Radiation Island MOD APK 1.2.10 (Unlocked)

Radiation Island MOD APK 1.2.10 (Unlocked)

August 28, 2023


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Atypical Games
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The games carry elements of adventure and exploration which attract the player’s attention that like to find out new things. Radiation Island will allow you to discover an island and fight many dangers. You need to find your own way of surviving with nothing in your hand. This is a big challenge for the player. Let’s use everything to fight for your survival and come back to the real world.

Discover a new and mysterious world

Radiation Island is the action game that has offered by Atypical Games – a California-based company is founded by a group of passionate video game developers. The player can install the game on mobile devices. Radiation Island is available on App Store, Google Play, Steam, Nintendo, especially Mac App Store. You can play on computers that run on macOS Operating System. To install, the player will take a small fee.

In the game, you are in the abandoned island with many trees and rivers. The place is very wide and contains a lot of things which you can’t anticipate theat. You will be a person who discover the new and mysterious world. Huge forests are the places where dangerous wolves, bears and mountain lions live. Besides, there are still many beautiful areas so that the player can rest after battles.

In addition, smooth 3D Graphics will help the players to immerse themselves in the world of the game. Design of characters also is quite scary. The characters are wearing Hazmat suit, zombies are guarding vital tools, skeletons can move. The song of the bird and the sound of the wind bring a feeling of peace for the players. But you will feel ghastly by the unusual and mysterious sounds from the forests. When you shoot and chop down the trees, the sounds are very lively. The elements help Radiation Island to become more realistic. You will feel as if you are in the real world and fight the dangers.

Radiation Island screen 1

Start to fight to survive

Start the game, you are on the beautiful beach with the long coast and the floating waves. Then you will be instructed the first steps. For example, the ways of moving or manufacture weapons from the things that you find. Use the right site of the screen to turn around. Use the bottom left site to walk towards to object ahead. Pick up the flint and the twigs from the ground to make a stone axe. If you don’t know the needed materials that are used to make the weapons, you can open the crafting sheet for the weapon that you want to make in the crafting panel. One flint and one twig will make the stone axe. Stone pickaxe is made from two pieces of wood and two flints. And you need to tap the craft button to build the weapons. You can create the important weapons from the basic materials such as the flints, the woods or the twigs. Don’t skip the materials that you can collect on your way, because they can create the essential things in the game. And don’t forget exploring abandoned bases in the forest, there will always be useful items for you.

Radiation Island screen 4

Radiation Island is the survival game. So the player will have to collect food in the large island. There are many foods in the game (fruit, the meat of animals). From pineapple, banana, mushroom to lamb, fish, … The food which you can gather are all around the island. Tap on the pickup icon to collect them. To store these items, the game has provided a backpack for the players. Tap the inventory icon to open your backpack. You need to click on the item icon to focus it and click on the same item again to consume it. And there are two primary status indicators you need to watch out for: health and hunger. as you can see you a bit hungry. high hunger will slowly damage your health while a full belly will improve it. Hunt wild animals, fish or gather fruits to overcome hunger.

Radiation Island screen 2

Radiation Island modes

There are three modes in Radiation Island so that you can choose. These modes are Exploration, Adventure, Survival. Exploration mode is the easiest mode. The animals and characters won’t attack you. The players don’t need to worry about food, radiation or anything. But Adventure mode will help you experience the game. The player need to eat to survive. You have to fight the dangers because the animals and zombies will attack you. Radiation can kill you. If you die, you will lose your equipped weapons. With Survival mode, death will make you lose everything in your inventory. Enemies will drop less loot and resources will be a lot scarcer. So be careful. Besides, the game also has supported multiplayer mode. To unlock multiplayer mode, you need to complete the campaign mode. This mode helps you meet many different players.

In Radiation Island, you will usually face 2 dangers which are the animals and zombies. The zombies will be in abandoned villages and old military compounds and guard the tools and weapons. The animals can be in the forests or under water. Hungry crocodiles are under water and attack you surprisingly when you are swimming. Therefore, you should have the useful weapons to fight them.

Radiation Island screen 3

Experience the drama and horror game

With realistic and smooth 3D graphic, Radiation Island MOD APK will bring many real experiences for the players. The mix of the delightful and ghastly make you feel peace but scary. You will have to hunt wild animals, fish and collect fruit to survive. But you also need to make many weapons to destroy the dangers around you. The full day – night cycle will increase the danger when you are discovering the island. Cold is from sea, the enemies are from darkness. You don’t anticipate anything. The elements have make Radiation Island become the game that is extremely great to explore and enjoy it.

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