Levelhead MOD APK 100.0.70 (Paid for free)

Levelhead MOD APK 100.0.70 (Paid for free)

December 2, 2022


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Paid for free

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The game combines many fun elements like building, playing, sharing & competition, and it is “Levelhead – Platformer Maker“.

Levelhead – Platformer Maker offers an engaging adventure genre. The remarkable thing is that the player creates his screen. Then you share the screen to challenge other players. Of course, you can also play the levels created by other people. The game comes from developer Butterscotch Shenanigans (studio famous for Crashlands – survival ARPG) and offers an excellent experience for all ages.

Exciting transport journey in the vast universe

“Levelhead – Platformer Maker” is about a fantasy world. The game introduces “Bureau of Shipping” – the famous package shipping corporation of the galaxy. The Bureau of Shipping has been operating for hundreds of years, and has created a reputation for many different customers. You become part of the famous Bureau of Shipping. You are a new Employee in the Levelhead Division, and you are responsible for training the GR-18 delivery robot to complete any delivery situation.

The game introduces L.E.V.E.L.s (Limited Exercises for eValuating employEe Limitations), and the feature allows you to edit the Visual Level to your liking. Then you raise the Level to the world. The GR-18 is a super cute delivery robot, but the GR-18 is the star of Levelhead. GR-18 has a courageous character, and dares to face the risks always lurking from all sides. The GR-18 tries to transport packages to overcome many dangerous obstacles, and complete excellent missions.

Players need to use both skill and ingenuity to control the GR-18, and help the GR-18 pass each Level. You transport the package to the exit with the GR-18. However, containers are sometimes abandoned because the GR-18 has to access particular areas, or perform actions such as: opening doors, pushing evil roadblocks into pits.

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Build your style challenge

Levelhead – Platformer Maker impresses by allowing you to build levels in your style. You can unleash your creativity and create your challenges with hundreds of different items. The game offers other objects including enemies, hazards, paths, switches, secrets, weather, music and many more cool things.

You are free to use the object to build an exciting adventure. You create your style of play, like a puzzle challenge, a boss challenge, a fast-paced challenge, a fun challenge. You can make any level you love, or any creative challenge. The “L.E.V.E.L.s” feature is very intuitive, allowing you to transform design ideas into fascinating adventures. If your Level is excellent, then you will attract many players around the world.

Levelhead screen 3

Levelhead – Platformer Maker not only offers fun campaigns, but games are also fun creative tools. The game offers intuitive drag-and-drop controls. So you can easily create and share new levels. In addition, you also have an exciting feeling through hundreds of challenges from other players.

You increase your following to introduce your challenge to the whole world. You keep track of Playtime, Efforts and Favorites from other players. The game offers powerful search and management capabilities, so you can easily access endless content from users worldwide. In addition, the manufacturer allows you to push your Level to the top of the game leaderboard, and you can showcase your exciting Level.

Levelhead screen 1

Complete fun campaign mode

Levelhead – Platformer Maker offers a challenging and fun campaign. You control the GR-18 (a delivery robot) to make your way through over 90 Challenging Campaign Levels. You’ll unlock new skills on the exciting journey, which allows the GR-18 to run faster to become Levelhead’s star employee. However, if you accidentally fall into the abyss, or fall into the fire pit, the GR-18 will return to the correct checkpoint location.

Levelhead – Platformer Maker also provides a global leaderboard for Each Level. Therefore, players compete in speed and score to win the top spot and win the excellent trophy. However, the international competition is fierce and you will need great effort to claim your prize. The game also allows saving the game on different platforms. Thus, you can back up unfinished levels to the cloud and transfer them between devices quickly. From here, your classes will spread to the whole world, and reach the maximum players.

Alternatively, you can download “Crashlands” to battle alien beasts, craft your favorite weapons, and stop an overbearing maniac. “Teslagrad” is also a great choice if you love 2D action-puzzle games.

Levelhead screen 2

Ready for delivery in the vast universe

Levelhead – Platformer Maker offers great challenge-building functionality. You create significant challenges in your style, and the challenge can be brain games or relaxing music. You can share your Favorite Levels with everyone in the world. You enjoy the exciting action-adventure 2D game with GR-18 through 90 exciting Levels.

Download “Levelhead – Platformer Maker” to accompany GR-18, become a top employee of the Levelhead department, or create a world-famous fantastic level!

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