Tomb of the Mask MOD APK 1.17.1 (Unlimited Coins)

Tomb of the Mask MOD APK 1.17.1 (Unlimited Coins)

March 23, 2024


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Tomb of the Mask is a fun mobile game with gameplay similar to the famous Pacman. In Tomb of the Mask, players will enter a tomb designed like a maze. Your task is to collect small yellow dots and coins on your path of discovery.

For an arcade game, Tomb of the Mask has a simple control mechanism. However, it also requires a lot of challenges from the player. Because the character will automatically move, determine the direction for it by swiping in different directions on the screen. Besides, the danger is always lurking ahead.

Tomb of the Mask requires players to use their reflexes to control the character to go as fast as possible because flood water floods the tomb with terrifying speed. If you accidentally touch the water, the game is over.

General Information

Not only the floodwater, in the Tomb of the Mask, players also have to deal with many other obstacles such as carpets, bats, cannons, poisonous pufferfish, and upper nose shots from all sides.

To deal with these dangers, there is no other way, but you must react extremely quickly and act promptly and accurately. Besides, you will have some support items that provide temporary benefits such as freezing enemies and collecting all the dots and coins. You can also upgrade these items with earned money and unlock many perks throughout the game.

Accuracy and agility are decisive factors that help players win the Tomb of the Mask. They design the game with pixel-style graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and simple controls. Players take part as immersed in the adventure in the dark crypt that hides many interesting things. Tomb of the Mask will bring you a very interesting experience.

This arcade adventure game has a simple control mechanism similar to Spike City. It also brings significant challenges to the player. Since the character will move automatically. Determine the direction for it by swiping in different directions on the screen. A script is always a mysterious place filled with unpredictable things. The danger lurks always ahead. No ghosts or demons are chasing you behind. Otherwise, there are tons of utopias trying to kill you. You must use your reflexes to control the character to go as fast as possible because flood water floods the tomb with a frightening speed.

How to Play Tomb of the Mask?

After clicking to start the game, a little yellow figure appears at the bottom of a maze-like scene. And it covers the maze above with dense dots. In this situation, we can only think of a famous game called Pacman. So, we instinctively believe that there should be some kind of virtual joystick on the screen to manipulate the movement of the character.

But as soon as we swiped the screen, the character slid to the end like an arrow from the string. Then, it sticks to the wall on the right. We suddenly realized that the game differs from Pacman. It is because the game character will slide to the end when the player slides in a certain direction that leads to the crooked design of the forward route. By only in this way, the character who can only walk in a straight line will turn.

The purpose of the complete game is to keep moving upwards while avoiding being killed by various organs in the scene. And you are not to be submerged by the rising water level below. It seems very complicated, but the interesting part of this game is also here. In the game, the only thing the player can do is to slide up and down, left and right on the screen. By only in this way, the game character can continuously move up.

From the end of the player’s operation to the stop of the character touching the wall, the character will not have any changes in movement or change any direction. It will regenerate the game scene after it restarts each round. So, there is no possibility of the backboard. No matter how many times you restart, the scene you see differs completely from the previous one. Along with the scene, there are a wealth of organs, such as the stationary boundary type, the zooming change type, the moving bat, and the active attack type.

Single and high-speed operation response, map scenes that will never be repeated, and various organs will bring a unique experience. It tests the coordination between the player’s hand and brain when thinking about the route of travel in an instant. The hand has to realize all these routes with no mistake.

If you operate quickly without thinking, you are likely to die because of an inconspicuous mechanism. If you are too cautious and think about every step for a long time, then another problem will be brought up. We will set the rising water level below. The peculiar picture look mentioned earlier makes the game tenser.

But the problem that players have to face in the game is only the above one. As the game time increases, certain scenes will naturally have a rapid response similar to conditioned reflex, although they could not achieve high levels before. However, watching your score gradually improve is also a fascinating part of this game.

Overall Assessments

They have released Tomb of the Mask for a long time with familiar graphics similar to the legendary Pacman game. The game comes with simple gameplay but needs your quick reaction to pass the levels from easy to difficult.


The game has simple gameplay. You just have to control your character up and down or back and forth to pick up stars and avoid pre-set traps to complete the level. However, you can only change directions each time you touch the wall. And the higher the level, the higher the difficulty. It will increase with the same number of traps that are placed on the walls or moving traps. Therefore, you need to have good reflexes to change direction in time to avoid them.

The game will have two game modes of Map and Arcade. In Map mode, players will pass the levels and collect stars to achieve achievements. As for the Arcade mode, race against the rising water and lots of pitfalls in front to achieve high scores.

Spend energy points. If it does, then wait to return or buy them. You can also buy characters in the store to change shape and get more stats to help the player better. Also, the game has skills, support items such as shields to help you avoid traps, suck money, freeze, and increase the amount of money received.

Designs and Sound

With retro-style 2D graphics that are familiar but equally unique and attractive colors, you can be addicted. Besides, the character’s movement effect also brings a wonderful experience for the player when he leaves a light trail behind when performing a very nice move.

The sound is as simple as the ancient coin-eating Arcade games. The vibrant background sound also contributes to the quality of the game for players. Tomb of the Mask is an extremely attractive Arcade game, attracting players with simple gameplay with familiar retro graphics and addictive sound.

Final Words

Tomb of the Mask is an addictive, endless adventure game. The game gives players the feeling of experiencing the legendary Pacman game, but at a completely different level.

Coming to Tomb of the Mask, players enter a tomb designed like a classic Pacman maze. Your mission is to collect small yellow dots and coins on your way to discovery. Every dot you collect increases your score. Leave a comment below to share experiences or questions.

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