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Tales of Wind

March 20, 2024

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For those of you who’re interested in the classic action RPG gameplay, Tales of Wind should definitely be another great mobile title for you to enjoy. And this time, feel free to dive into exciting PvP gameplay as you join friends and other online gamers in the awesome MMORPG experiences. Takedown monsters, complete missions, and find yourself in for a whole new adventure.

Enjoy the exciting RPG gameplay with gamers from all over the world as you join other heroes in your adventures into the fantasy and beautiful world of La Palace. Explore and experience awesome gameplay as you enjoy your exciting in-game stories and adventures. Play as capable heroes as you solve the mysteries and conquer the world in Tales of Wind.

Find out more about this amazing mobile game from NEOCRAFT LIMITED with our review.


In the game, Android gamers will find themselves exploring the vast and beautiful landscapes of Tales of Wind. Discover a new land that is filled with magnificent sceneries, beautiful creatures, amazing warriors, and an evil force that are trying to corrupt the people.

Here, as a hero, you’ll embark on your ultimate in-game adventures to prevent the shadows of evil that are now spreading over the lands. Journey through the vast landscapes, explore and experience different mysteries, dive into exciting in-game actions. Have your characters smashing through the enemies and solve the hidden secrets that lie behind the seemingly-peaceful realm.

Feel free to choose between different characters with different powers and abilities. Customize and power them up to how you would want through a series of exciting missions and in-game challenges. Train them until they’re ready to face a great evil. Join our heroes as they defeat the enemies and explore the game to the fullest.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Create and customize your in-game characters

To start with, Android gamers will find themselves explore and experience the exciting mobile gameplay of Tales of Wind as you create and customize your own unique characters. Make uses of the provided options to choose preferred names, genders, and a variety of different facial traits, even the hairstyle. Create a beautiful and unique character that would resemblance you the most.

In addition, during the gameplay, you’ll also have the option to change how your character would look by dressing them up in awesome costumes and clothes. Feel free to switch between multiple costumes that you own and change their looks. Add some accessories along with tons of interesting outfits as you progress.

Different hero classes with varied skills and abilities

Heroes in Tales of Wind are categorized into different classes, which is what you would expect from a classic RPG title. However, the game also features the in-depth character development which lets you transform your basic-class heroes into more powerful and advanced hero classes.

  • Warrior – Greatly rely on physical powers, these heroes are masters at wielding their blades at a close range. And with a substantial amount of armor, damage resistances, sustainable skills, and so on, our heroes are also capable of holding up the enemies. Hence, they can be promoted to Berserkers or Paladin, depending on your preferences.
  • Assassin – Pack a great deal of damages inside their seemingly incapable looks, these heroes are amazing at taking down crucial enemy targets in a quick amount of time. Develop them into Ninja for the ultimate assassinate powers, or go for the Asura path if you wish to effectively control the large enemy crowds.
  • Mage – And if you’re interested in dealing with magical damages, then the Mage should be your preferred class. These heroes can deal with immersive damages to their opponents from a safe distance, which makes them extremely important at a party. However, they’re quite fragile, so don’t let them get caught in the combats. Go for the Pyromancer or the Forstweaver if you wish to use their unique elemental powers.
  • Cleric – And last but not least, every team would certainly need a healer. And that’s the job for our Clerics as they can provide absolute HP replenishments, power buffs, and so on for their allies. Feel free to go for the absolute healing powers with the Priest path or attain some range damage with the Ranger path.

Feel free to choose your favorite hero class and have fun with friends and online gamers as you explore the beautiful game together.

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Power up your heroes with Cards

And just like what you would do with ruins, in the game, Android gamers will find themselves making uses of the awesome power Cards as they use them to power up our heroes. You can collect cards of varied types by battling with powerful monsters. Defeat and seal their souls back into the Soul Cards. Equip these cards on our heroes to boost their capabilities with enhanced stats and many interesting boosters. Plus, it’s also possible for you to select one of your monster Cards and transform yourself into the powerful creatures inside the card. Make uses of their complete powers as you effectively defeat the monsters and enemies.

Have yourself some adorable pets

Together with the monsters, Tales of Wind also introduces Android gamers to the beautiful lands of La Palace where you can encounter magical and mythical creatures that only appear in folktales. Find yourself battling with these creatures and defeat them for certain loots and increase your EXP. Or alternatively, it’s also possible for you to capture and travel with these adorable creatures. Have them as your companion as they would fight your enemies, providing you amazing buffs, or even act as your fast mounts. Travel with your amazing pets and mounts as you progress in the game.

