Doomsday Clicker MOD APK 2.0 (Unlimited Money)

Doomsday Clicker MOD APK 2.0 (Unlimited Money)

May 8, 2023


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Doomsday Clicker attracts players because of the challenges that require you to overcome. You will play as a leader that requires talent and wisdom to build and develop the technology. And this technology will help you survive the apocalypse. It is the appeal of Doomsday Clicker. The deeper you are building and leading the base, the more passionate you will be with the series of new policies and strategies like that in actual life.

At all costs, you must develop it. The more this technology develops, the more people will come to accompany you before the end of the world. On this basis, you will build a base zone. And the more occupants this base area has, the more money you will earn.

In Doomsday Clicker, you will play the role of a talented leader who spent years developing technologies that will help him survive the apocalypse. And when the end of the world comes, the survivors will reach you. Build as large a base as possible and attract as many people as possible to you. The more people you live in, the more money you have.

General Information

Doomsday Clicker is a magical idle doomsday game. Players can upgrade their technology by operating their base step by step and get devastating weapons to control the development of the doomsday. Only by building a powerful fortress, you can avoid being destroyed. Stand firmly and become the doomsday world’s control and continue to accumulate more wealth to build the most prosperous base.

The gameplay is simple and casual, allowing you to have more challenging journeys in your free time. Unlock new props and technologies to help you control the destruction and development of the doomsday world. Technology is the future destination. Every time you unlock a new venue, you will get new gameplay and game content to have the power to control the world.

Doomsday Clicker is a unique mobile simulation game. The role-players play in the game is the doomsday savior. Try your best to earn gold coins, which is very interesting. We think this game is like an incredible maze. Press that big red button to destroy the world and profit from the catastrophe. It took you several years to develop a technology that can withstand the destruction of the surface of the earth.

And the doomsday survivors have no choice but to help you-their savior, benefactor, and supreme leader. Click the button to build your underground shelter and then continue to click on the available luxury houses and upgrades to expand it. The bigger your bunker, the more people you can accommodate, and the more money you can earn. Keep clicking and watch your profits grow more outrageous.

Key Features

Doomsday Clicker is a crazy mobile phone game where you are a villain. You can use your weapons to destroy the world. As long as you press the red button, you can destroy the world and build a shelter to make money. It took you several years to develop a technology that can withstand the destruction of the surface of the earth. And the doomsday survivors have no choice but to help you-their savior, benefactor, and supreme leader. Click the button to build your underground shelter. And then continue to click on the available luxury houses and upgrades to expand it.

Besides upgrades, the game also sets special buffs for various evacuation facilities, such as the 80s videotape for the training room and the sissy vampire novel for the leisure center. The titles used are quite humorous. It is funny and makes people smile.

It will double the charger for a limited time. As long as the player will watch the advertising video, they can randomly get from two to four times the two-hour profit bonus. If it is still too slow, you can also pay for gold in the game to buy more bonus items. Besides the refuge room under the ground, some mutant monsters will occasionally appear on the ground.

Players can also get some additional rewards if they click to destroy them with their fingers. But besides these, the most special one is the unique doomsday system and mutant settings. In the game, because of the destruction of the world, human beings will have so-called mutants because of nuclear energy mutations. Like mad scientists, we can control these mutants to operate facilities to provide additional benefits. Therefore, the more mutants, the higher the output value of each refuge room.

And as the game time stretches, players will also accumulate many refugees outside of the wealth. By clicking the send button, calling the alien death stone, or triggering the tsunami, once again launching the doomsday to destroy the world. We can turn all humans in the refuge into mutants. The player will destroy all the refuge facilities that have been built and find that the profit of the rebuilt refuge room has exploded because of the surge in the number of mutants. And the property can be accumulated more efficiently.

Overall Assessments

The evil conspiracy detonated once, and the brilliant world was destroyed in an instant. Turning hands for the clouds and covering the hands for the rain. The black hands behind the scenes who calculate the world have started a business, relying on a shelter to gather survivors and make a colossal disaster.

In Doomsday Clicker MOD APK, the player plays the role of a mad scientist who has been researching and cooperating with his genetic modification for many years to destroy human civilization. The next step is to search for these lambs that have lost their homes to be slaughtered and become themselves. It is the ambition of the first richest man.

If you look at the screen, the game goes from the surface to the bottom and goes deep into the ground. The game features studios, farms, leisure centers, residences, and entertainment venues. There are a variety of distinct blocks on each floor.

The two-headed body is like a doll during the activities. The villain will soon be reminiscent of Little Skyscraper or KAIROSOFT’s business type games. We cannot say that it is wrong. But it is about building a house to make money. Compared with building your business empire, this book focuses more on a digital game that favors rapid wealth accumulation.

The game operation is straightforward. The equipment in the player’s refuge has been planned by the system. All players have to do is to click on the screen to build more shelter facilities such as water and food. Every time we build a new refuge room, the refuge room will continuously generate revenue at intervals to give back to the player. There are many refuge rooms, and the amount of money recovered will vary.

The lower the facility, then we can get more money at one time, but the relative interval is also longer. Fortunately, the wealth gained by the player can be further invested. It allows each refuge room to be upgraded. As long as the funds on hand are sufficient and the designated refuge room can be clicked repeatedly to increase the output value of the refuge room. It will take refuge at a stage. The room magnitude increase can further shorten the time for each recovery of funds.

Final Words

As the game progresses, players will find that the accumulation of wealth has increased. There are quantifiers that have never been heard before satisfy our ambition to pursue wealth. But sometimes, the quantifiers are not uniform that makes people criticized. The feeling of being able to restart the doomsday shuffle and master the world as long as we want is also quite fascinating to a certain extent.

And the rapid upgrade process of rebuilding a new shelter is also the refreshment. Leisurely music coupled with game settings that will continue to increase property even if left alone makes people feel stress-free to play. On the whole, Doomsday Clicker is a small game with a clear and special style.

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