Block Force MOD APK 2.2.4 (Unlimited Money)

Block Force MOD APK 2.2.4 (Unlimited Money)

September 7, 2020


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Block Force is a sandbox building game. It is inspired by games such as Cops N Robbers and Pixel Gun 3D, created by JoyDo Studio, and is now maintained by Riovox Company. The world presented in Block Force is not about gorgeous graphics and special effects, but on gameplay.

Players can create and destroy blocks in the game in the three-dimensional space of the game. You can even experience different game modes in multiplayer servers to create exquisite buildings, creations, and artworks.

Block Force focuses on allowing players to explore, interact, and change a map dynamically generated by blocks. Besides cubes, environmental monomers also include plants, animals, and objects. Various activities in the game involve collecting ore, fighting hostile creatures, synthesizing new blocks, and collecting tools for the game’s resources.

The game’s endless MOD APK mode allows players to create buildings, works, and artistic creations in various multiplayer game servers or their single-player mode. Other functions include logic operations and remote-action Redstone circuits, mine carts and tracks. Besides the major world, Block Force also has multiple dimensions.

General Information

The theme of zombies has always been relatively popular, and people love film and television dramas. Simultaneously, everyone also likes zombie-themed games, such as last year’s shooting game “World War Z” and “Resident Evil 3: Remake,” which was just released in recent years.

Block Force is a sandbox game with a very high freedom, in which players can develop a variety of gameplay. The doctor recently noticed that AKQA, an innovative foreign company, specially launched a unique map, “Blockdown Simulator” for the gameplay of zombie infection in the Block Force for players to experience. The current version includes the PC version of Java Edition, PS4/Nintendo Switch console version, and Windows 10 version.

As for the specific gameplay, there will be a small village on the map, a tower in the middle of the small town, and many medical facilities underground. Players can use the building structures to switch the three states of the village: free movement, isolation, and blockade.

There will be many villagers in the village, and zombies will appear to cause infection, so players need to adopt corresponding strategies according to the town’s specific conditions. Everyone’s goal is to survive!

Like all shot games, zombie monsters will attack villagers and resurrect as zombie villagers after death. The probability of infection depends on the difficulty of the game. In normal difficulty, the chance of infection by zombie villagers is 50%, and when it is difficult, it is 100%. In the game, everyone has to learn how to survive in this environment.

Features of Block Force:

  1. Online competitiveness and optimized network experience: 1 server has five regions (Global, US, EU, Asia, JP)
  2. More players fight in one room: up to 20 players are in the same place.
  3. Graphics: shocking with 3D pixel style visual effects.
  4. Sound effect: professional sound design.
  5. Five modes: deathmatch, homicide match, water splash, explosion, mutation.
  6. Friend system: Add friends to the game and fight with partners all over the world!
  7. Skin editing: create your skin.
  8. Hat and Pu: Equip your character with a hat or cloak.
  9. Growth system: Continue to fight to promote your level.
  10. Slots: Win all the items in the game from here.
  11. Reward system: rich game rewards, giving you lasting combat power
  12. Reasonable in the game store: Provides more choices.

Background Story

After it infects the villagers with zombie villagers, it is not entirely hopeless. Although they are very dangerous, players can still heal these zombie villagers through a specific process and resurrect them as ordinary villagers.

Also, there are many props and trades in the village that help survive, such as summoning some useful special characters. Ordinary villagers can also help players collect props and resources.

The game’s official specifically mentioned the concept of social distance. In the game, the probability of being attacked by monsters is naturally infected, and keeping a certain social distance with zombie villagers can reduce the likelihood of being infected.

We know that because of well-known reasons, many countries and regions worldwide have implemented isolation and blockade policies to varying degrees. The Block Force also simulates events in reality to a certain extent.

Simultaneously, the official also encourages data scientists or module masters to join them, hoping that this gameplay can be more and more perfect. Through Block Force, players can also learn some knowledge that can be used in reality, which is a great idea!

Block Force screen 4

Overall Assessment

Block Force is perhaps one of the top symbols of uniqueness and creativity in a virtual world. That’s why the game has brought us countless fame and success, thanks to free-to-play gameplay for gamers to imagine. It is along with a wealth of content that has been continuously developing over the years.

That incredible success has become the inspiration for so many products to follow. And Block Force is one of them, a game under the hands of JoyDo Studio – the team behind Cops N Robbers and Pixel Gun 3D.

Block Force is a unique and creative game when combining FPS elements into a beautiful Minecraft style.


Block Force follows a no-frills and straightforward style, where the game is set in a violent battle scene with many enemies. The player’s job in that adversity is to calculate and arrange defensive works and carry guns to fight the front line and protect sovereignty.

In Block Force, gamers will get acquainted with two splits in each level, one is construction, and the other is defense. With the construction array, players will arrange and arrange buildings (shown through square blocks) with specific functions such as providing energy, lighting for night battles, or farming with regenerative abilities. All features help to prepare players for the tough challenges ahead.

