Delivery From the Pain MOD APK 1.0.9964 (Paid for free)

Delivery From the Pain MOD APK 1.0.9964 (Paid for free)

Digipotato Game Paid for free

Delivery From the Pain gives players the feeling and experience of what survival in the post-apocalyptic world will be like. So, all the situations a survivor might encounter have been examined and simulated to a certain extent. To make the game more interesting, we will incorporate many storylines throughout the game.

Delivery From the Pain has lots of random resources and it is one of the most important assets in the game. Players can use them to craft tools. Exploration and construction activities took place in the residence. Every day in the game happens like an authentic life. The character will switch to stealth mode when the zombie is heard. The character can run if there are no zombies around. In an open map like a park, the player can use traps to catch small animals for food. Delivery From the Pain is an engaging survival game that you cannot miss.

General Information

The story begins when Faith Energy, an anti-cancer drug research center, suddenly cut off contact with the outside world. The reason is that in researching a vaccine. It turns out that a puzzling epidemic turns humans into zombies. As one of the trapped survivors, you must find your escape from this place fully.

Delivery From the Pain is a combination of Day R Premium and Live or Die. Gamers will easily find the similarities of these games when playing the survival mechanism in the game. Besides food and drink, find more ingredients to craft items to increase your survival in this world. You are not a superman in the game, and that makes Delivery From the Pain so much more challenging.

There are different zombies. To deal with them properly, you must first find their weaknesses. In your adventure, you will meet other survivors. What you do with those will affect the outcome of the game. So, make an informed decision. Kill them for more resources or work together to fight the disaster out there. It all depends on how you play. Plan everything, build yourself a haven, and Craft yourself powerful weapons. However, remember that sometimes violence is not the way to deal with everything. Be flexible to come up with the right solutions for every situation.

Overall Assessments

Survival is never easy. The life or death of a person is not only about skills and experience. Sometimes, it is luck that they meet on the road. But what if you are not alone in this place? How will the people you meet on the road or rational completely change your thoughts about a post-pandemic world? Then, try to experience Delivery From the Pain.

If you love the zombie survival genre on your phone, the games of Day R Premium and Live or Die are no stranger to gamers. But if you are underestimating Delivery From the Pain, then you are wrong. Although they appear to be similar, the way they present the world in the zombie pandemic is different.

At the beginning of the game, you will decide which character to start your war of survival. Each character will have different strengths and weaknesses and their story is also completely different. It will directly affect your game experience in the game. We will not suggest which character to choose over which one because each story is equally different. It is best to play again a few times and choose all the characters to enjoy the full content of Delivery From the Pain.

Besides the basic instructions, the story leading at the beginning of the game is different for each character. So do not worry about being boring. The general plot of the game is that you are alone in the middle of an area suffering from a pandemic. Although you have tried to contact the outside world, all you get is information about an area marked on the board. You are out of sight with the promise of someone coming there to help you. Before you get there, survive on a journey in the middle of a pandemic. There is no need to introduce any more. The fans of this genre know too well.

As stated above, Delivery From the Pain is a combination of Day R Premium and Live or Die. Gamers will easily find the similarities of these games when playing, especially the survival mechanism in the game. Besides food and drink, find more ingredients to craft items to increase your survival in this world. All of that comes with your own time of the day. There are 24 hours a day. You can only travel during the day until 6 pm. When night falls, you only have to hang around in the shelter and do what you can to do or prepare for the next day. However, everything is not that simple.

Humans have the three most essential needs to eat, sleep, and sex. Of course, in this pandemic world, it was a reward to eat and sleep. But in Delivery From the Pain, it was a completely different story. Even if you want to clear the game, you still need to sleep. Only sleeping can increase a very important metric in this lucidity. If anyone plays for a long time, they will know that in the survival game, the most valuable thing is time. Because there are so many things to do while your time is tight. And it can only enhance health through sleep.

The human body without sanity is often prone to mistakes, as its actions will lack precision and slowness. This inconvenience also makes you spend a lot of time surviving and dozens of daily activities. So, it is best to give the character enough sleep from three hours to six hours. As long as there is time to rest and resuscitation, it is fine. The schedule in this game is not much different from Day R Premium and Live or Die. You will go out to the street during the day to loot. And at night, it is only indoors. Just come home a little late and you become dinner out there. But the attraction of Delivery From the Pain does not come from the difficulty of survival.

Although they are all non-playing characters, they are not interested in the things you pack on you like proper people on Day R Premium and Live or Die. They all have their own story. Only when the zombie epidemic appears, people will take the time to listen and understand each other. It honors the people of the game and makes your rescue journey much shorter. You know you are not alone. And you are just human.

Final Words

Delivery From the Pain MOD APK is an indie zombie survival game. Besides the mobile version, you can also try out the PC version that is still in development. On the mobile version, you can play the first chapter and opening for free. After that, pay some money if you want to experience the full content of the game. Delivery From the Pain will focus on exploiting the human aspect rather than the horror of the undead. It allows you to choose your decision for survival.

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