Digimon Links MOD APK 2.6.0 (God Mode/High Damage)

Digimon Links MOD APK 2.6.0 (God Mode/High Damage)

August 25, 2020

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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
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God Mode/High Damage/Weak Enemies

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For those who do not know, Digimon Links is a prevalent mobile game genre of virtual pets combined with turn-based combat of Bandai Namco. They launched this game in the Japanese market in 2016 with the name Digimon Links.

Not only that, but global gamers will also be able to get their hands on this super product when NPH prepares to release an English version shortly. Digimon Links will include all kinds of virtual pets in the entire series from past to present of Digimon.

Fans will meet familiar faces like Agumon, Patamon, etc. Each Digimon will have different evolution styles with thousands of unique moves and parameters to unleash players.

Combat mode in Digimon Links still follows the familiar style. Players will choose three suitable digimonials to form a squad and take part in battles. Besides the usual PvP mode, players can also The Co-op to team up with friends to battle other teams.

They design images in Digimon Links in 3D style, digimonials are carefully taken care of from shapes, colours and skill effects to portray the characteristics of each different species. It helps to bring a sense of familiarity, like the Digimon versions of more than a decade ago.

Digimon Links now allows gamers to pre-register at the game homepage. However, the official launch date of the English version has not been revealed by the NPH. Playpark will keep updating the latest information on this game to our readers.

General Information

Referring to Digimon, surely global youth, especially teenagers, is no stranger to this name. Originating from the manga of the same name, Digimon has developed into a series of other types of entertainment such as anime, video games, and toys. Its style is like Pokemon, a product that was too famous before.

There have been many self-games created by following the popular Anime series Digimon and achieved individual success. Recently, Bandai Namco has added to its collection and the selection of Digimon series a new and promising name called Digimon Links.

Like its predecessors, Digimon Links still focuses on exploiting the familiar gameplay of training animals. Players can freely collect, train and upgrade the army of monsters on their way to the most powerful.

Announced for 2015, it received a delay until arriving in Japan on March 24, 2016, and worldwide on October 3, 2017. This latest version features only three languages: English, Korean and Traditional Chinese.

The welcome of the game was hot: 4 and a half stars on Google Play out of over 270 thousand reviews. The game received, from March 3, 2018, to March 15, 2018, a period of extraordinary maintenance that caused a lot of discontent in the players. It creates a drop in the overall rating on Facebook from 3.5 to 2.7 stars.

As a reward, players received various awards including 1000 digistones and the extension of ongoing events before maintenance.

Background Story

Digimon Links has appeared a lot of Digimon familiar with the company’s popular title “Digital Monster” series. And the actual pleasure of the series is its cultivation and evolution. All the battles can be enjoyed on smartphones anytime, anywhere.

Exactly, Digimon Links is the app that fans have been waiting for a long time. Two significant features of Digimon Links are battle and farm. The player will proceed with the game based on these two elements.

First, the battle takes place in three versus three between the Digimons, which use the command format. You must build a team by taking advantage of the characteristics of each Digimon, advantageously carry the battle and lead to victory.

Next, about the farm. At the farm, you can grow your favourite Digimon. You can also build various facilities and create a Digimon space that is customized to your tastes. The farm is exactly the place where the players base their activities.

Interesting Gameplay

They structured the game as a turn-based RPG with groups of three Digimons per team. During battles against computer Digimon in specific missions, groups came in waves, usually three, which had the mission boss in the last wave.

In multiple missions, you could request the help of up to two external players, who could help you to use a Digimon from their team. However, this feature was disabled in favour of solo mode.

The story was simple enough. A mysterious force has split the digital world, and it is up to us, accompanied by an assistant called Hina, to fix the world and find the culprit. It is a reasonably banal plot, but functional for the purpose – the compulsive search for every single Digimon that can be seen and the evolution of these creatures.

There is no lack of PvP function through the Colosseum. Theoretically, it balances through a rank system based on the number of wins. However, it is unbalanced because of a reasonably libertine system that allowed people with powerful Digimon to tower over people not so lucky and not counting bots.

We can choose the roster of three Digimons from six Digimons previously selected in a dedicated team, and the pairing of players was random between players of the same rank.

DigimonLinks screen 3

Digimon Evolution

As an example, let’s raise the evolution route of the three most famous Digimons.

  • Piyomon: There are two types of bird systems of the same order. There is only one type of flame connection and another changing ball. And there are variations in the evolution destination because there is only Digimon in the growing season.
  • Waspmon: The direction of evolution has been determined to some extent at the maturity stage. It divides the evolution destination into two patterns, two types of insect system and two types of mechanical system, and the characteristics of the evolution source. We think this is also an ideal evolution destination.
  • Rairamon: The body line is very erotic. There are two types of plants that strengthen, and a kind of female. It is also a characteristic of Rairamon, and yet another evolutionary pattern is prepared for the orthodox evolution destinations.

