Minecraft Story Mode MOD APK 1.37 (Unlocked)

Minecraft Story Mode MOD APK 1.37 (Unlocked)

July 18, 2020


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If you are a fan of interactive comedy & drama graphic adventure video game, I am quite sure you will find the MineCraft Story Mode fun. This is a story-base point and click game. Following the episodic format like some other Telltale games such as Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead or the Wolf among Us.

Players’ tasks are to collect the items deal with the puzzles, then talk with non-players characters. You will get more information and decide what to do after. Once you make a decision, it will be affected in the current episode and the later ones. This is a family-friendly game which is suitable for all members of an average family. It consists of action sequences and combat. These will be shown through arcade-like controls and quick time events.

To get more insights into the Minecraft Story Mode APK, you can read the detailed review below.


Similar to the films Ghostbusters or The Goonies, the Minecraft Story Mode is a family-friendly game. It helps the story along but not hinder it. Different themes are allowed to rear their head which may not be possible in the stab emic. The story was supposed for both new players and existing gamers, as well as the audiences that only watch the game.

MineCraft designed a new main character named Jesse. There is a team which you will name later accompanying him. They enter a contest to see who can build the best creation for intercom a thinly-veiled stab at most video game convention. Your group will engage in a massive adventure to find out the ancient warriors from the order of the stone. Because you are the only ones who can prevent this Cthuluhu monsters from destroying Minecraft land.

Each character in the game will represent different characters in the Goonies. It did very well with a leader, a super smart inventor and overweight slightly dumpy and not so smart chunk look-alike Axel, etc.

But here is what I think that the Minecraft story is exceedingly successful. They highly focus on team work. They changed that the Telltale’s attempts to making all their games feel like scoundrels.

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This game has amazing features that you might want to consider:

Choose the gender of the main character – Jesse can be male or female

In the 5 part episodic series, Jesse can play as either a male or female hero who is very enthusiastic about the world. He/ she is excited about going to Endor Khan and Dena. Anyone who is courage enough to brave the hostile environment can be Jesse.

Adventure the world in a team

The whole game is an admirable journey of Jesse and friends. You will embark on a very adventurous journey across the Overworld. You will go through the Nether, to the End, and further than that. There are difficulties during your team do the missions. Your goal is to find the Order of the Stone to save your world from oblivion.

If you are parents and you want to play this game with your children, you don’t have to worry about questionable content. Your biggest choices tend to revolve around which of your friends to support or which characters to help. The situations are black and white. There are good and the bad characters.

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Host your own annual builder’s competition

Along with Jesse’s friends, they set out to come up with a creation that will finally bring them victory after so many times of failure. During the competition, events occur that lead friends on a much bigger adventure spanning across 5 chapters.

Control Jesse (the main character) varieties

Your control of Jesse comes in 2 varieties. The first one is during the cinematic scenes periodically during the interaction with other characters they would be given the option between four responses. The response choices seem to have similar theme. You will have cranky option, nice guy option, neutral option or option to respond with silence.

The second style of gameplay is to take control Jesse and interact with the environment. There will be a small environment with the  puzzle that requires solving and you need to with the NPC’s in order to solve it.


Watch the cutscenes for kids to learn life lesson

The majority of the time, you will spend watching the cutscenes. They are very well animated and comparable like Lego movie. Through this, kids can learn different life lessons. Of course, a semi advanced knowledge of minecraft will make this more enjoyable.

Get the game to play for free

Android offers this game for free. You can easily download on the play store without having to pay any fee for this.

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Visual and sound quality


The Minecraft Story Mode has become the best among the Telltale games so far. They succeeded in finding out the way to draw out emotions from characters with the polygon count of most other game NPCs backpacks. They use subtle animation and scene setup for most of the parts.

The locations and story moments are much more impactful than I expected in this fiction. Graphically, it is a perfectly accurate reflection of a detailed adventure within the game world. It is more structured. I think the graphics is very good. It totally mirrors the original fiction.

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This is a great mix of the tried and true minecraft sounds. It bring players of the original fiction into this new game world with additional wider more varied gameplay elements and environmental sounds. The sound is really well done. Even the sound of getting an item like wood is recreated.

In terms of music, it is hit and miss. I think 80% of the tracks are wonderful even though there is a hint of the walking dead stylings. And some tracks seem needlessly dull compared to the surroundings. They are still fine if just a bit of overpowering for the location.

Apart from that, there were a few experimental tracks that doesn’t seem to fit. The momentary musical bursts in the town doesn’t really fit with me.


Patton Oswalt voiced the male version of Jesse. If you are not a fan of him, you might be quite surprised by how deft he was at handling Jesse.

This is the mixture of excellent scenery and animation work with the voices. The overall theme combines to feel like Goonies adventure. Martha Plimptom plays one of the characters (Olivia). Paul Rubens also contributed to the far more subtle than I ever imagined from a bag guy. And I would say the voice work in this title is as good as others of Telltale.

Final thoughts

For those, who are into the Minecraft world and enjoy kids movies with humor that can satisfy adults, this can be the game for you. And if you want to experience one of the best starts of a telltale series, then why don’t you try the Minecraft Story Mode?

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