Pinatamasters MOD APK 1.3.15-33-sdk (Unlimited Money)

Pinatamasters MOD APK 1.3.15-33-sdk (Unlimited Money)

September 2, 2023


Additional Information
Playgendary Limited
111.74 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Pinatamasters poster

Pinatamasters for Android is an exciting arcade game from developer Playgendary. Your job is tapping the screen non-stop, watching your character move, and shooting the piñata dummy.

Pinatamasters is an exciting shooting game in which the only goal is to shoot broken lucky dummy piñata. To complete your plan, all you have to do is aim every weapon at the piñata. After each success, you will make a lot of money. You should invest this money in improving various weapons.

The gameplay of Pinatamasters is straightforward. Each time you touch the screen, you will use all kinds of guns to shoot at the pinatas, causing the coins to fall. Do not touch the screen too quickly and too many times in a row. Otherwise, you will miss a shot. It is essential to touch the screen at a steady speed, not to miss a single image.

With the money earned after the levels, players can use it to improve weapons and buy more throwing items. You can also unlock more weapons, skins, and other passive abilities, such as making money even while offline.

Overall, Pinatamasters is a quirky, funny, and colorful game that offers highly entertaining gameplay on a beautiful graphics background. If you love the fun Playgendary developer games like Perfect Ironing, Kick the Buddy, Golfmasters, or Bouncemasters, you definitely shouldn’t miss this one.

General Information

Pinatamasters is an entertaining game for all ages with simple gameplay. Players need to shoot colorful animals and collect coins as much as possible. And the level will end when you destroy broken animals entirely on the screen.

Pinatamasters is an action game, and your mission is to destroy piñata with a variety of weapons of destruction. It divides weapons into three categories: weapons that earn extra coins, weapons that increase character’s speed, and weapons that help you make coins while offline.

Pinatamasters takes you to travel around the world with different scenes to shoot enemies. Players need to hit the animals skillfully. The more you aim precisely, the more you will earn many coins. With single-looking guns, they are your primary weapon to win the game.

Background Story

Piñata is a ball doll used at festivals for children in Mexico and Latin America. There are sweets and toys in the piñata, and a blindfolded child hits it with a stick and breaks it. They also featured in a variety show. And Pinatamasters is a game that brings out such a piñata.

Pinatamasters is a stress-relieving game that fights piñata. The aim is to attack the piñata and collect coins in the same way as piñata splits. You can relieve stress with a simple operation.

This game is set so that the world is being attacked by piñata. Therefore, the player controls the character to fight various types of piñata. When you start the game for the first time, a page for joining premium members will appear, but you can proceed with the game for free by pressing the “X” button!

How to Play Pinatamasters?

It’s super easy to play. It automatically moves the character to the left and right at the bottom of the screen. And the piñata is hung with a rope in the middle of the screen. The player aims to attack and defeat piñata.

The attack method is also easy. Tap the screen! If you tap it, it will throw and shoot your weapon to attack. You can also make continuous attacks by long-pressing the screen.

Some obstacles will come out depending on the enemy, so let’s break it by attacking or avoiding it and attack. You can get coins for every episode. And you can defeat it when the gauge is full.

Overall, you can defeat the piñata by attacking it and filling the gauge at the screen’s top. You can get more coins by defeating them so you can enjoy the experience. Keep it up for beating the piñata to get to the next level.

If you defeat the piñata and move to the next level, then a different piñata will appear. The flow of the game repeats continuously. Various types of piñatas will be released, so you can enjoy it with the expectation of what will come next.

Getting and Strengthening Weapons

Sometimes you cannot defeat the piñata. There is a limit to the number of bullets that the character possesses. And if you consume all the shots, you will start from the beginning of the level. However, you can use the coins you have earned to strengthen your weapons, so try maintaining your power and ammo to try again.

Besides strengthening weapons, you can also increase bonus coins, increase reward coins when offline, and speed up. Even if you cannot defeat your enemies, repeatedly try to collect coins and strengthen them. The time will come when you can beat the enemy. For rewards, you can also get new weapons.

If you collect coins, you can unlock new weapons and use them. The new weapons include various powerful items such as guns, bombs, knives, and chainsaws. Successive attacks using a wide variety of weapons have their comforts. So, try different weapons to increase your winning chance.

Tips and Tricks in Pinatamasters MOD APK

Are you looking for the tricks for the Pinatamasters MOD APK Android game? Do you want some tricks to simplify your life in the Pinatamasters game? No problem, we are here to help!

In this section, we will see together with many tricks for this game. Quickly and easily, you can unlock many additional features and increase the fun, all without in-app purchases, therefore, without paying a single penny.

Is there a risk of being banned? Yes, in some games (especially those that also work online in multiplayer), you risk being prohibited by applying the tricks. So, consider them as your own risk. In the offline versions, there are no problems.

