Beat the Boss 2 v2.9.1 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Beat the Boss 2 v2.9.1 (MOD Unlimited Money)

February 13, 2020


Additional Information
Game Hive Corporation
2.3.2 and up
58.7 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

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Can’t get enough of having your bosses “kickassed” with the original Beat the Boss from Game Hive Corporation after you’ve completed the levels over and over again? Don’t worry we’ve just the right game to satisfy you.

Spend your time and dive into this satisfying world where you could beat up the oppressive bosses whenever you want and with whatever you want. Choose between dozens of different ways to torture them off from their trashy talking.

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In the game, you’ll represent all the good and hard-working employees from all over the world who’re bullied, assaulted, insulted, and like wises by their bosses. Help them to stand up against the oppressive bosses, and show them a lesson or two about treating their workers nicely.

Spend your time working on your “little” schemes to take down the cruel bosses. Travel to varied locations and battle the worst bosses. Choose your way of “talking” to them until they can’t spit out any insult toward you to in the matches.

In additions, the game also features tons of different weapons and tools that you can use to increase your effectiveness. Choose the most favorite ways of tortures and show them who’s the real boss now.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and exciting gameplay for everyone

It’s quite surprising how such a simple game could be so addictive and entertaining. However, if you’ve been playing the game for a certain amount of time, you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.

That being said, the idea of having your oppressive bosses being beaten down by is probably intriguing and tempting to most of us. Not to mention that Game Hive Corporation has done a great job in delivering the addictive gameplay with many exciting features for gamers.

And lastly, the game comes with accessible controls that make uses of the convenient touchscreen controls. Hence, you can do anything you want with your bosses using it. The level of interaction has never been so immersive.

Travel to different places and look for the worst bosses

Beat the Boss 2 screenshot

Begin your journey to free the good and hard-working employees from their evil bosses by travel to varied locations and go against some of the toughest bosses. Challenge them in epic battles where you’ll have all the rights to beat them up while they talk trash about you. Win against them by delivering devastating blows and avoid a prolonged confrontation. To let them have the better of you. Take the fights to all the different places, even your own classrooms. No place is safe for the bad bosses in Beat the Boss 2.

Choose between dozens of awesome weapons

And what could be more satisfying than to have yourself a few cool and useful tools that can be used against your opponents. That being said, Beat the Boss 2 introduces gamers to a much large collection of different weapons compared to the previous game, which includes dozens of different guns and melee weapons. You can even go as far as acquiring the magic hammer of Thor and wield it against your enemies to release devastating blows to them.

Beat the Boss 2 screenshot

Complete a variety of different challenges and achievements

To make the game more exciting as well as rewarding, the developers of Beat the Boss 2 even offer exciting challenges and achievements for gamers. Hence, you can choose to complete those and collect for yourself dozens of useful rewards. Find yourself amazing weapons and tools that can be used to work against the oppressive bosses.

Collect many different buffs to help you in your journey

As you engage in the intense and tough matchups with the evil bosses in the game, it would be quite useful if you could make uses of the different buffs that the game provides. Collect dozens of different buffs to help you with the fights. Win against them as you progress further in Beat the Boss 2.

Beat the Boss 2 screenshot

The ultimate portable gaming experience

Beat the Boss 2 is one of the best casual mobile game that you could enjoy anytime anywhere with little requirements. The simple and undemanding gameplay means that you can have the game installed on most of your devices without fail.

The quick and simple games allow players to enjoy their favorite moments in Beat the Boss 2 with little amounts of spare time. It’ll be a great way to entertain yourself during daily commutes, or your short breaks. And most importantly, you can play the game completely offline without having to connect to the Internet.

Have the game for completely free with our mods

In addition, gamers in Beat the Boss 2 can have the game completely free and unlocked with our new mods. Just download our Beat the Boss 2 Mod APK onto your Android devices and follow the instructions to install it. Then, you can gain access to all the in-game purchases without having to pay anything. Plus, there will be no ads to bother you while you’re gaming.

Visual and sound quality


The game is among one of the less graphically demanding games for mobile devices. So it’ll definitely work on your devices. However, this doesn’t mean that the graphics are bad in any means. In facts, the simple yet intuitive characters and environment designs will make you completely hooked to the experiences. Spend hours on end beating your evil bosses while enjoying other aspects of the game.


Beat the Boss 2 features on-theme soundtracks that would guide you through different stages of the game. In additions, the accurate sound effects will make each and every of your in-game actions a lot more relatable and believable. Feels like you’re actually beating up your bosses with their familiar grunting sounds.

Download Beat the Boss 2 MOD latest 2.9.1 Android APK

Those who’re looking for a simple yet satisfying game that they could enjoy on their mobile devices even just for a few minutes would certainly find the game interesting. Find yourself having good times beating up the oppressive bosses who’ve been causing terrors for their employees for so long.

And if you find the game interesting, you would certain want to look at the following installments from Game Hive corporation, which are Beat the Boss 3 and Beat the Boss 4.

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