Cover Orange: Journey MOD APK 3.1.80 (Unlimited Money)

Cover Orange: Journey MOD APK 3.1.80 (Unlimited Money)

March 21, 2024


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FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
88.19 MB
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Unlimited Money

Cover Orange Journey poster

Cover Orange: Journey is a fun 2D arcade game with great puzzles. Your mission is to help the orange escape danger. You experience amazing puzzles, and try to help the orange complete new, difficult rounds. Oranges are juicy, and you need to do amazing things to complete this interesting research. You have to help the orange get rid of the acid rain, and the orange becomes a great friend. Cover Orange: Journey brings a lot of great things. You control the orange to pass over 300 intelligent levels with many new amazing puzzles. Of course, each round has its own ‘Eureka Moment’. The game adds new puzzle elements for added fun, like trampoline, glass, and spike-balls. The game has many great things, like “Red Ball 4“. Therefore, the game was awarded “Editor Choice” by IGN’s vote.


Cover Orange: Journey brings many interesting adventures. You experience many wonderful things through the adventures of time. Unlike “Red Ball 4”, the game brings to mind the concept of time, and you need to complete a lot of travel through your time history. Each era in the game has its own unique graphics, and gameplay elements. You will meet knights and orange pirates on your awesome path. The game offers an improvement in gameplay compared to previous versions. You drag and drop different objects to build a great shelter for your oranges. You have to think many things, and create many great shelters in the evil rain clouds. You will find hidden stars in exciting levels. The game offers many great things for you to have fun moments with your family. “Cover Orange: Journey” is suitable for diverse ages. The game is suitable for many people, so you will have many great moments with the whole family. The game was built with lots of fun, and you enjoy the beauty of the game through many interesting things. The game has great gameplay, but is a perfect combination of a tradition of fun with lots of puzzles. You need to have “thoughts outside the box,” to be the first to find a solution. Besides, “Cover Orange: Journey” game also has a great customization. You can customize the look of cam through the amazing gallery, and you share your designs with everyone.

Cover Orange Journey screen 0


Cover Orange: Journey has gameplay with emphasis only on 2D puzzle. You can do all sorts of wonderful things through creativity. The game has a variety of content, and you solve about 300 different amazing puzzles. The game has a great experience through extremely sharp 2D HD graphics. Besides, like “Red Ball 4” the game also offers effective Support services. However, the special feature of the game lies in the excellent gameplay mode, and the extremely interesting physics mechanics. Besides, the game also has interesting mechanics, and you experience many great things through the 5 Era of Time. Each period will have its own specialties. You open up great things through interesting Comics books. “Cover Orange: Journey” is also impressed by the great music mechanics, and you will have many moments of excitement with great music. In addition, you can also easily customize the “appearance” of the orange with the cute animations, the orange skin.

Cover Orange Journey screen 1

Cover Orange: Journey has released on both operating systems, including iOS and Android. The game is written in flash format, and is developed by German studio FDG Entertainment. Players have plenty of excitement through amazing levels to change the environment, and protect the oranges from the acid rain of an evil cloud. You interact with triangles, spiked balls that destroy ice, and round oranges. The cloud is activated after you give the perfect route. The game will fail if the orange leaves the stage, or is hit by acid rain. In addition, you also need to collect some stars to increase the great score.

Like the splendid “Red Ball 4”, “Cover Orange: Journey” is impressively designed through amazing 2D visuals, and interesting creations. Do everything you can to protect the orange from the cloud of death. The game has many great levels for you to solve. You need to make sure the orange is not being hit by the laser beam, and that you need a great setup to complete the challenge.

Cover Orange Journey screen 2


Cover Orange Journey is just about rescuing the orange in front of the mad cloud. You study the terrain, and create a great experience for an enjoyable journey. You logically drop objects to build a safe haven around the orange. You have to do many things to stop the fierce attack of the cloud enemy. It can be said that the simple gameplay of the game becomes great, and you can experience as much fun as in “Red Ball 4”. “Cover Orange Journey” really captivated everyone by the great challenge. The game also has many complex puzzles, and you need your concentration on the screen to win. The game emphasizes entertainment, and engaging in great challenges. The “star” factor is also a great thing, and you need to take care to solve exceptionally difficult levels. The game offers many great moments of relaxation, and you can complete all the great elements of the game. Besides, the variety of each topic is great for the fun.

Cover Orange Journey screen 3


Complete over 300 levels in 5 Era of Time in HD graphics.

Interesting gameplay with many improvements, interacting with more objects.

Collect many comics, and enjoy interesting music.


There are not many toys to customize the look of orange.

The challenges between the levels are not equal.

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