Meanwhile, in the defense segment, players will immerse themselves in a proper FPS game, shooting scenes with bullets flood the screen. The idea with a simple expression through angular models makes it difficult for Block Force to reveal an FPS title’s action quality. That the recoil, gunfire, and impact of the game’s projectiles are still found with many cult shooting products.

But that is just the outer layer because deep inside, Block Force also carries many quality elements. The game allows players to customize and create additional characteristics for the guns and weapons, making the arsenal that gamers can access seem to increase many times about the quantity.

With this advantage, Block Force takes players to experience tons of choices in action style and be overwhelmed by countless options and immersed non-stop in the game.

Block Force screen 1

Graphics and Sound

In terms of graphics, Block Force takes the image of rectangular blocks to represent models and works and scenes. But the game still ensures personality and fun.

When thinking of the childhood LEGO pieces, it has made Block Force attractive to gamers by its simplicity and ease of approach. The sound in Block Force is also excellently performed when showing realistic gunshots, probably heavy from time to time, but still offers its quality. Perhaps it is only seen in the top FPS games.

Block Force screen 2


Block Force testing on the Android platform shows that the operation is entirely stable, without affecting gamers’ enjoyment. The game also requires a low profile with a medium capacity, making Block Force more friendly in players’ eyes.

Block Force, after some time on iOS, has landed on Android land over the pastime, creating a better opportunity for the community of gamers to experience.

Whether you crave your imagination with fun squares or be fascinated with action-packed shooting products, you can indulge with Block Force’s excellent combination formula, one of the few successful Minecraft learning products. So, immediately immerse yourself in the world of Block Fortress by downloading free games directly via this link.

Block Force screen 3

Cops N Robbers

Cops N Robbers is a multiplayer shooter game designed in an attractive Pixel graphics style. Cops N Robbers is a great FPS game that takes you into dramatic gun battles with a diverse arsenal.

Join Cops N Robbers for Android. Players can choose from two modes, including PvE and PvP. You can also craft and design everything in the game the style you like, from battlefields, weapons, armor, or skins, giving each player a unique experience.

Cops N Robbers for iPhone players will have the chance to challenge themselves with over 50 weapons provided in the form of a Voxel pattern and a stunning pixel texture. Along with that are much great armor equipment for the entire character to activate special effects. You can also customize your armor in your style, giving you a competitive edge in battle.

If you want to update apps on your device from Google Play, you will probably need to use Google Play Services, a handy support utility. Google Play Services also has other functions, such as syncing translation services or security settings.

Cops N Robbers game will make players think of Minecraft super products with magical square blocks. It will immerse you in a colorful pixel world. All scenes, people, and weapons in the game comprise small and small square blocks of different colors, providing a different experience.

Cops N Robbers is an action game that takes place fast and exciting. Overall, the Cops N Robbers game features beautiful 2D battles, requiring players to move quickly and launch massive attacks.

Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D for Android is a multiplayer first-person shooter game. Many people will quickly notice the unique point when starting to play the game is the pixel graphics style.

The characters, scenes, even guns, and explosive effects in Pixel Gun 3D will look like they’re built from Lego blocks. But upgrading than conventional 2D pixel style, this game’s image is supported with more vivid 3D effects.

In this game, players will test their marksmanship in a confrontation between themselves and their friends, colleagues, classmates, or other shooters worldwide. In particular, players also may create and customize their characters.

You can use a specific skin creator to adorn your name and decorate the scene on the battlefield. If you are a fan of first-person shooting games, what are you waiting for without installing Pixel Gun 3D on your mobile device so you can try your marksmanship anytime and anywhere?

When playing in this mode, your gunner will face a series of attacks of the undead coming from all sides? The player will have to attack creatures. They could be the police, the doctor, the nurse, the people who used to be close to you. However, do not let your emotions overwhelm you. Because when you are neglected, these zombies will drag your feet into the undead like them.

However, the undead was not the only threat on the gunner side. They also have to deal with all kinds of monsters, big and small. Do not let the seed of fear make your heart tremble. Keep your spirits up, kill all the creatures that get in your way.

Final Words

Block Force MOD APK is a CS gunfight pixel type game. It adopts a first-person operation mode and performs online PK with world players. The match is perfect, you can play it anywhere and anytime.

Block Force is a new online pixel FPS game independently developed by JoyDo Studio of Riovox. They commit us to developing the best online pixel shooting game for everyone, and we bring you a brand new experience for you. Keep fighting to become the best shooter.

Join the playing field in the Block Force game on Android to transform into non-mortal gunners, fight against zombies, weird monsters and destroy the big Boss to become the number one gunman of the game. Quickly download the game to your device and experience the dramatic game space with loads of new weapons and equipment for unequal battles.

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