World War Heroes MOD APK 1.44.0 (Unlimited Ammo)

World War Heroes MOD APK 1.44.0 (Unlimited Ammo)

April 19, 2024


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Azur Interactive Games Limited
1.5 GB
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Unlimited Ammo

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After the last few tests, World War Heroes, a beautiful graphic FPS game for mobile, has officially launched an Open Beta version with full attractive features. Besides, the game also incorporates multiple languages to help gamers worldwide comfortably experience with no language barriers.

Despite the context of World War II, as many other FPS players have done like Battlefield or Call of Duty, World War Heroes still promises to give players an enjoyable experience right on mobile devices.

Through each level, gamers will collect a certain amount of gold and then use them to buy or upgrade guns to become stronger. This feature will help a lot for players because the character will become stronger and be able to bring quality weapons to the battlefield.

Besides the gameplay and attractive 3D graphics, World War Heroes also offers many attractive PVP modes such as Hardcore Mode, Deathmatch, Bomb Mode, and Team Squad. The game promises to bring high competitiveness to players.

General Information

Set in World War II in Europe, World War Heroes is a top-notch automatic FPS game with high graphic quality. Players will immerse themselves in the brutal war and put on the soldiers’ clothing of the warring factions.

World War Heroes supports multiple languages. So, the international gaming community can feel secure to experience this game without worrying about language barriers. There are seven legendary World War II battle zones, four types of state-of-the-art combat equipment, and five game modes and custom games. Players can make their rules their surname.

The game allows players to control tanks on the battlefield. It is an unprecedented element in the mobile FPS genre. There is a vast arsenal of over 50 different weapons such as pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns and grenades, and other melee weapons. The game comes with high-end graphics, intense wartime.

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How to play World War Heroes?

For new players, World War Heroes will have a detailed guide for them to familiarize themselves with the gameplay and features. The control system for movement and aiming is simple. If you are familiar with the FPS genre of shooting, then using this system is easy.

The left half of the screen is a movement joystick and a small map. It helps players observe the position of an ally or opponent. The other side is the need to rotate the player’s perspective, shoot, heal, and throw grenades.

Make a combination of movement, rotation, and precise aiming to defeat the opponent in front of you. With a variety of weapons such as guns, knives, grenades, or even tanks, the variety of uniforms and support kits allow players to build a variety of gameplay and strategies.

World War Heroes has five game modes and custom games for players to experience differently with matches in each mode. These modes include Bomb Mode, Deathmatch, Team Battle, One-life Battle, Hardcore, and Custom Made. In the Deathmatch, two teams fought for the territory. The team with the highest score at the end of the round wins.

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With Death and Death, players will fight for their lives. The player with the highest score wins in this round. With Team Battle, two teams will fight for points on the map. The first team to score the specified score will be the winner.

Deathmatch with bombs has a bit of variation. The two teams are still fighting each other for the upper hand. The winner is the team with the higher score when the round ends or when the bomb is detonated. An interesting mode in World War Heroes is One-life Battle, where there is no room for mistake. It is the round where the weapons are multiplied by increased damage. It makes the game more dramatic, attractive, and realistic.

Finally, there is Custom Made where players can play by their own rules with their friends. Remember, you will not reward any in this mode. Players can view their stats and achievements through the Profile panel.

Through each match, players will collect gold coins and then buy or upgrade guns to become more powerful. The current level corresponds to the rank of the player. When you reach enough levels or ranks, players can unlock terrible weapons, more advanced costumes to help players have novel ways of playing in combat.

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Overall Assessments

Beautiful 3D graphics, space, characters, and weapons in the game are designed in World War II. The battlefield scene is clear and fierce. Each gun has a different range and recoil. It is a special element in this game. It brings the most authentic experience to the player.

The uniforms are diverse. From the character’s appearance to guns or grenades, everything is detailed and meticulously designed for each part. The effects of explosions demonstrated the fierce World War era.

The game sound is vivid with the drums and the trumpet sounding continuous. It attracts players who want to try the experience right away in the fierce battlefield. Sometimes in a match, the sound suddenly goes down, making the player feel like we will ambush them in the back. They must always be vigilant around creating suspense and extreme tension.

The sound of each gun when firing is simulated differently. With rifles, bullets will be continuously discharged into the opponent, making the sound resound continuously. Players will feel the burning heat of the match. If playing long enough, just listening to the sound of the gun, the player can tell what kind of gun it is.

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Modern Strike Online belongs to the genre of automatic FPS shooter with first-person 3D graphics. Players will come to a real battlefield where bombs and bullets overwhelm all. Join yourself in the scene of a devastating war, become a powerful soldier, and destroy your opponent with advanced guns and equipment. For new players, Modern Strike Online always has detailed instructions to help players easily approach and get acquainted with the game.

The arsenal is diverse with over 70 different types, which can be mentioned as pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, and grenades. There are especially sharp melee weapons. Players can choose weapons that suit their gameplay. When owning a weapon, players can upgrade the weapon’s parameters such as damage, dispersion, rate of fire, distance, and heat damage.

This weapon number can be completely customized such as color change, ammo box, silencer, scope, gun body, stock gun, and its range. The game offers a system of five characters with original positions and uniforms. There is also additional equipment included such as hats, gloves, armor, and shoes. When upgrading these items, players will get more assists such as armor points, running speed, and maximum magazine size.

Final Words

They design the space and characters and weapons in World War Heroes in World War II. The character control system will surprise the followers of the shooter genre. The virtual left button is used to move and a series of virtual keys on the right will have the role to change weapons, change bullets, aim, shoot bombs, and run fast.

The point worth mentioning is that World War Heroes not only allows players to use guns but also can control the battle tank on the battlefield. It is a fairly unknown element that has never appeared before. It will involve players in fierce and epic gun battles.

With beautiful 3D graphics, a fierce World War II war scene, and top-notch sound quality, World War Heroes has brought not only an enjoyable experience but also a thrill to the gaming community.

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