Titan Quest MOD APK 2.10.10 (Unlimited Money)

Titan Quest MOD APK 2.10.10 (Unlimited Money)

September 5, 2023


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Titan Quest – the big hit action role playing game (ARPG) launched in 2006 has won a lot of love from players around the world with the nickname “Diablo Killer”. Indeed, the game at launch took the throne in the ARPG genre of the Diablo. With that success, the developer has continuously released expanded versions of the game in the following years like Titan Quest: Immortal Throne in 2007, Titan Quest: Ragnarök in 2017 and the most recent expansion, Titan Quest: Atlantis, was released last year 2019. That success is a huge incentive for developers to bring their games to different platforms instead of just personal computers. And exactly 10 years later after the first game was released, the mobile version was announced in 2016. Ever since the game was announced in 2005, it has generally received positive reviews, along with the official version, the expansion versions also received positive feedback, especially the anniversary version. The mobile version has indeed been a challenge for developers as having to adapt to the touch screen but like the console version, the game has received good feedback from players with over a hundred thousand downloads from Google Play even though they have to pay for it.

With the price of approximately 8 dollars to purchase the game from app stores, players will experience an iconic hack and slash game in an open world with stunning graphics, new touch interface and especially there is no advertising in the game. Therefore players do not have to worry about being interrupted while playing by annoying ads like other games today.

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The original plot brought to the mobile platform still retains its appeal!

The original story of the game is set in ancient Greece, Egypt and China, with Olympian Gods like Zeus, Poseidon or Prometheus. After the epic war thousands of years ago, the gods have exiled and imprisoned the ancient Titans eternity to protect the mortal world. However, after an unknown time, a trio of smaller Titans known as the Telkines broke the link between Olympus and the mortal world, and set up armies of monsters to assault the world and prepare for the release of the Titans.

Players will have to create their own protagonist from scratches and start their journey to defeat the Titans and prove themselves to the gods. That arduous journey will not be alone, the player will get the help of the gods and become a champion.

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An iconic Hack n Slash game with a variety of character choices, classes and items!

Starting the game, players will create their avatar by choosing gender, name and tunic color. Their adventure in the open world starts in a village, where the beasts are destroying local crops. Players will defeat these beasts and start to discover the world. By defeating beasts, monsters and completing quests for non-player characters, players will gain experience points which grant access to fresh skills and points that can be used to upgrade character attributes such as health and energy levels, dexterity, intelligence, or strength. Ingame quests are divided into Main Quests related to the central narrative, and Side Quests unique to particular areas of the world. In addition, other NPCs play the role of Merchants selling equipment and items: things that can be both bought and sold. Players also have item storage as well as multiple equipment slots, which can equip armor for limbs and torso, weapons or shields, and accessories that grant passive buffs.

In-game items can be purchased from NPCs using gold – the only currency in the game, but can also be obtained from fallen monsters or opening chests in the surroundings environments with different rarity and quantity up to over twelve hundreds. Grey items are low-quality gear while purple stands for a “Legendary” item, and extremely rare orange items denote a Relic or Charm which once equipped can enhance a certain attribute such as elemental damage resistance. Weapons of the game are also divided into different types including: swords, clubs, axes and staves brought into real-time hack and slash combat. This is the reason why the game was recognized to be one of the best hack and slash games of all time. Beside standard attack with an assigned weapon, offensive skills can also be deployed, once the skills are used, it will be put under cooldown time and will be unavailable until the cooldown depletes.

After leveling up, it is possible to access Masteries – skill tree-based upgrade systems that use skill points to unlock and boost different skills. There are totally eight available Masteries to choose from including Defence, Warfare, Hunting, Rogue, Earth, Storm, Nature and Spirit and players can access up to two Masteries at a time. By choosing 1 or 2 branches Masteries will create a character’s class with different skills set. With overall 36 possible Classes include pure disciplines within one Mastery and hybrids between different Masteries with the number of skills up to 150. These skills are also very unique and were described realistically, for example, with 2 Masteries branches Nature and Earth, the player’s protagonist will become a “Summoner” and can cast a skill to summon warriors to help fighting. It can be said that it is extremely diverse compared to other RPG games.

Not only are items or character’s classes diverse, even the monsters in the game are also numerous. With 80 different mythology creatures from Minotaur, Cyclops, or Gorgon, players will have a hard time finding different ways to defeat them because each species has its own strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately, players will play against them as the game progresses with increasing difficulty.

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Realistic graphics elaborated on every detail and long playing time

The original Titan Quest when released has graphics that were rated at the top of that time. How about the mobile version released ten years later? Developer has completely upgraded graphics of the game on handset devices. Everything from equipment to monsters or immovable objects like statues in dungeons have been upgraded with graphics. Even the time of day and night in the game is portrayed very authentically.

Like many other ARPGs games, Titan Quest MOD APK also has an end. The game will end after the player’s protagonist defeats a Titan named Typhoon. With approximately 60 play hours, it is not quite long but also not too short, it is suitable for a mobile game and enough for players to explore the vast world in Titan Quest.

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