Family Island MOD APK 2024130.1.44006 (Mod Menu)

Family Island MOD APK 2024130.1.44006 (Mod Menu)

April 18, 2024


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Melsoft Games Ltd
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Family Island is a simulation adventure casual game. The game combines adventure survival and farm management. You need to help a family of four survive on a deserted island in the game, build and manage a farm, and complete a wealth of tasks to get a lot of rewards. Various crops can be planted on the farm and can be traded. Also, you have various props that can farm, helping a family of four return to the city smoothly.

On this desert island, what would your life be like without modern technology? A family of four including Bruce, Eva, and their children are trapped on this remote island after a volcanic eruption destroyed their previous city. You will help the family build a prosperous town.

In this farming game, you can release your inner explorer and start a thrilling adventure to a new island. Deepen their understanding of the family and guide them through the exciting missions and life stories in this island game. Then, customize your farm with beautiful decorations while looking for ways to reconnect with their lost families and beloved tribes.

They need your guidance and help to build a new family home from scratch and manage various family life situations humorously. Enjoy your adventure to the Stone Age. It gives full play to your creativity and starts farming with ancient technology. Build your family farm on a desert island, grow crops, make useful goods, and trade with other characters.

General Information

What would your life be like without modern technology on a deserted island? Immerse yourself in the primitive’s simplicity world with a family of stone in the adventure game Family Island. You can experience many thrilling things on remote islands. Your mission in this adventure game is to help a family rebuild a prosperous town and find its tribe members again.

Family Island is a farming adventure game about a family of four. They are Bruce, Eva, and their kids who are stranded on a remote island. Without modern technology, they need your help to create a new place and experience a variety of home life situations with humor and fun. After their previous city is destroyed by a volcanic eruption, this family has built a thriving town. They reconnect with the lost family and beloved tribe of the surname at the same time.

Family Island offers adventures to the Stone Age. You have no exposure to modern technology or machinery. Your family has to get used to the rudimentary tools to farm unknown land, grow crops, and craft useful goods to trade with other characters. Players can customize the farm with many decorations and discover interesting secrets on the island.

How to Play Family Island?

Trapped on a remote island, a family of four people including couple Bruce, Eva, and their two kids desperately need you to help them build a new home and start family life again. With countless fun activities and many humorous situations, Family Island will bring players entertaining moments. Family Island is a fun farm management game from Melsoft. They are the developer of the game My Cafe: Recipes & Stories. The game allows you to enjoy an action-packed adventure on a tropical island that contains many surprises.

After the old city of Bruce and Eva is destroyed by a volcanic eruption, please help this family build a thriving town while getting in touch with the lost family and the loving tribe. In this fun farm game, their world looks ancient and alien without modern technology. Every day, family life and their relationships are as close and genuine as the world today.

You will begin life on Family Island with the help of the family living on the island. Help Bruce and Eva build everything they need to live and manage all their natural resources. Also, you must try not to endanger the island or your own life. Players will start Family Island with a small tutorial that shows basic controls for mastering any job on the island. You will need to explore everything you can do and find useful items to use in this adventure, while also meeting every request or need of your family where you are.

Family Island will give players a limited amount of energy points that you must use wisely. If you do not have energy points left, you cannot continue working until you have enough energy for each mission. Get rid of certain objects to earn some special items and enter the game while collecting items from all over the island. As you explore new locations, you will expand your inventory and resources. From here, players can combine them to discover and create new recipes.

Overall Assessments

The gameplay is like previous farm management games. Planting, harvesting, and production construction take time to produce finished products. However, this game does not have a traditional gold coin system. And the products are front-end components that further enhance production capacity and technological level. Unlike the general simulation business game that prepares you with a flat development land early in the morning, players need to open up land according to their architectural planning and development tendency.

It fits the game’s story background and also gives players higher freedom. The manufacturer’s tradition of letting players eat is also perfectly inherited. Like the slow-paced consumption frequency of coffee shops, this game uses a physical system to limit players’ rapid development.

As we said at the beginning, it is necessary to maintain a Buddhist mentality, the long water flows, and occasionally convulsions. It is cool to think of two trees and two stones. The most criticized warehouse system of similar games, this game is also perfectly inherited. They will not miss this local manufacturer that makes players feel awkward to open the warehouse space.

The style of the game is also decent, but this BMG is a real failure. You can create a forest atmosphere, mixed with various insects, song, and bird calls, and completely cover up the BMG that is not so good. In the past, playing simulation business games was very comfortable. But this game made us feel very noisy. We could not help but press mute. This game is worth recommending. It is very suitable for Buddhist players who like simulation business games. The only deduction point lies in BMG.

They set Lost Island on a beautiful island, but not as ordinary as other islands. Legend has it that ancient spirits, windy beaches, and lush green gardens obscured the island. The player’s task when setting foot on this island is to solve puzzles with adorable characters to step-by-step build a beautiful paradise-like a dream.

Final Words

In Family Island, you can enjoy a fascinating adventure in the stone age. Start farming, using ancient technologies to create a wonderful life. In this farm game, you can become an explorer and go on many thrilling adventures to new islands. Build your family farm on the deserted island of Family Island.

Cultivate and craft useful goods to trade with other characters. Customize your farm with lots of beautiful decorations. Learn about Bruce and Eva’s families. Finally, guide them on fun quests and experience stories in everyday island life.

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