of your dreams. If you already own Astromon Eggs, you can use Incubator. Another way is to rebirth in order to have Astromon with the rarity of 3 stars to 5 stars.

Gold and Energy

One of the most important things in a game is energy, noted by the symbol that looks like a wing. What do you spend your energy on?

In the beginning, you will spend on doing missions most of the time. This should be your highest priority, as you can get a lot of rewards. If the mission is too hard, you can go back and farm a more accessible map to level up your Astromons.

What about Gold? It is useful to get you more energetic. You can use it for the Astromon fruit, level up the gems, evolve them, ascend them to the next star level, and many other things.

Monster Super League screen 2

You can choose the Target or the Astromon to attack first.

Unlike the league system, you can’t choose who to compete with. But in the battle against the enemy Astromon, you can select the target. Also, in the Monster Super League, you can choose to view multiple Astromons or single Astromon views. And in the single Astromon picture, you can see the reviews of each individual Astromon. And people can vote which review is the best describe the Astromon whether it is a good or bad review.


Evolution has three stages. Stage 1 is where the Astromon starts. After you fuse 3 of the same Astromon into it and hit the evolution button, it is the Evolution 2. To get to the Evo 3, it is the same procedure, but instead of needing 3 of the same Astromons, you now need all of them to be Evolution 2. So in total, you turn 16 Astromons into one for the final evolution.

The game app can be installed directly on your mobile

This game is offered on IOS and Android for free. No root is needed. As long as you have a stable internet connection and have android version 4.0 above (if you use Android), you are good to go. Set up and enjoy the game!

Monster Super League screen 3

Visual and sound quality


The graphics don’t look fantastic. It is quite ordinary instead. But they are quite smooth. It seems to be neat. The Astromons look really cute. The design can trully attract you and keep your eyes not being bored. The colors are mixed very well. The animation looks really cool too. This game can be suitable for all ages of players. Moreover, the manufacture always upgrades and improves appearance.


You can enjoy and immerse yourself totally in the Monster Super League world through a beautiful soundtrack. EIM, a Korean music maker, makes them. Music is not a vital point of this game, but it is good to feel like you are in the environment to catch the Astromons.

Final thoughts

To sum up, the Monster Super League Mod APK is a fun game to play or pass the time, especially those who like Pokemon but don’t want to walk around. It is also for those who love Summoners Wars. And this game is for free. This is not a game to give you a big wow, but it is a nice game to relax and pass the time. Of course, if you want to compete, they have that feature for you to choose from.

Even though people compare this game with others, it has its own touches like “catch” Astromon, which makes it very fun and unique. Why don’t you give it a try? Let’s join and rock the Monster Super League!

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