Merge Magic MOD APK 6.7.1 (Unlimited Money)

Merge Magic MOD APK 6.7.1 (Unlimited Money)

June 4, 2024


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Gram Games Limited
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Unlimited Money

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If you are familiar with puzzle games that combine 2 pieces or more, and they really make you bored because of the repetitive gameplay. And now you want to find something new from this game genre, then in the following article we would like to introduce to you a new game called Merge Magic, this is an interesting and unique puzzle game uniquely different from other games promises to be a game worth experiencing because of the novelty of the gameplay, as well as the graphic design in the Merge Magic. And don’t wait any longer, now let’s explore the game together.

Description about the game Merge Magic.

The Merge Magic is a completely new and extremely interesting game, published and provided by Gram Games Limited, a game maker known for its eye-catching and attractive graphics games like the Merge Dragons game, game 1010! Block Puzzle Game… Especially with the launch of the Merge Magic game, has brought the most obvious difference in gameplay as well as graphics, has attracted more than 5 thousand installs, so now we Let’s find out the Merge Magic game together, to see how attractive and special it really is!

Merge Magic screen 0

The task and the rule.

The Merge Magic game with a mysterious and enchanting natural setting, the players are immersed in the mystical world of Merge Magic, a place where players can combine things into new items and develop new products.

How to play in the game Merge Magic is extremely simple, the player just needs to observe, if you see 3 puzzle pieces, the same symbol, use your hands to move those 3 pieces together and combine them from 3 it will play develop another puzzle piece, the symbol of greater value strength or size, and so on until the task is completed.

Each challenging level will increase with each level, match the items together to win and have a chance to win rewards, useful items for your garden and grow it increasingly larger in scale.

The game Merge Magic with an extremely interesting storyline, attracting the player with a thousand-year curse, to remove the curse from the enchanted land lying in this extraordinary power, players must exploit, combine any whatever is in your gardens like the trees, the treasures, the stars, the eggs, magic the flowers and even mystical mythical creatures with sparkling lights all around. After exploring, the player emerges from the garden to perfect and nurture these creatures.

Merge Magic screen 1

In addition to the mechanism of combining 3 objects of the same type, in the game Merge Magic players can also combine 5 objects of the same type to form 2 objects of higher value than the combined object (2 identical objects). In addition to developing their own garden, players can also own themselves extremely lovely monsters through collecting and combining eggs together, players can upgrade monsters according to the base. similar to how they are made, still 3 monsters of the same type and level will spawn a monster with a higher level.

The monsters will assist the player in collecting points, enlightenment helps unlock locked areas of the map, levels, or hidden forests in the garden, and each monster will have a trait possible, the feature corresponds to the number of times a player can tell them to fulfill their requests.

Besides combining the eggs together, the flowers and plants in the garden are also useful for the player, with a variety of trees, flowers, and other resources such as stones, thorns, or different ore mines, the player will be able to use monsters to mine trees and other resources. With the flowers, the player when exploiting will receive light energy points used to unlock the dark areas on the map, and with other resources will collect young shoots, the gold, the silver…

Merge Magic screen 3

In addition to trees, flowers, eggs, monsters, and resources, the Merge Magic also has special structures such as treasury gold, gems, monster houses, and other unique structures, each of which has its own unique architecture a function of its own, while the vault is a place to store and produce the gold and the silver, a monster house is a place where monsters rest after they have exhausted their stamina, the player can proceed to upgrade the architectures still with the mechanism of 3 same-level architectures, the same shape will create a higher-order architecture.

And the last piece in the game is the island of magic, resources, and monsters that will live and survive on this island. The Magic Island is an island floating in the air divided into many different areas, the player can unlock more space on the island if they complete the screen well, and collect points of light from the flowers to unlock next. In unlocked areas, the player has the opportunity to build, arrange and rearrange everything to their liking. And all gameplay will take place on a map with a fixed range of chessboard format.

Merge Magic screen 2

The graphics and the sound.

The Merge Magic game with beautiful graphics, great in-game images with glowing, gentle colors, creating cute, lovely, and funny creatures and beasts in the game. The sound of the Merge Magic is light, playful, and fun, giving players a feeling of relaxation and more interesting appeal.

The features of the game.

  • The player has the opportunity to explore the strange and fascinating storyline.
  • More than 500 puzzle pieces in the game for the player to discover and try to combine them together.
  • The gameplay in Merge Magic is simple with the principle of combining 3 similar objects to form a new object that is extremely simple but full of fun.
  • The cartoon graphics are extremely lively and lovely, suitable for all ages.
  • Attractive game mode and countless levels and challenges that require the player’s keen eye and calculation ability.
  • The player has many opportunities to upgrade their puzzle pieces.
  • Many different creatures and animals that players can collect and develop in the garden.
  • Join the game Merge Magic, the player has the opportunity to design, build and create for themselves a fairy garden according to their wishes.

Listen to this, are you excited to play yet? If you’re curious to play, don’t hesitate any longer, hurry up to the Google Play Store app and download the Merge Magic game to your device, and don’t forget to invite your friends to play and rate them 5 stars for Merge Magic, please. Grow your favorite garden with flair and creativity!

Hopefully, in the future, the Merge Magic game will grow stronger and stronger and have more outstanding gameplay features, helping the player have new, interesting and attractive gaming experiences. , as well as having really great relaxing moments when playing the Merge Magic

Have fun playing the game!

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