The cheats are compatible with the latest updated version of the game available on the Google Play Store. Also, the tricks have been personally tested and work correctly on LG G6.

How to activate the tricks and the hack in Pinatamasters MOD APK? We recommend following the steps on Mac or PC and not on the phone/tablet. Then, before proceeding, there are some recommendations and clarifications:

– Do everything at your own risk. We have tested the procedure, but we do not take any responsibility if something goes wrong on your device.

– The cheating file was neither created nor uploaded to the internet by YourLifeUpdated. We found the cheating file on other English or American forums/websites. We tried and tested it thoroughly and wrote the guide to use it and nothing more. Other users created and uploaded the file on the web. So we take no responsibility for problems related to the file you download and install on your device.

– There is always the risk of losing one’s previous bailouts. If the article creates problems, leave a comment or contact me by mail, and we will remove it.

Now, here are the instructions to follow, to proceed.

– Uninstall any already installed versions of the game

– Go to this website and register for free (otherwise, you cannot download the files). If you are already registered, skip this registration step.

– Once registration is complete, go to this link and go directly to the post with the game’s most updated tricks. Inside the article, download the APK file (and OBB file) with the active tricks. Start the download!

– You need to install the APK file with any file manager after copying it to your smartphone or tablet. Denote that if you do not know how to install APK and OBB files on Android, you can follow our website’s detailed guide.

Once the game is installed, all you have to do is start it and enjoy the tricks.


Hitmasters is a shooter with a fun and humorous style in which players will play the role of a spy with a journey to solve puzzles and destroy enemies. The game of Hitmasters offers tons of distinct challenges for you to conquer, distributed in many different scenarios, and four game modes to choose from, adding exciting and stressful boss battles.

Hitmasters features a combination of action, puzzle, and shooting gameplay elements. In this game, the player takes on the role of a gunner to destroy opponents. It will give you a gun to knock down your opponents or perform tasks such as breaking obstacles to detonate a bomb, cutting off strings so that opponents fall into acid pits.

The game has four different game modes, including Shotgun Mode, Gravity Mode, Ricochet Mode, and Toxic Mode. In each way, the gun you use is another. Hitmasters are divided into several levels. The first stages are relatively easy for you, but the challenge will increase in steps as the number of obstacles increases. Every ten stories, you can fight bosses.

The bosses are the same as familiar opponents but have more HP. So, it requires you to shoot more times to defeat them. The game also has a simple control mechanism. You need to hold on to the screen and move your finger to change the shot’s direction.

Hitmasters will have basic instructions for first-time players. Click “OK” after you have finished viewing the instructions. The gameplay of Hitmasters is straightforward. Press on the screen and drag up or down to move the direction of the gun. Align how to hit the opponent’s head to get the maximum score.

Denote that each level will have a fixed amount of ammo. If you use up all available ammo, but you have not yet shot all your opponents, you will not pass that level. At the end of each game in Hitmasters, you will receive a reward of in-game items, including Money and Skull.

When passing the levels in Hitmasters at the specified milestones, you will be transferred to the new game mode. And in each unique way, there will be a new gun accessory for you. The difficulty in the game will increase gradually after each level of play.

Shootout 3D

Shootout 3D is an interesting coordinate shooter game with a style of playing like billiards. It would help if you angled the shot to both destroy the enemy and protect innocent civilians.

Join the game Shootout 3D for mobile, and you play the role of a stickman hero with a super shooting talent. Criminals and bosses are mingling among civilians or hiding behind cover-ups. Your mission is to destroy all of them without harming the right people.

The gameplay of Shootout 3D is also straightforward. It would help if you swiped left or right to control all the screen characters, both good. Touch the screen to shoot. Be sure not to destroy an innocent civilian by mistake, or the game will be over.

At the end of the level, you will face the tough boss, and if you defeat him, you win the game. Don’t forget to take advantage of objects like barrels, wooden panels, mirrors to help you in difficult situations!

Shootout 3D also has an effortless design, including different colored stickmen, and objects appear monotonous on a white background. You and the good guys need to protect the green, the criminals, the pink, and the green boss. To win, the player will have to align the shot angle so that the bullet goes according to its intended intention.

If you play for a long time, you see that this shooter has many similarities with the game of billiards. The game is highly entertaining and suitable for entertainment in your spare time or for temporary breaks. You can download Shootout 3D for free on iPhone, iPad and also play the game offline!

Final Words

During our childhood time, everyone will probably play through the shot game. For one of the excellent flash games with simple gameplay and top attraction, we would like to introduce you to the Pinatamasters. In this player, you need to shoot piñata, they will burst, and the player’s score will automatically increase.

It was a stress-relieving game to fight Pinata. It doesn’t have that much of a game. Still, you can enjoy the comfort of continuously attacking the enemy with simple operation and the comfort of collecting many coins. There are many different weapons, so you can feel the fun of unlocking them! You can even play offline!

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