BLOCKFIELD MOD APK 0.9842 (Invisible Player/No Recoil)

BLOCKFIELD MOD APK 0.9842 (Invisible Player/No Recoil)

November 30, 2022


Additional Information
Azur Interactive Games Limited
42 MB
MOD Features
Invisible Player/No Recoil


For those of you who are interested in the exciting games of mobile FPS, BLOCKFIELD is definitely one of the best mobile titles on your Android devices.


Get ready to join the other blocky gunmen in this epic game of BLOCKFIELD from Azur Interactive Games Limited, as you enjoy the addictive and fun games of 5v5 shooter on your mobile devices. Have no troubles playing the exciting shooter game on the go with friends and online gamers whenever you want. Multiply the fun with many online matchups instead of the boring offline ones.

Explore your huge collection of different weapons and explosives, each allowing you to enjoy the addictive shooter game to the fullest. Enjoy the different game modes with various gameplay and interesting mechanics, each allowing you to enjoy the PVP FPS title in multiple ways. All of which will keep you hooked to the game for hours on end.

Find out more about this awesome mobile title and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews of BLOCKFIELD.

Story & Gameplay

Here in BLOCKFIELD, Android gamers will have their chances to join friends and online gamers in the addictive and authentic FPS adventures. Enjoy your exciting action matchups with different game modes and varying gameplay, which will always keep you hooked to the in-game experiences for hours on end. Unlock the interesting mechanics and hilarious interactions that will always entertain you.

With intuitive UI and touch controls, BLOCKFIELD gamers will have no troubles getting comfortable with the game. Feel free to customize your controls and crosshair to enable the most personal experiences in the game. Enjoy working with weapons with various mechanics and in-game interactions. Unlock the multiple maps with various gameplay to keep you entertained.

Enjoy playing the awesome game of FPS in BLOCKFIELD with different skins and customizations. Explore and enjoy the many game modes with varying elements and mechanics. Have no troubles multiplying your fun in shooter games with multiplayer matchups. The list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Intuitive UI and easy controls

To start with, BLOCKFIELD gamers will have themselves the intuitive UI with clean layouts and accessible elements. Have no troubles exploring the app and its many features as you dive into BLOCKFIELD. Make uses of the intuitive interfaces and smooth controls to have absolute fun with the shooter game. Enjoy customizing the buttons and mappings of BLOCKFIELD actions however you want. And try out different sensitivity settings to match the controls accordingly. Save your new control profiles and feel free to use them later if needed.


Adjust your crosshairs accordingly

For those of you who are interested, you can now customize the crosshairs according to your certain preferences. Enjoy changing the point sizes with multiple settings. Adjust the line lengths with various options to match your display. Change the thickness, dynamics, and colors of the crosshair, so you’re always happy with your aims.

Many cool maps to explore

Here in BLOCKFIELD, Android users will have themselves the 12+ cool maps with different settings and interesting visual elements, each allowing them to enjoy the game in their own ways. Feel free to play as both sizes of terrorists and counterterrorist in BLOCKFIELD. Discover the different maps and your various approaches to them when playing as both sizes in the matchups.

Amazing weapons to work with

For those of you who are interested, you’ll have no troubles getting the amazing weapons in BLOCKFIELD, each allowing you to have absolute fun with the PVP shooter title. Explore the different assault rifles, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, pistols, knives, and other weapons with various styles and mechanics that will let you play and have fun with the game differently. Thus, making the FPS a lot worth playing.


Interesting skins to play with

To make the game more exciting, BLOCKFIELD gamers are now allowed to work with different skins, which will allow them to play and have fun with the personalized game without any troubles. Similar to Pixel Gun 3D and Cops N Robbers, the game allows you to work with different character skins that lets you roleplay as many famous icons during your PvP shooter matchups. And feel free to try out the different weapon skins, each allowing your to freely customize the game accordingly.

Different game modes to enjoy

For those of you who are interested, you can now explore the many different game modes in BLOCKFIELD, each allowing you to play and have fun with the game differently.

