ZENONIA 5 MOD APK 1.3.0 (Free Shopping)

ZENONIA 5 MOD APK 1.3.0 (Free Shopping)

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Find yourself exploring the world of ZENONIA once again following the famous ZENONIA 4 with this latest adventure game from Gamevil. Become the hero that you’ve always destined to become and participate in an exciting journey with other heroes across the realm.

Take up arms as you try your best to defeat the evil forces that’re terrorizing the lands and force them back to the depth of hell from which that they come. Return peace and prosperity to the lands that once thrive and revive it once again.

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The game takes you to a once peaceful and prosperous kingdom where mankind lives in harmony with each other. It is said that a great war was fought many years ago between the forces of light and darkness to bring peace to the lands.

However, with countless years have passed, people are now losing their own senses and begin to seek out for the chaos which their ancestors have worked so hard to banish away. That being said, the elites and nobles begin to exploit the lesser classes, leaving the society in great discords. People no longer care about the old values, all that’re left in their mind is power and fortune.

On top of that, the darkness has been slowly returning to the world and begins to plot their own schemes. If this keeps happening, sooner or later, the entire world shall fall into the demon’s hands. This, we cannot stand.

Thus, from a humble beginning, you, our hero will begin your journey in ZENONIA 5. Do whatever it takes to defeat the evil forces and bring peace to the lands. Become the hero that you’re always destined to become.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Feel free to customize your characters

To begin with, gamers in ZENONIA 5 will find themselves having access to the intuitive and interesting character customizations. That being said, you’re free to make multiple changes to your heroes from selecting the preferred genders to giving them unique facial and body traits.

In addition, as you progress in the game, you’ll be introduced to multiple costumes and armor pieces that you could put on your hero. Dress them up with all kinds of clothes as you go.

Choose your own hero classes

And like other classic RPG games, players in ZENONIA 5 are also introduced to the in-depth hero classes system. Choose your preferred hero from a set of different classes which comes with unique powers and abilities.

  • Berserker – If you love throwing yourself into the epic combats with the enemies, unleash your powerful attacks directly on them, and so on, this is definitely the suitable hero class for you. However, make sure you stay caution so you won’t overextend on the battlefield.
  • Mechanic – As for those who’re passionate about machineries, being a mechanic is certainly the best choice. That being said, these unique heroes can make uses of their technical expertise to win against the enemies.
  • Wizard – With long attack ranges and devastating skills, your Wizard heroes can easily take down waves of enemies with their spells. However, you should stay alert at every moment since these heroes are quite fragile against enemies’ attacks.
  • Paladin – These incredible swordmasters is the best unit when it comes to taking down the critical targets with their massive amount of focused damages. However, like the wizards, they’re quite fragile when dealing with multiple enemies’ attacks.

Multiple weapons and equipment to put on

Along with the varied hero classes, gamers in ZENONIA 5 can also customize and upgrade their characters through multiple weapons. Equip on your hero certain types of weapons to take on different fighting approaches as you find yourself confronting the enemies. In addition, the game also features multiple equipment and accessories that are also available on your heroes. Put them on and unleash awesome skills and abilities.

Discover the whole new worlds

As you find yourself in the world of ZENONIA 5, the game will introduce to you many different worlds to explore. Pick up your challenges and travel across the lands, discover quest and missions, unveil the hidden secrets as you go, and more. There’s an entire world of possibility for you to discover.

Epic monsters are everywhere to challenge you

And as you traveling multiple locations across the map, you’ll also find yourself facing against all kinds of different monsters and exotic creatures. Pick up your weapons and ready for battle at any time. Be prepared since the monsters come with unique powers and abilities, which could give you some hard times.

Exciting and addictive combats

The game features the simple and intuitive controls that you can easily get familiar with. On top of that, the smooth and addictive will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest. Find yourself freely move around the sand-box maps, taking down monsters as you go, and unleash powerful skills toward them. There will not be any dull moment in ZENONIA 5.

Explore the in-depth and dynamic RPG gameplay

In addition, fans of the classic RPG titles will definitely find this game enjoyable with the in-depth and dynamic RPG gameplay that it features. Here, you’re free to customize your characters with unique development paths, take your heroes through epic combats and level them up to gain better stats. Give them all kinds of weapon that you like, challenge tough monsters with all kinds of powers. Explore the massive dungeons where you can face against the intimidation bosses.

Challenge other online gamers in this PvP game

On top of that, gamers in ZENONIA 5 will also have the chances to explore the exciting and addictive online gameplay where they could join other gamers from all over the world. Find yourself participating in enjoyable PvP activities while meeting up with interesting gamers from all over the world.

Join each other in team activities and assist each other in the epic co-op events. Or test your skills and abilities by challenging other gamers in epic PvP matchups. And most importantly, you’ll gain access to the Abyss where you can collect all kind of awesome rewards.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features, ZENONIA 5 is currently free for all Android gamers to enjoy. All you need to do is to download the game from Google Play Store and log into it for completely free.

Explore the free shopping feature with our mod

However, since the game is a freemium title, you’ll likely to be bothered by the annoying ads and in-app purchases. If that’s the cases, you might want to take a look at this interesting mod that we’ve prepared for you.

Just down our ZENONIA 5 Mod APK and install it on your devices to have access to the completely unlocked game. Feel free to make endless purchases thanks to the Free Shopping feature and enjoy the ad-free gameplay whenever you want.

Visual and sound quality


With stunning graphics, gamers in ZENONIA 5 will have the chances to dive into the epic combats. Find yourself controlling your awesome characters with all the customizations, taking on the nasty monsters with your beautiful power attacks, and more.


Combined with the addictive audio experiences, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in this epic world of monsters and magic.

Download ZENONIA 5 MOD latest 1.3.0 Android APK

Fans of the famous ZENONIA series will definitely enjoy this latest installment from Gamevil, especially with our modified app. And if you wish to experience a similar game, then Inotia 4 should be a great recommendation. It features the same classic RPG elements and addictive combats that you would surely enjoy.

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