Pocket Troops MOD APK 1.40.1 (Unlocked Full)

Pocket Troops MOD APK 1.40.1 (Unlocked Full)

October 14, 2020


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Azur Interactive Games Limited
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Unlocked Full

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Pocket Troops is like the Fallout Shelter survival game. Players will show their ability to control and train their clumsy soldiers into a massive army. After strict training, they should be capable of defeating the authoritarian professor Evil and his henchmen. Pocket Troops has an eye-catching graphics background. The soldiers or enemies are all shaped in cartoon style.

Pocket Troops is a unique mobile game that brings the elements of humor and battles. The game requires high tactics in the team arrangement. Pocket Troops also requires players to recruit more soldiers, train, upgrade them, and learn new skills to apply on the battlefield.

By playing the role of commander-in-chief of the army, the player’s job is to command his soldiers to fight enemies in the familiar turn-based direction. Besides soldiers and heavy guns, players are also supported by fighters, snipers, mortars, cannons, and grenades effectively to repel the enemy.

General Information

Recently, the publisher Heyworks Inc. has just released a fun action game called Pocket Troops on both Android and iOS operating systems. The game is a mix of action and humor. It is a strategic battle simulation game featuring many good strategic elements from Hey Work’s previously released games.

In the game, players will play the role of Commander-in-Chief, commanding his army against enemies. Players will use weapons to fight the army and air force. Players also have to recruit new warriors and upgrade the players’ skills to go to victory. Also, the game has a PVP mode so that players can fight with many other players around the world.

Pocket Troops takes the player to become commander-in-chief of his troops, defeating the authoritarian professor and his henchmen. At first glance, many people can imagine the gameplay easily. But the game is more challenging than you think.

In Pocket Troops, there are six character classes for you to consider. Each class with its characteristics, skills, weapons, and strengths and weaknesses suitable for each combat situation. The game has up to 12 challenging campaigns for players to take turns to explore and overcome.

Besides plot-based missions, you can completely fight with your friends or attack other players to win to be honored and get rewards. Pocket Troops owns a unique graphics background. It shapes the soldiers or enemies in a hilarious cartoon style and color will give players a light entertainment experience but challenging equally with highly tactical.

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How to Play Pocket Troops?

Train, equip and cross your fingers

The method that the soldiers perform in the battle directly results from the skills you gain and develop. How to make a clever strategy? We base the only way to fight each time on the enemy’s strengths and your team’s equipment. Customize your tactics and choose the strongest combination of weapons and skills to provide the best chance of victory. Use your fingers and cheer for your team!

You can never have enough weapons

Through the game, remember to collect and upgrade legendary weapons and equipment. You can master unique abilities in six different categories and choose from over 50 outstanding skills. For unlocking them all, you need to make a Bada Boom. Our favorites are the AK-47, L96 sniper rifle, napalm launcher, Hard Rock Hallelujah guitar, and Gatling laser.

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Don’t build, just fight and upgrade

Try to upgrade your base, which is equipped with cool interactive facilities. Use the exercise machine pumping iron in the gym to make Rocky Mountain a rookie. For spending money on cash devices, you can continue to watch this child’s work. The nurse’s soldiers regained health with fish tanks, building blocks, soft kittens, kitten warmers, furballs, and other top military medical equipment.

Also, join online PVP competitions and compete with other armies from all over the world. You can become a hero with a powerful player. Then, drive tasks through the narrative and unlock all the movie cut-scenes and the villain’s plan.

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Overall Assessments

Pocket Troops is a humor-filled tactical and strategic war game that offers a unique and family-friendly experience where no soldier dies in battle. Players will need to recruit, train, and equip your ideal army to fight intense small-scale battles.

There will be six soldier classes, base upgrades, weapon collections, PVP challenges, and a cinematic PVE mission campaign. In battle, performing the soldiers is determined by the skills gained and developed. In Pocket Troops, players will customize their tactics and choose the combination of weapons and skills that guarantees the greatest chance of victory.

In the Pocket Troops, you can choose powerful fighters or create a team of volunteers with fighting skills who can use any weapon. To create your squad, you need to select fighters from six distinct classes. Each fighter will have individual characteristics, unique skills, and different temperaments. However, together they will form an invincible and unstoppable team.

In the Pocket Troop strategy game, you will enjoy 12 missions. You will fight with your team against insidious enemies. Dr. Evil will lead the opponents. If you are not interested in playing alone, you can fight with other players online, and win trophies with them. Your enemies are strong and evil, so train your fighters well.

For training, you will have gyms and several simulators available. Your heroes will never die. In the Pocket Troops, there is a hospital where all fighters can heal from different wounds quickly and painlessly. We recommend pocket Troops to all lovers of the tactical and strategic genre who will find a pleasant title characterized by captivating graphics and intuitive gameplay.

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Final Words

Pocket Troops MOD APK is inspired by a desire to make an exhilarating, tongue-in-cheek war game without making the game seem serious. The handheld unit invokes the familiar feeling using the instruments often found in war games. The game also offers casual and cartoon graphics with witty quips, tough and stylish characters.

In Pocket Troops, the characters have a fun cartoon graphics style with gentle gameplay but bold war strategy. Although the battle is petty, it pulls an epic feeling of victory. The battlefield is full of humor and the game feels beautiful and familiar. The game will redefine the war game for the player. It is all about the unique experience.

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