  • Team Deathmatch – join friends and online gamers in the classic PvP shooter matchups, where you fight, die, get respawned and continue to fight. The game only finishes when one team reaches the certain caliber of kills or wins.
  • Arms Race – explore the awesome arms races in BLOCKFIELD, where gamers are given a lot of money to purchase whatever they want in the matchups. Have fun working with different weapons and explosives, each having its own mechanics.
  • AWP Mode – for those of you who are interested in the arts of using sniper rifles, this is definitely the right mode for you. Simply enter the game and start using your different AWPs to take down enemies from distances.
  • Dropper – put your skills and agility to the tests in this epic drop challenge, in which gamers will try to drop as fast as they can while avoiding losing HP. Here, you’ll need to find the balance between absolute speed and instant death.
  • Fun Race – by featuring many fun races, BLOCKFIELD gamers can now enjoy their unique racing experiences with other gamers. Move fast and get past obstacles to quickly find yourself staying ahead of others in this awesome game mode.
  • Bunny Hop – if you’re skilled in the arts of bunny hopping, then you’ll definitely not want to miss this mode of Bunny Hop. Here, the game introduces gamers to many interesting maps for only showing your jumping skills. Move fast and smoothly to quickly find yourself staying ahead of the competitions.
  • Knife Mode – the exciting knife fights in BLOCKFIELD will definitely make the PvP action game a lot more fun and addictive. Here, you’re allowed to work with a variety of different melee weapons. Feel free to pick up any of them and start using their different mechanics to enjoy your in-game actions to the fullest.

And always stay tuned in the game for many new game modes and updates on the existing ones.


Play as terrorists and counter-terrorists

With BLOCKFIELD, Android gamers can play on both sides and explore their many differences accordingly. Explore the different starting positions on the map with each of the teams. Enjoy their uses of different weapons and their various mechanics during the game. And feel free to switch your sizes in BLOCKFIELD whenever you want. All of which will make the game a lot more fun and exciting for FPS gamers.

Multiply the fun with online games

And speaking of fun, you can now multiply your excitement in BLOCKFIELD, thanks to the completely online gameplay. Here, it’s possible to play with friends and online gamers from all over the world. Select your existing friends and invite them into the matches. Or play with random people and make new friends during the process. Have no troubles playing and chatting with your friends in BLOCKFIELD. Enjoy the awesome game chats that will make in-game communications a lot more convenient. Thus, making the shooter gameplay a lot more fun and exciting.


Get your daily rewards for free

For those of you who are interested, you can now get your many daily rewards for absolutely free. Feel free to enter the game and instantly be rewarded with your free gifts. And don’t forget to return to the game every day to stack up your rewards.

Sign in to unlock more features

While it’s possible to sign in with guest accounts, BLOCKFIELD gamers are always recommended to link the game to their Facebook or Google accounts to unlock more features. Start by having your one time loot as you log in. Be able to see your friends who are also playing the game. And most importantly, the online saves and syncs will always improve your in-game experiences to the fullest.

Available in many languages

With the game being available in English, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, and more, BLOCKFIELD gamers will have no troubles exploring and enjoying the mobile title.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, BLOCKFIELD is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Simply enter the game and start making use of its many features whenever you want. Just keep in mind that there will be ads and in-game purchases to bother you.

Have access to our free mod

And speaking of which, if you want to enjoy the exciting mobile game of BLOCKFIELD without paying for ads and in-game purchases, you can always go for the modified version of the game on our website. Here, we offer the modded mobile title with removed ads and Unlimited Money, which you can enjoy for free. Simply download the BLOCKFIELD Mod APK, then follow the given instructions to have it properly installed, and you’ll have the full game ready.

Visual and sound quality


Here in BLOCKFIELD, Android gamers can enjoy the interesting 3D block graphics and clean visuals. Always enjoy smooth animations, interesting character designs, and cool visual effects during your fights. And with the customizable graphics settings, you can always adjust the quality and FPS accordingly. Choose to boost the visual quality or the battery life with these available settings.

Sound & Music

Together with brilliant visuals, Android gamers can enjoy the most amazing PvP FPS title on their mobile devices with epic sounds and exciting soundtracks. All of which will keep you completely hooked to the awesome Android title for hours on end.

Final thoughts

With amazing gameplay and interesting elements, BLOCKFIELD will keep you entertained throughout its many PvP FPS game modes. Simply dive into the mobile title and start having fun with friends and online gamers whenever you want.

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