The plants mentioned above and insects are only characteristic. And in this game, it divides them into seven attributes. This attribute also determines their attack techniques and compatibility settings.

Strengthen the Digimons


It is a system that reincarnates into childhood with an awakening value of +1 by multiplying the ultimate Digimon. You can grow up to awakening +4, and the status of the same Digimon with revival 0 and awakening 4 is nearly double.

Similar to another game published by Bandai Namco, Dokkan Battle, you can awaken the mega-level Digimon, from +1 to +4. With a consequent increase in power, up to level V2, more potent than +4 and with a new legacy skill.

Usually, Digimons have two skills, a signature, native to the Digimon, and a legacy that is randomly assigned or that you can assign. The conditions, however, from +1 to V2, become increasingly demanding.

Digivolutions, from Intermediate level to Advanced level, require only plugins, fuel for evolutions assigned to various attributes, and clusters, the game currency. But for the Mega level onwards they need fragments for each Digimon (from a minimum of 7 pieces for non-awakened Digimon), it is difficult to get except through special missions that require, in 90% of cases, a lot of grinding.

DigimonLinks screen 1


Each time we get a Digimon, the status will have a silver or gold medal. It shows that the state is high since we may inherit medals during childhood at the time of reincarnation. By repeating reincarnation and attaching many badges, it will grow into a strong Digimon.

Succession Technique

Besides the unique technique that all Digimon have, you can have one inheritance technique. We can use it not only with the one you had at the time of the acquisition, but also with the inheritance technique possessed by other Digimon.

Leader Skills

With the skill that the Digimon set as the leader of the team will affect, it roughly increases the attack power (defence, speed, hit rate) of the same attribute and the attack power (protection, speed) of the entire party.

Even if you reincarnate, it will inherit the same leader skill as it is, and you can not hand it to another Digimon like the inheritance technique. So, if you get a Digimon with strong leadership skills, be careful about the evolution destination.

DigimonLinks screen 2

Interaction Between Players

Digimon Links has a kind of group chat in which it creates a community within the game. You can talk with your friends, or join a group of people you don’t know and deepen your interaction.

In that case, Twitter is much more convenient, though. As we mentioned in the previous section, there is also a function to multiplayer the quest. Each player chooses one Digimon to challenge the pursuit.

Beginners have a hard time getting the first one. So, it would be possible to lower the hurdle by using this function to capture with friends. It is a useful feature because only the host consumes stamina except that the frequency of line drops is high.

There is also a Colosseum that fights between players. There is only a mode to play with raised Digimon, so it is enjoyable. Again, the use of the upper layer has to some extent solidified many players’ wonder about that.

By exchanging the items you can get with rewards, you can get the fragments of the ultimate body. So many players aim to win here. The above three Digimons did not exist at the start of the service.

They implemented even the first chat function four months after the service started until then, the only way to interact with other players in the game was the friend function. It was only a condition to achieve the number of people.

We can say that social games are like home-use games that can be played on a smartphone with a name. Going back, we think it is okay to say there’s a fair amount of interaction between players since the multi-functionality and Colosseum made it possible to recognize other players.

DigimonLinks screen 4

Shortly after it was revealed that Pokemon’s counterbalance mobile game was Digimon ReArise, Bandai Namco Entertainment proclaimed the opening of this game on both Android and popular iOS platforms.

Gamers who have registered for the game in the past will receive some valuable ancillary items, but every newcomer need not worry much because if they work hard, they will catch up soon.

Digimon ReArise has a story and content based on the Japanese animated series Digimon which is also very popular. At the beginning of the game, the player has a mysterious encounter with Pusurimon. After, we will confront him with an enemy known as the Spirals.

To protect the protagonist, Pusurimon is strengthened into Herisson, and from there, their journey begins. In this game, we will see how deep friendship develops between Tamers and Digimon. Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru will also redesign entirely the characters – one of the original character designers from the Digimon series.

Digimon ReArise also has several other features such as watching your own Digimon interact, play together at DigiTown, or connect with another Tamer to do the same quest.

The gameplay of Digimon ReArise is simple. Players need to build a team of five Digimon monsters and play according to the storyline or join battles with other players in Clash Battles. The unique thing about these cute monsters is that each Digimon has its activities and requirements, so Tamer needs to listen and follow to strengthen them, even Mega evolution.

Final Words

In the game, players will have to cultivate their own Digimon and use them to fight, break through all kinds of difficulties, and complete various tasks. The battle in the game will be a small team battle, so players can organize themselves to play the best effect. Also, these Digimons can grow as in the comics and become more powerful.

Digimon Links MOD APK is an excellent mobile phone Digimon’s theme game, with unique gameplay, exquisite content, and super interesting gameplay and modes to let players enjoy the game. The most exquisite Digimon model, super combat gameplay, giving you unparalleled new game experience. Digimon Links allows you to feel the unique fun of the game!

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