Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 MOD APK 1.11 (Unlocked)

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 MOD APK 1.11 (Unlocked)

September 1, 2020


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For people who have played Minecraft: Story Mode Season One, they probably know that it began with an abrupt and intimidating conflict between two main characters: Jesse and a tremendous creature that can absorb everything it passes through, Wither Storm.

This season has a great potential to be an outstanding game because of these characters. However, this great arc only ended halfway in this first season. On the Telltale part, it has difficulty in transferring a persuasive antagonist in the all four chapters.

What about in Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two?

Telltale gets a new fearsome enemy in the omnipotent mighty Admin. The Admin got the season two’s back in just only five episodes. However, these episodes still have the same mistake as season one. They keep the boring narrative detours, random choices, and roundabout gameplay.

In general, the season 2’s story is mainly based on the previous season. The game begins with character Jesse being in the lead of the village of Beacontown. It looks like the village is finally at peace. However, the Admin suddenly attacks the village. At this time, Jessie has to fend off the attack.

After that, she and her friends have to take a mission to investigate the weaknesses of Admin and find the way to halt him once and for all. It is interesting that the story line has an adversary for the main Jesse who is literally more omnipotent than the Wither Storm, while also gives a new layer of personality that the first season beast lacked.

The main gameplay will give you control over Jesse by engaging in anecdotes between fighting scenes, cutscenes, and puzzles. Although, this season has done very well in giving a variety in the gameplay. It is kinda like the player was basically being shepherded to the next anecdote or an ephemeral event.

What are still annoying about Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two

A little bit annoying thing that still exists in this season are boring moments where the game tricks you into a far open land and forces you to talk to people and makes you choose the preferred choice until you find the correct element to continue the story. Fortunately, these situations are less common and more concise than the first season.

The second season also provides extra gameplay factors on top of the conversation trees and puzzle solving.  The new combat is preferred by a lot of people. The Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two adds new dodge and roll evasive moves, as well as a stamina bar, but above all is an amazing freedom to build anything.

Those temporary tasks require Jesse to design a structure on a three-dimensional net. What also is loved by the players is the custom structure that allows the player to be early on reappearing many times throughout the season. However, somehow the story line later reduces those free-build moments.

Only with a little chance for players that they are able to have a second look at their creations. Although these free-build moments are what interest the players the most in this game, they become tedious later on. It is a good choice to get rid of them in the final episode.

An experienced player’s thoughts about Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two

In summary, the story given in season two is attractive and easy to understand. By looking at Jesse finding various ways to go up against the fearsome power of the Admin is extremely fun. Of course, the unexpected plot twists also help Jesse take up with the Admin.

Besides the fact that the bigger story is good, the long detours along the way add to the experience but yield very little gold. One of the roundabout roads that offer such little profit is accidentally meeting a more primitive village where players need to compete in a long-term competition to impress the natives.

In addition, one of the most popular episodes of the player is Jailhouse Block which takes place almost entirely in the boring prison situation. Even that third episode’s bright spot, providing you with a painful choice of which character to leave behind. However, it proved to be unimportant in the end, as the character you left was simply missing for an episode before returning for the finale.

The entire content of the Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two is in the same problem, where it gives you the ambiguity of choice, but there aren’t many specific choices that affect how the story unfolds. The notes attached at the top of each volume are the same. They tell players that the story that caters to your in-game decisions isn’t technically wrong, but the ability to completely disobey that promise is possible.

Minecraft Story Mode Season Two screen 1

The differences with other games

There have been many popular games before it, but gaming experience shows that Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two is a special phenomenon. Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two is not just an ordinary game, but like a destination, a technical tool, a cultural scene, or a combination of all 3: A place where kids build complicated machines. , go back and post to YouTube.

A world of experimentation and improvement, full of new discoveries. This stimulates children’s creativity and imagination. So children are especially fascinated by the way things work. They are irresistible to the works of houses, gardens, appliances, tailoring or in-game sculpting. Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two becomes a perfect educational tool to inspire kids with science, technology, engineering and math.

Almost everyone who plays Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two, and those who just watch others play, comment on its sense of freedom: You can build anything! Someone built the Taj Mahal, the USS Enterprise in Star Trek, the city in “game of kings”. Those are the obvious attractions of this game.

To use many of the mechanics in the game, it takes what computer engineers call programming thinking, and this is one of the powerful effects of Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two. The game encourages the teen to see logic and if-then commands as fun toys.The reason for this is probably because Minecraft has many game modes that satisfy all the creativity and imagination of the player.

Survival game mode:

Survival mode is also known by many as the “basic” game mode. In this mode, the player must create their own tools, find resources and “survive” by hunting, growing, and producing food and crafting armor and weapons to protect themselves. from the attacks of nocturnal animals and zombies (zombies), monsters at night.