Fluid and enjoyable combats with intuitive controls and awesome visuals

For those of you who’re interested, you should definitely find the game being quite fluid and enjoyable, not just during the regular gameplay but also during the exciting combats. Find yourself fighting against incredible monsters and enemies all over the places as you dive into the awesome in-game actions.

Make uses of the intuitive virtual Analog controllers to effectively move your characters around. Unleash your special skill moves with a variety of interesting in-game powers and abilities. Tackle your enemies down with your special attacks and perform smooth combos to effectively slow down the monsters.

Explore the massive world with friends and other online gamers

To make the game more interesting, gamers in Tales of Wind will also find themselves having access to the massive and incredible in-game worlds. Here, you can easily team up with friends to explore the beautiful locations and battle for the unique monsters. Feel free to dive into the excellent PvE dungeon gameplay as you enjoy the game with your teammates or play in solo mode. Discover new and refreshing gameplay in each location.

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Interesting gameplay aside from the classic RPG elements

Moreover, along with the enjoyable combats, exciting missions, and other classic RPG elements, gamers in Tales of Wind will also find themselves having access to the fun and interesting game modes that are completely different from the others.

Feel free to dive into the awesome Racing fun with friends as you hop on your mounts or go on foot. Challenge them for the ultimate shootout to find the ones with better aim. Or go for the ultimate quiz challenges. The list goes on. Enjoy more than 20 different casual modes with the game that would make you completely satisfied.

Have yourself some romance in the adventure

And for those of you who’re interested, it’s also possible for you to experience your own wholesome romance adventure in the game. Meet up with the other gamer of your destiny, have yourself a soul mate throughout the journey, play the game in many interesting 2-player tasks, and experience your life in Tales of Wind in multiple ways. And when the time comes, you can finally pledge your love together in the church and start your new life. The fact that you’re also given your own homes and farm to work on would make your marriage actually meaningful and legit.

Take on a series of interesting and story-related missions

And as the heroes of the land, your ultimate goal would be to defeat the evils that are corrupting the lands. To do that, you’ll have to take on a series of exciting in-game missions and challenges that would also introduce you to the exciting stories. Follow the course of history in Tales of Wind as you pick up the awesome missions and enjoy the game as you progress.

Join your Guild and discover more interesting gameplay

For those of you who’re interested in the Guild gameplay, you will find yourself explore and experience the awesome PvP gameplay as you create your own Guild or create an existing one. Fight for the honor of your Guild in a series of exciting battles. Defeat the enemies as you protect your Guilds’ honor and attain a new level of prestige. Dive into exciting gameplay with party quests, Guild feast, and many quiz events. Experience the complete Guild gameplay with your friends and comrades.

Dive into exciting battles in the PvP Arena

To make the game extra competitive and exciting, gamers in Tales of Wind will also find themselves having access to the fun and interesting in-game combats where they can join others in the exciting Real-time PvP Arena. Dive into the endless battles with your actual opponents from all over the world. Battle them to hone your skills, increase your levels, and attain some of the most amazing rewards. Fight alone or go with your party as you dive into the awesome in-game adventures.

Free to play

And despite all those amazing features, it’s said that the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. That’s said, you can easily download and install Tales of Wind from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay with our mod

In addition, for those of you who’re finding the ads and in-game purchases quite bothering, it’s also possible for you to go for our modified version of the game, which is absolutely free and unlocked. Have fun with the complete gameplay whenever you’re ready. And all it takes is for you to download and install the Tales of Wind Mod APK from our website.

Visual and sound quality


Explore and experience the beautiful world in Tales of Wind as you dive into the beautiful realms of La Palace. Enjoy the adorable, friendly, and stunning art styles with well-designed characters, environments, and even enemy monsters. However, just keep in mind that the game is quite graphically demanding. Hence, you will find your low-end phones quite incapable of playing it.


Together with the awesome visual experiences, gamers in Tales of Wind will also find themselves completely immersed in the awesome in-game world with beautiful audio. Enjoy beautiful sound effects as you progress through the in-game challenges.

Final thoughts

Fans of the famous Guild of Heroes will now have another great mobile game to enjoy on their mobile devices. Feel free to dive into the endless and classic RPG gameplay in Tales of Wind as you join your friend and online gamers in this awesome mobile title. And most importantly, enjoy the game for absolutely free with unlocked and unlimited gameplay on our website.

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