Dragon Land MOD APK 3.2.4 (Unlimited Coins)

Dragon Land MOD APK 3.2.4 (Unlimited Coins)

November 27, 2020


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Dragon Land is an exciting runner action game released for free for Android. With a fun storyline, sharp graphics, Dragon Land will bring players to the world of colorful dragons and experience fun gameplay.

In Dragon Land, players will discover an attractive dragon world and play the role of adorable dragons taking part in exciting adventures. Gamers will control the dragon to perform attractive jumps on the touch screen to avoid obstacles and attack enemies.

Besides, the dragon will have to perform climbing screens and fighting dramatically. With endless running gameplay, your dragon will have to run continuously and go through tough challenges. Overcoming obstacles, you will unlock new dragons and upgrade unique skills to experience the game so much fun.

General Information

Dragon Land is a game where you will experience endless races with attractive levels, boss battles, skill challenges, and extremely vibrant Multiplayer modes. Besides, Dragon Land also allows players to unlock new dragons and upgrade their skills.

Dragon Land is the land of cute dragons on 3D graphics with arcade action-style game content. In the game, you will be immersed in tiny dragons but hidden by immense power. The player’s task is to participate in the seemingly endless race of dragons, helping the dragon jump, attack, dodge obstacles, climb and slide through many environments.

Dragon Land offers players hundreds of challenging levels, full of rewards and secret items. Besides the endless running screens, there are many monsters, challenging skills, and exciting Multiplayer modes. The game has simple controls that make the most of the finger gesture on the touch screen. Players can also unlock new dragons and learn many skills.

Key Features

Game Modes

In Quick Play mode, your dragon will collect Coin to win Gem but try not to be attacked by monsters because the dragon will be destroyed. In Campaign, the dragon will have to complete all the levels in all existing episodes to collect coins and items along the way. On some levels, you will also have to rescue your friends who have been trapped by evil monsters.

In Multiplayer mode, you will take part in tournaments and opponents are other players to win lots of coins and gems. The tournament will be held weekly, and after each week, it will refresh the rankings. However, you cannot choose your opponent.

Game Stats

It will unlock quest when you complete Level 6 in Episode 2 while participating in Campaign mode. Complete all the Quests to get all the bounties and get the bonus of playing them again in 120 minutes. Keys, crystals, and gems can be obtained by searching for secret tunnels to the gates leading to the other rooms. These items will appear here and you will have to destroy the enemy by using the scent to collect them.

If you have found the Key, Crystal, and Gem when playing the same level again, you will not get them anymore. Your dragons need to use one heart per level because they need a lot of energy to complete the quest. Every 30 minutes, players will win one free heart if they use at least one of the five hearts in their collection. Besides, gamers can also purchase additional hearts from the store.

Dragons are available in the store, and you need to use Gems to buy. Some dragons are only available when you complete a certain Episode in Campaign mode. Equipping a new dragon skin will help you win extra bonuses. They sell skin in the store and require using Gem to buy. Besides, a Facebook connection also helps you win free skins.

In Campaign and Multiplayer modes, players can replace dragons if they feel the current dragon is no longer strong enough to run anymore. The level that you can upgrade your dragon depends on the number of dragons you have. You need to complete the Episode to unlock new dragons or buy them from the store. The more dragons there are, the higher their level increases. It will help increase your character’s HP and ability to deal damage.

Game Supports

Health Potion to increase dragon health in each level, Shield to protect dragons from enemies, Invincible to destroy all enemies every time they encounter them, Attack to activate attack mode, Fireball to throw orb Fire into monsters, Tireless to help dragons tirelessly fight, and Turbo to increase movement speed for dragons.

Before defeating the boss, the player needs to collect enough Crystals in the levels in each Episode. When you are at the end of each episode and are ready to defeat the boss, you will know how many Crystals it takes to unlock this challenge. Through the combination of non-stop running gameplay and interesting missions such as collecting dragons, rescuing dragons, or destroying monsters, Dragon Land brings a new atmosphere to the game market in early 2016.

Overall Assessments

Dragon Land is an action game in the endless running style Endless Runner with a series of dragon rescue missions, gold coins collection, and extremely attractive adventure journey. Dragon Land runs on devices with operating system 4.0.3 and above, optimized for tablets and devices with large screens.

Dragon Land is the next game product developed by Social Point, with a series of tasks completely different from the blockbuster previously released like Monster Legends or Dragon City. The game content is inspired by the story of a dragon land that is suddenly invaded by a monster that makes all the dragon inhabitants imprisoned by this force and your mission, a lovely dragon, survives Adventure to their lair to rescue the gang.

Dragon Land features sharp 3D graphics, outstanding image quality, impressive sound, and fast game loading. As mentioned above, gamers will transform into a dragon and receive running jubilantly over the heads of monsters to destroy them. The game also impresses with a variety of familiar skills of characters in the Endless Runner genre such as running, jumping, climbing, sliding, and gliding through obstacles or using physical attacks such as hitting and punching. Although quite a lot of skills like that, the player just needs to swipe up on the screen for the character to move and touch the virtual button on the interface to control the dragon to jump.

DragonVale is the best dragon training game on Android devices in 2013. Players will begin their inheritance with a floating island completely devoid of dragons. To overcome this situation, the game will lead you through the initial steps in building a dragon empire. Build your first house, buy and hatch the first egg, and learn how to use gems effectively. This initial tutorial quickly disappears and with the help of the Goals system, it will not take you long to find your direction.

In a broad sense, your goal in DragonVale is to breed or buy dragons to please tourists when they visit their dragon park. Players build farms to harvest, build houses for dragons, and decorate their homes.

Final Words

Dragon Land MOD APK not only attracts players in the attractive gameplay but also with a unique 3D graphic design. Gamers will feel lost in a colorful fairy tale world with a cute little dragon. You will discover interesting places, from lush green forests to fragrant flower meadows, join the adventure with small dragons. Besides, gamers also have rescued their friends who are being held by bad guys.

Try to have a collection of colorful dragons with special skills to cope with all the difficulties ahead. In Dragon Land, you will enjoy exciting experiences in colorful scenery. Starting with a dragon, you will use it to save your friends from dangerous bosses.

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