Perfect Cream MOD APK 1.19 (Unlimited Money)

Perfect Cream MOD APK 1.19 (Unlimited Money)

May 11, 2024


Additional Information
Playgendary Limited
150.64 MB
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Unlimited Money

Perfect Cream poster

Do you like making the cakes? If you are a person who loves the cakes and you want to make a lot of beautiful cakes, Perfect Cream will help you to do it. Perfect Cream is the game of the arcade genre. In the game, you will create many different cakes. There are many interesting things that are waiting for you to explore. Let’s explore Perfect Cream now.

Graphics and sound

Perfect Cream is one of the games that has been built and offered by Playgendary Limited. They are among the top 10 game developers by installs – the total number of downloads has exceeded 1 billion, and the monthly audience is more than 250 million players. You can install Perfect Cream on mobile devices that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. Because the game is available on both Google Play and App Store. You also can play Perfect Cream on tablets. The game is free to download but it only is for single player.

Besides, 3D graphics is very realistic. You will meet a customer and a boss during Perfect Cream. They also are the characters of the game. Moreover, blue background will bring a comfortable feeling for the players. Sometimes the background also will change to cream, orange or purple, and so on. This also brings a new thing to the game. In addition, the sound of the game is very cheerful. The sounds when you are spraying the cream on the cakes. A funny soundtrack will be turned on while playing Perfect Cream. But if you don’t want to hear those sounds, you can turn off it in the Setting of the game.


Make the beautiful cakes

So that the players can understand their mission better, the publisher has provided some notices for them. They will instruct the players how to make a lot of cakes. First, you will have to spray the cream on the cakes or different fruits. To do it, you need to hold the screen. After you have sprayed the cream on all cakes, the game will require you to decorate the cake to take away. With this cake, you also need to hold the screen to spray the cream. But then you have to tap to decorate subsidiary materials and finalize. Next, your cake will be canned and delivered to your customer. Especially, the game will always show the notices so that you can easily play. So you don’t need to remember all steps to make the cakes.

Besides, you need to pay attention to the stars that you will receive when you have completed a level. Because they will help you to unlock the new materials so that you spray on the cream. For example, when the players have received 3 stars, they will unlock a strawberry. But if you collect enough 9 stars, you will unlock a waffle. A blueberry will be unlocked when the players have collected 15 stars. The more you earn the stars, the more you will be able to unlock the new materials. To earn a lot of stars, you shouldn’t waste the cream. Moreover, you also need to spray the cream on all cakes. This will help you to receive all stars at each level.

The new materials and valves

Each game will have its own special points. And Perfect Cream is the same. The most special point of Perfect Cream is a large system of material and valve. There will be many types of cream in the game. They will have many different colors such as white, blue, purple, brown, or the colors that combine two colors, …. Moreover, there are up to 22 kinds of food that you can collect. The waffles, the cream cakes, fruit such as apple, dragon fruit, raspberry and so on.

Besides, the publisher also has provided a lot of valves for the players. To own the valves or the materials for your cakes, you need to use gold coins to buy them. You can earn the gold coins after you have completed the level. At each level, you need to collect the keys. They will help you to open treasure chests that contain the gold coins. But with food, you just need to collect the stars to unlock them. Furthermore, you can use the gold coins to upgrade your store. Unlock new decorations such as a picture, a pot plant, string lights, … to decorate the store. They will renew your store and make it become more beautiful. In addition, there is a bonus level after you have overcome a certain number of levels. In these levels, the players won’t spray the cream on the cakes. They can spray chili sauce on the French fries. This will help the game to be always interesting.

Become a professional pastry chef

With simple gameplay, the players just need to hold the screen to spray the cream on the cakes. So Perfect Cream will be suitable for many players of different ages, from children to adults. That also helps Perfect Cream to attract over 50 million downloads. But the game also requires high meticulousness. You will have to spray enough cream on the cake. They will bring many rewards for you like the coins. The fruit, the waffles, and the cream cakes. A sweet pipeline for a real master. Besides, there are some obstacles at each level. This will make the game be harder. Furthermore, the large system of food and valves helps you to create a lot of different cakes for your customers. Get the prizes and coins, avoid the obstacles, unlock all the dessert foundations and cream nozzles.

In addition, Perfect Cream doesn’t require connecting the Internet. So you can play the game whenever you want. You can relax with Perfect Cream after a long day at work or when you are feeling tired or stressed. Take part in Perfect Cream, learn to cook desserts, try yourself as a professional pastry chef and create your cooking masterpiece.

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