Weapons that players and monsters use are limited to swords or bows. There are no guns or tonic in the Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two. When the player is hit by the enemy, the screen quickly blinks red and the player is pushed away from the monster. If the player dies, they can easily revive and come back to play.

The battles are also completely optional in the game. The player can run without having to swing a sword or raise a bow.

Creative play modes:

If Survival does sound too violent or scary, consider Creative mode. In this mode, players have unlimited abilities, have all available resources, so they don’t need to waste time and effort creating them.

This allows players to go straight to the game’s creative content. And when playing in this mode, monsters will not attack the player, removing the element of violence from Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two. This mode mainly supports you to create and build your own works.

Adventure game mode:

Adventure mode was created for players to experience pre-built maps. Maps will be created by 1 person with certain rules. The adventurer’s gameplay will be similar to the Survival mode, but the ability to break the blocks will be limited so that the player must follow the rules set by the map creator.

Minecraft Story Mode Season Two screen 2

Super difficult mode:

The Super Difficulty mode is basically the same as Survival, but to increase the real player experience, you will only have 1 life. This means that when you die from anything, the map will be deleted immediately, and what you played before will be forever forgotten.

Although Minecraft’s graphics are not as beautiful and sparkling as some current games, when playing games, players can freely create their own style, plus many unexpected and interesting situations that have created the power. attractive, the attraction is not small for this game!

When playing the Minecraft game, you will be immersed in the vast, immense world, completely randomized with all kinds of terrain, unleash your creativity and can play Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two in both Minecraft online game mode and offline game mode.

How to create your own tool in Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two?

You need the tools to exploit a variety of resources in the game. You need to craft your first tools using your Wood and Plywood. Some of the main tools include Pickaxe, Ax (Ax), Shovel (Shovel) and Sword (Sword).

  • Proceed to crafting tools by creating Sticks. You can create these using 2 Wood Planks in the Plywood Board. Two Wooden Boards will create four Wooden Rods.
  • Make a Pickaxe by placing the Wooden Rod in boxes 5 and 8, Wooden board from box 1 to box 3. Can you see the shape of the Pickaxe?
  • Make an Axe by placing a Wooden Board in boxes 1, 2, 4 and a Wooden Rod in boxes 5 and 8.
  • Make a Shovel by placing a wooden board in box 2 and a wooden stick in boxes 5 and 8.
  • Crafting a Sword by placing a Wooden Board in boxes 2 and 5 and then placing a Wooden Stick in box 8.
  • You can refine the tools mentioned above by using Cobblestone instead of Wood. However, you should not waste time looking for the Pebbles on the first day. You should create “better” tools the next day.

How to build a construction?

You should build something in any place that is large enough, be it on a hilltop or a mountain top so that you can easily defend yourself and find it later. You can build a building that looks like a house or dig a cave. The goal is to create a building that you can shelter from. Don’t forget to leave an entrance for yourself!

  • You don’t have to build a roof, though you might have some trouble with the spiders. You can build a little overhang to stop the spiders. Since your character has a height corresponding to 2 blocks, if you want to build an entrance, build a 2-block high door.
  • Make sure your shelter has enough light (possibly from the Torch) so that ferocious monsters don’t appear in it.
  • Make a Door by placing the Wooden Plank in squares 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8 of the Laminate Board. Right click to open that door. This only applies to Wooden Doors. If you somehow earn Iron and create an Iron Door, you’ll need either a Pressure Plate or a Redstone.

How to identify different animals?

Mentioning Mob is referring to creatures capable of movement in the Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two. There are gentle creatures, others are aggressive. The most important thing is to know how to distinguish them in order to survive. If you are not careful, you will have to find your way back after resurrecting.

  • Gentle creatures like Cow, Chicken (Chicken) and Sheep will never attack you but you can attack them for delicious meat.
  • Neutral creatures will not attack you unless you mess with them. Each of your actions will cause neutral creatures to act differently. For example: Zombie Pigmen (Zombie Pigmen) and Wolf (Wolf) must be attacked first before they will attack you.
  • Black creatures (Endermens) are different, they become aggressive as soon as you look at them. So, you should avoid dealing with them.
  • Aggressive monsters will always attack you as soon as they see you. These monsters only appear at night or underground. There are some ferocious monsters such as Skeleton (Skeleton), Zombies (Zombie), Creature Explosion (Creeper), Black Creature and Spider (Spider).

Final words

By having a compelling and logical storyline as well as a more engaging gameplay, Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two MOD APK is an upgrade over the first in a uniform and consistent aspect. It’s interesting that the Administrator is both a character and a threat to the world, and seeing Jesse face to face with him is so fascinating.

Though the story takes unnecessary and uninteresting moves and gives you few choices about the outcome. Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two is a great sequel for those who like to dig deeper at Jesse and the crew.

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