Airport City MOD APK 8.33.7 (Unlimited Money)

Airport City MOD APK 8.33.7 (Unlimited Money)

Game Insight Unlimited Money

If you love model airplanes or flights to different places without needing transfer, Airport City allows you to do that. You can try out the role of an air tycoon or an airline commander, you will have an experience without investing. The game permits you to build the modern and professional airport to send the airplane to anywhere in the world. Make the special fights, build a big city, explore many places in the world and complete your own collection. Airport City is brimming the interesting and sudden things which is waiting you.

Design your city with a big and tall buildings

At the beginning, Game Insight published and developed Airport City on the Mobile Platform, you can install on Android and iOS Operating System. Then the publisher expanded the game on PC to meet the need of the player on PC. The game with 3D – Graphic and vivid color will help the players to feel happy and exciting. Planes is an integral part of the airport. Airport City offers many planes with lots of sizes and shapes, you can be free to choose.

The small airport will be provided you and your assignment is to develop this airport larger and larger. The most important things for airport construction are runway, air traffic control towers, aircraft hangars. You will have to develop the infrastructure by your management skills. At the same time, you need to expand a nearby city to support the airport activities with passengers. As both city and airport grow, the players will carry out space duties that relate to the addition of aircraft, the buildings, destinations and collectible items.

Besides, Airport City made seasonal events which reflect the real world events, such as Halloween, Christmas and so on, to make sure that the players always feel enjoyable. The events will bring the rewards or bonus in order to upgrade your airport and city. Let’s notice the events, sometimes they bring the large rewards than you imagine.

With the smooth graphic and bright color, Airport City will take you to famous attractions in the world by the countless different planes such as pyramids, castles or palaces, … When you are there, you will have a chance to take back home unique collections. Try to go to many places, you will enjoy. In addition, the quality of image is improved which will help Airport City to become the adventure game, not just the simulation game.

Become a person who manages Airport City

In Airport City, you will experience the work of a manager and ameliorate your management skills. You will be able to develop and test your own airport. The players have to build the huge runway and terminal to take your passengers to different locations, provide good services for the passengers. They also need to assemble a fleet of planes and then they can make the fight. The new models of airplanes and buildings will attract many customers.

Also you will assume the role of the airline tycoon. The players need to construct and develop the town to the larger city unlike the others. Construct the new buildings, upgrade them and make your city grow faster. That city brings a big profit to you to support the needs of the airport. If you have built the farm, you can easily undertake this position.

Besides, infrastructure improvement will increase the number of travelers. If there are many visitors, your city will have a big income. Thanks to this income, your city will rabidly develop. Infrastructure of the city is also other income, you can collect the fuel of airplane, the bonuses and the items. Watch your city become the wonderful city after you have customized the buildings. And you can connect your city to the different locations in the world.

Explore the destinations

In addition to city building and infrastructure improvement, you need to look for many popular tourist destinations. As you go to the different destinations, the players will be transported to all parts of the world. They can explore new countries, meet many people and build the collection from all over the world. Airport City have supplied a lot of interesting and splendid destinations for you such as the pyramids, the magnificent castles, the luxurious palaces and so on. You will need to seek the destinations, that is your duty.

Each flight is not only a tour of the passengers but also an opportunity as you bring the rare items. There is the special assignment of system that allows you to collect objects anywhere from your flights. And after you have finished, the special collection that many people dream of will be in your hand. This will give you lots of gold coins and interesting gifts. A true boss will never stop getting rich just on the ground.

There are many attractive things, besides farming

If you lost interest in farming, you should pause your farm model and start building your new town. Your town will step by step develop into the city with the best airport. Airport City is much bigger than the simulator airport work in your imagination. You will have feeling like venturing when you play the airplane games. The players not only build infrastructure on the ground but also can fly in the air. You will manage all operations of airport and city and be able to become a good manager.

You can share the airport city with your family and friends. Some of them will like your city or the flight and airplane simulation game. Airport City allows the players to support or compete with each other. With the attractive gameplay, the game helps the players to feel exciting when they play. You will feel truthful when you hear sound of the planes. This game also demands your creativity and arrangement skill. The buildings and airport need to be arranged suitably. Layout of the airport city would be more professional. Airport city will give you
the meaningful and interesting experiences.

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