Cartoon Wars: Blade MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

Cartoon Wars: Blade MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

August 5, 2020


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Hello, my lovely friends! Welcome back. To tell you the truth, right from the time I went to school, I always scored poorly in Fine Arts at school. What I can draw is just simple stick people. But I am excited about these funny guys. And I cannot believe there has been a game for the stick guys world! It sounds simple, but it is not like that. This game is exciting! Let’s explore Cartoon Wars Blade with me.


When referring to the stickman, most gamers remember the drawings in their notebooks when they were in school, the paintings of childhood. Me too, the old books, nowhere without their appearance. Sometimes, just seeing these ” stick guys,” we also feel the humor in it.

Having affection impressed with the stick people, I have been searching and playing countless games on this topic on my phone. However, the game series took me a lot of time to be Cartoon Wars from the cult developer GAMEVIL. I have played through most of the different versions of this series and discovered not only my own but also many other gamers around the world who love it. This is also why I want to introduce this name in “Good game you may not know” today.

Continuing the previously released and very successful Cartoon War series, Cartoon Wars: Blade possesses itself ready to be a force of gamers passionate about the series of Cartoon Wars series. Possessing many new weapons and more attractive gameplay than previous versions, Cartoon Wars: Blade has gradually asserted an irresistible attraction for gamers at the first experience of the game.

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Ten years after the Cartoon War history, a brave warrior of the kingdom set off to distant lands. To take part in this adventure, the warrior had to break up his leisurely life and embark on new dangerous lands.

The story begins in the Cartoon World, where there are two tribes, their evil color, and slaves, the tribe of black and white Cartoon. The black and white cartoon generation is considered to be the possession and forced to be a slave. Fortunately, some of them had a “big idea to meet.” They regrouped and began an uprising to free themselves, fighting against the rule of the colorful empire.

Through the name, you have somewhat guessed the graphics in Cartoon Wars are built-in cartoon style. The characters are drawn in a simple way, not too fussy but still give us funny, unique shapes and personal highlights. I find it strange that the effects, skills are meticulously cared for, more beautiful than the character.

Cartoon Wars Blade screen 1


Each game has its own unique characteristics, so does Cartoons Wars Blade. After a period of experience in this game, I have discovered some of its unique features such as

  • Unlimited action pack level: unlock new stage and fight monsters
  • Upgrade weapons in new levels
  • Simple game controls
  • New weapons and helmets
  • Great soundtrack
  • Brilliant graphical interface
  • Attractive gameplay and many impressive battle scenes
  • Diverse weapon systems are updated regularly
  • Unique stick figure character

Besides, Cartoon Wars Blade also added new game modes to follow the predecessors:

  • Raid: Fight with other players to gain loot and strengthen your barracks.
  • Siege: Set up a team of 7 characters to challenge other players in survival mode from consecutive attacks from enemies.
  • Team Battle: Create a 4-day squad and fight in 4 vs. four modes to earn countless rewards with no mana to join the battle.

Additionally, Cartoon Wars Balde also brings an utterly additional feature: Summon. This feature allows players to gain new battle units with different powers, helping you unleash using different combat tactics. You can also upgrade, strengthen, combine, and equip runes for battle units to improve your army.

Cartoon Wars Blade also owns over 200 unique levels of unprecedented levels, making players must make the most of the combat units to overcome this mode of play.

Besides the single and multi-player modes above, players can also take advantage of the Expedition mode (Expedition) to use unused combat units and earn EXP and other attractive rewards. You can also receive rewards through exciting features like Bonus Roulette and Chests.

The unique series of Cartoon Wars, Cartoon Wars 2, and the guillotine version of Cartoon Wars Blade has conquered over 80 million players, bringing success in the global market with unique graphics and simple but equally simple gameplay and the engaging part.

Cartoon Wars Blade screen 3

General Evaluation

Cartoon Wars is a highly tactical mobile game. It allows you to build your army with a reasonable amount of resources. Basically, you will prepare yourself for distinct types of soldiers before going into battle.

Over time, destroying enemies will increase your mana points, and you need to use these points to call distinct characters to appear. In a nutshell, this is a currency in battle, and you need to use it to hire characters. Besides, the primary building of the player also has additional defensive weapons equipped, and you can also upgrade them with bonuses after winning.

With high levels, players will have access to advanced weapons and more bizarre warriors. At first, it was only road soldiers, mages, and later domesticated army and monsters. If you are strong, then the enemy is strong, so the character system on the enemy is equally diverse.

Will peace at Cartoon be restored, the evil will be repelled? It all depends on you!

Cartoon Wars Blade screen 4

Final Thoughts

Overall, although Cartoon Wars Blade has simple graphics, its gameplay is exciting and attractive. At first, I was picky about underestimating this game when I first saw it. But I was wrong. Once engaged in this game, you will be hard to get out.

Besides, Cartoon Wars Blade also brings a full story, not just you to play and fight. This is a plus I have for this game. The familiar stick guys from childhood have now become soldiers in Cartoon Wars Blade.

It can be said that this game has fulfilled my childhood dream. If you also want to meet these lovely guys again, experience Cartoon Wars Blade today!

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