Dead Cells MOD APK 3.3.15 (Unlimited Money)

Dead Cells MOD APK 3.3.15 (Unlimited Money)

December 18, 2023


Additional Information
2 GB
MOD Features
Menu MOD
- God Mode
- High Damage
- Unlimited Money
- Unlimited Cells

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Dead Cells is one of the best offline action games on Android in a very classic pack by pixelated art. Central is a rogue Metroidvania, they pack it with wickedly challenging battles that are offset by a series of unlockable. It allows The Prisoner to gain new skills and weapons with constant gameplay. You will die and come back stronger and eliminate slowly all.

Dead Cells used to be one of the weirdest products at the time it was released. When most developers want to create a large, shimmering 3D game world, Dead Cells goes against that trend when going backward with ancient 2D graphics platforms. However, it has created partly one of the unique and attractive games in the gaming world in recent years.

General Information

Metroid and Castlevania are two game monuments from the 80s that not only draw attention to typical gameplay but also have a profound influence on many later released games. It inspired both to form a new genre of 2D action game called Metroidvania. It is the combination of the open texture of the game screen in Metroid with the vast and interconnected world gameplay elements typical of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Many developers take this idea to develop the game. They try to bring the feeling of the familiar Castlevania: Symphony of the Night experience but still have a unique mark. It is a thing that very rare games like Dead Cells can do. Dead Cells were officially released on many platforms today. The player’s character is an anonymous warrior with no face. He awakes in a cave that looks like a vast maze with lots of points moving quickly between regions.

He tries to get out of there. Fight enemies at all costs and cross a multitude of locations. The problem is that the player has only one life and if you fail, you will return from the starting place with empty hands and have to start the journey from the beginning. Dead Cells is a combination of Metroidvania and rogue genres with a randomly generated screen by a very characteristic algorithm.

The developer calls it the birth of the new Roguevania genre with the included premeditate element. It makes you start over on your journey every time you die. If you have the ability, you can still overcome 13 levels at the end of the game without losing your life. But it is very unlikely for many reasons. One of which is the difficulty of the game is excessive.

Dead Cells screen 4

Background Story

The most important moment that marked the maturity of Dead Cells was in May 2017. The game entered the Steam shelves with the label of Early Access. It is an inevitable step. Dead Cells have strong contact with players comprehensively. However, the friction occurred and more weaknesses revealed than the design team had expected. Specifically, Dead Cells players do not use their weapon system to the very best.

The survey shows that Dead Cells’ first EA was played differently. The player was not acting as the Motion Twin expected. They always choose a safe position and wait for the best moment. They always seek absolute safety playing like a mindless machine. But it was not the way they made Dead Cells. It is a misguided play that loses the meaning and essence of Dead Cells.

Game making is an activity in the creative realm. A courageous heart that always stands up after failure and maturity is the best light to guide creative minds. The arduous hardship of thinking up creative ideas then applying those ideas in running a game. Luckily for Dead Cells, it is a RogueVania masterpiece with its explosive tempo, rhythm, and smooth feeling with every bit.

Dead Cells screen 2

How to Play Dead Cells?

Be gentle and patient

Every time you step into a level, you will always want to get over it quickly. But in Dead Cells, careful exploration will help you go beyond a single player screen. Make sure you collect all the Scrolls of Power at each level to maximize health, damage, and any other bonus mutation. Then, gradually follow the master upgrades, look for drawings, hidden areas, and powerful enemies. It will help you progress and open up additional levels to continue.

Do not unlock too many weapons

As you collect drawings, you will use Cells to unlock weapons, skills, and mutant abilities. When you unlock a weapon (melee, extensive range, or shield) or skill (grenades or traps), it enters a rotation of items you can find. If you unlock too much, especially low-end weapons and items you do not use, you may have trouble getting your favorites. If you are in doubt, put Cells in the mutants section. They are not random and are permanent upgrades like Health Flask. And no matter what you do, don’t unlock the Spartan Sandals.

Dead Cells screen 1

Breakthrough the door and land with a stomp

This action is noisy. Instead of having a polite person open the door gently, roll over it, or hit it with a weapon to open it. The enemies on the other side will take damage and be stunned if they get close enough. You can also stun and damage enemies by stomping on them by pressing the jump and fall button a second time. Landing that way also keeps you from being stunned, which usually happens when you fall too high. Just know where you have to land, or you will plunge straight into the thorn.

Defeat Special Elites to get Runes

When playing Dead Cells, you will encounter powerful enemies of the Elite level. Most of the time, killing these guys will give you a necklace with special bonuses and other rewards. But if you are in the right area, you can find a room dedicated to an Elite monster. You will know as it gets locked. Defeating this monster gives you Runes, which unlocks a switch between runs and allows you to access new areas.

Dead Cells screen 3

Differs from the previous two parts of the Animus game where the feeling of battle and discovery is inspired by Dark Souls. Way of Retribution: Awakening takes action gameplay to the next level so tough. It makes players think it is a true mobile version of Dark Souls.

In this game, players will create their custom characters such as changing appearance, physique, and even gender. Along with the ability to choose classes like warriors or mages, Way of Retribution: Awakening will bring your character in your direction.

An even more attractive feature is that even if gamers own an old phone, they can still experience Way of Retribution: Awakening at 60 FPS. It is a mobile game product that is very well optimized for the mobile platform on both Android and iOS platforms.

Final Words

Because of these amazing features, Dead Cells MOD APK has received an enthusiastic response from players across the platforms that this game goes through. The team received many prestigious awards from the world gaming industry, such as Top 5 indie games. Best of all, in 2018, the game received Best Action Game voted by IGN in 2017 and culminated as Best Action Game at The Game Awards 2018. Not only that, but Dead Cells also received almost absolute scores on worldwide review sites.

The attraction of this game comes from the graphics platform. They are attractive, innovative gameplay, and a large part of the difficulty level to the crazy level. Many gamers even compare Dead Cells to Dark Souls, one monument of the game village famous for its incredible difficulty level. Dead Cells has caused many gamers to buy new controllers because they are too inhibited.

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