Turbo FAST MOD APK 2.1.20 (Unlimited Tomatoes)

Turbo FAST MOD APK 2.1.20 (Unlimited Tomatoes)

PIKPOK Unlimited Tomatoes

Can’t seem to get enough of snail racing actions in Turbo FAST? Well, don’t worry since the races are now available on your mobile devices. Just choose your snails and get ready for some incredible actions in Turbo FAST.

Find yourself participate in unique racing experiences with the super speedy snails, where you can find yourself completely hooked to the actions with your “supercars”. Ride on incredible tracks and compete against your opponents to win the matches.

Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


In the game, you’ll join your own snail in his/her (depending on the choices that you made at the beginning of the game) adventure to become the greatest racer of all time. To start with, you’ll need the help of the legendary Tito the Taco man as he guides you to the racing businesses.

Learn the simple stuffs like the controls and the rules as you begin your very first races. Get used to the tracks and begin challenging your opponents in exciting PvP races. Win against them and unlock awesome rewards.

In addition, the game also features a variety of different upgrades and customizations that you can try on your vehicles. Feel free to put on the best upgrades so you can achieve the maximum speed on your snails as well as giving them interesting looks with all kinds of customizable options.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Explore the unique racing game in Turbo fast

For the first time, Android gamers will find themselves in for a snail race, rather than a human race. That being said, you should be prepared for some unique features. Starting with the super speedy snails that can go up to more than 100 miles per hours.

In addition, fans of the famous Turbo FAST series will also find themselves having access to the beloved racer Turbo and his friends like Chet and the Fast Action Stunt Team. Encounter with many characters from the movies as you discover the unique stories and gameplay through a series of different levels and stages.

Unlock a variety of different upgrades and customizations

And to make your snail racers even more capable during your racing challenges, gamers in Turbo FAST can also pick up a variety of different upgrades and customizations to completely change the looks on your rides as well as giving it upgraded performances.

Just head to the Garage where you’ll find yourself having access to the epic shell upgrades and the likes. In addition, you can also put on the new graphics, paints, and even neon glows on your snails to make them extra special.

Pick up the pre-race mods to furthermore improve your performances

Before the races, you’re also allowed to pick up different pre-race mods to enable unique features and performances on your snails as you dive into the races. That being said, you can collect awesome features like extra speed, fuel and time to finish the races with better overall results.

Test your skills and abilities in unique race tracks

And to put your skills and abilities to the real tests, gamers in Turbo FAST will have access to a variety of different racing tracks for you to enjoy. Choose between 13 unique tracks with varied terrains and obstacles to overcome.

Different available control options in the game

With different control options to pick up, gamers in Turbo FAST are also allowed to enjoy the game with their preferred controls. Choose between the tough controls and till functionalities to enjoy the game to the fullest. Pick up the Thumb stick style and the Button style to come up with the best features.

Discover exciting racing events every day

Along with the normal missions, gamers in Turbo FAST can also participate in unique racing events where they can enjoy completely different gameplay. Having said that, you can join the Time Trials to complete certain stages in the best time possible, the Limited Fuel challenge to complete the race before your fuels run out, or even participate in the Slalom and Rival racing events.

Record your epic moments to replay whenever you want

And to keep your epic moments in the game from beginning erased, gamers can also use the replay feature to view their spectacular tricks and save it on the phones whenever they want. That being said, you can keep your memorable stunts and even share them with your friends.

Speaking of which, to easily find your friends who’re also playing the game, you can connect the game to your Facebook or Twitter account. With this, you can discover their progress as well as their names on the leaderboards. Compete with them and never let yourself being left behind.

Challenge online gamers from all over the world for the Leaderboards

To experience the real tests on Turbo FAST, gamers can also challenge friends and other online gamers from all over the world in epic PvP battles. Here, you can go head to head with each other and win many tomatoes as the rewards. And if you’re more into the competitive and intense races, then the Leaderboards should be where you enjoy the game. Take them head-on and win to unlock awesome loots.

Complete daily goals and challenges for extra tomatoes

Finally, to collect awesome rewards, gamers in Turbo FAST can also pick up their daily goals and challenges. Complete them and you can unlock a variety of incredible mods. Find yourself enjoying the game to the fullest as you help your lovely snails win the challenges.

Enjoy free gameplay and unlimited potatoes with our mod

And most importantly, you can have the game installed on your mobile devices for completely free without being charged anything. However, since it still features in-app purchases and ads, you might find the game a little annoying.

Hence, if that’s the case, then you will definitely like our modified version of the game. With it, you can have access to all the in-app purchases for completely free as well as having the ads removed. Just download and install our Turbo FAST Mod APK on your Android devices and you’ll be good to go.

Visual and sound quality


The game features stunning 3D graphics, which introduces you to the immersive and enjoyable racing experiences on your mobile devices. In addition, the well-designed snails and realistic maps will make you feel like you’re actually in the races. Not to mention that the great visual effects during your races are also extremely enjoyable.


With powerful and impactful sound experiences, Turbo Fast will completely hook you to the epic racing challenges.

Final verdicts

Fans of the famous Turbo Dismount or Hill Climb Racing will find themselves in for another great adventure in Turbo FAST. Enjoy yourself in completely immersive racing experiences as you dive into the epic snail races in the game. And most importantly, you’ll definitely have great moments playing with our modified games.

Additional Information

  • Version 2.1.20
  • Requires Android 2.3+
  • Update February 17, 2020
  • Developed by PIKPOK
  • Google Play ID com.pikpok.turbo


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