RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile MOD APK 1.13.5 (Free Shopping)

RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile MOD APK 1.13.5 (Free Shopping)

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Construction, management stimulation and strategic planning within a game on your phone

Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile – a free-to-play game base on the famous Roller Coaster Tycoon franchise, avaiable on both Android and iOS platform with various fan-favourite features from the original PC game. Players create and operate their own ultimate theme park, construct unbelievable roller coasters as well as different buildings to attract customers and that is just the very beginning of their playful journey to become the ultimate billionare tycoon.

Creat your very own 3D theme park

The orginal version of the game on PC was once beloved in the 2000s, later on many series and spin-off versions have been release to innovate the game and to delight the fans. Now, as people spend more and more time infont of their phone, the publisher has released a version for mobile platform and not forget to brought the outstanding features of the original game onto the handsets. Even the original game was so old, the mobile version of it is still well received by player around the world, proof is hundreds thousand of download from app stores.

Even on mobile devices, the ultimate goal of the game stays the same – create your unique theme park, attract customer and become a wealthy tycoon. Simple but attractive with outstanding graphics and more intelligent guest AI compare to original version, player now can interact with guest inside the game to see what they want from your park and response accordingly.

Mechanics of the game

Once you start the game, there will be instruction for you to build the most basic things for your park, then you can build it the way you like. Original version of the game on PC, you collect coin by click onto it when it show up on top of the building. On mobile vesion, player do the same thing by tap on the coin show up in their screen, spent more coin and upgrade you coaster and build more building. The more complex and exciting your coaster is, the more attractive you park will be. Sometimes a text will show up on top of a random customer to give you tips for you to build your park even more amazing.

As you play, you will gather more coin and eventually upgrade your park. However it will take some time to build any building, but player can always skip it by using ticket, which they already have some right from the start. In case you are lack of ticket and coin, player can watch some advertising to get it or even purchase it from the store.

Collection of hundreds of amazing architectures

Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile – the name of the game itself has shown what you gotta do, build a roller coaster of course. Player can choose from 20 pre-design coaster from the most simple one to the extremely unrealistic one and name it as they wish to. If none of these designs satisfy your desire, player can build their own roller coaster from scratch  with 4 different type of materials include: Wooden, Steel, Titanium and Carbon Fiber and let your imagination trigger.

Players also decorate the park with over 20 well-known architectures from theme parks around the world to attract such as huge ferris wheel, bouncy castle, pirate ship or even the haunted house and over 30 business building like ice cream and pizza stand or restaurants and many other to increase guest satisfaction. Your park will become more playful and attractive as you build more, afraid of running out of space for more building? You can away use in-game currency to purchuse more land and make your park ultimately massive.

But that is not all, if you love traveling the world and want to visit the magnificent Paris, the historic London or the modern New York but could not afford it? Don’t worry cause Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile will help you to make your dream come true with just tapping the phone. Player will be able to build a replica of these city with Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or Statue of Liberty or even combine all these together on your own cellphone. Travel to famous tourist attractions around the world has never been this easy.

A realistic game in a virtual world

Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile is actually quite realistic in different ways. The fact is buildings and constructions will get dull over time and the principle in game is the same, as you continue growing your business, infrastructures start to degrade – just like in real life, and your mission of course is to fix it if you don’t want it to shut down and piss off your customer.

To make your business become widely known, nothing work better than a promotion. To become a tycoon, you also need to pay some coin to promote your park to attract more customer. Aside from that, customer feedback is an important factor of any business and Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile is not an exception. AI customer within the game is an interesting features, whenever a message icon show up on top of a guest, player can tap on it to see what they like and hate in your park and then upgrade the park accordingly.

An entertaining game that has become a classic

Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile has become a classic game belongs to the category of construction and management stimulation. The game has appeal in keeping player engrossed for long periods of time and can be a very nice way to destress after a long working day. Even though the game is single-player only, interactions with AI guest make you feel like you play with your friend.

It does not require a lot of time to play the game, log into the game few times a day, collect coin and build your park when you have free time. To be honest, play the game on portable devices is super easy and fun.

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