Mr Gun MOD APK 1.5.9 (Ad-Free)

Mr Gun MOD APK 1.5.9 (Ad-Free)

October 1, 2022


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Mr Gun is a new game from the developer Ketchapp. Like all previous games, this shooter is addictive despite its simple concept. But if you have entered this game world and experienced the first few levels, you will hardly be able to leave.

Ketchapp is famous for its simple but addictive game concept. For this manufacturer, we can immediately think of names like Car vs Cops, Knife Hit, or Fit in the Hole. Mr Gun is a new product following its traditional design that can make it difficult for players to experience.

They set Mr Gun in a multi-story building. On each floor, you will fight a gun against an enemy. The goal of every player is to shoot down the enemy and complete the mission in a certain number of levels to receive a reward. Rewards can be gold or new guns. When you defeat your opponents, you will earn gold, and this gold is used to buy more modern and more powerful weapons in the store.

When leveling up, the difficulty of the game also increases. It means that your enemy is also stronger, lives more persistent, and cannot be killed with one shot. At the end of each level, you will confront the boss to move to the next door. You need to shoot your enemies with precision. Headshots will help you destroy your opponents faster and give you more bonuses.

General Information

Mr Gun belongs to the genre of simple action games from Ketchapp games. Ketchapp is a manufacturer that always produces special game products. Mr Gun’s gameplay is not too complicated. With many levels of difficulty that will make you want to conquer, the game also supports both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Mr Gun has a gameplay similar to those in coordinate shooting games, which is to aim at the enemy in two original positions. You can stand in many positions, above or below the ladder, with the advantage of being fired first. To defeat the opponent, the player needs to be skillful and time-aligned. Click the screen to hit the head of the enemy. You will get a top score if you do headshots.

The player’s opponent in Mr Gun is also special. They divide it into two categories, which are weak bosses and powerful bosses. For weak bosses, just one hit to defeat them. For powerful guys, fire from three to four times. Every time he hits without dying, he goes to a higher floor, forcing the player to chase. Your distance advantage is greatly reduced now.

Mr Gun Hack also brings a variety of guns for players to choose from. For example, you can choose a machine gun so you can shoot multiple bullets. It increases your chances of destroying the enemy. Or you can opt for a gun that shoots fewer bullets but deals more damage. Besides, the game is not limited to time. So, players can aim carefully, align the target for as long as they want, intending to take down the enemy with a few shots.

How to Play Mr Gun?

Mr Gun is a shooting game that brings together a lot of characteristics of entertaining, action, and coordination. Therefore, despite the simple design, Mr. Gun attracts many players. Join the game, we make sure you will love this game in the first turn. Playing the game will also make you relive your childhood with the Gunny coordinate shooter game.

Enter the game, you will enter a western cowboy. The game takes place in a building with many floors. You will destroy the dark forces and then go up, defeat the boss, and go through screen after screen. The number of tremendous levels is always increasing with each update.

We will guard each floor by one enemy. The manufacturer designed them. The head and the body are rectangles attached to the gun. The highest floor will be the boss guard, destroying the bos through the screen. Boss is designed beautifully, cooler.

When playing the game, there will be a line of sight like a game of coordinates, but different from moving up and down, align to the enemy’s range and shoot by touching the screen, if you miss it, you will lose and must play that level again. When you hit the opponent, you will get the same score as the level of the game screen. Especially, if you shoot the headshot, the score is doubled.

Mr Bullet

Mr Bullet is a new game when combining two types of shooting and puzzles. The player will transform into Mr Bullet and be a spy to destroy evil gangs everywhere. Find the right shooting angles to destroy them with the least amount of ammo and set up a victory.

The game is about a spy named Bullet. He must destroy the subordinates of the evil gang with bullets. Each level is not the same, and the number of bullets owned is also different.

In levels, you need to use the least number of shots possible to bring high scores to that level. The bullets shown in yellow are the minimum number of bullets you can use to win three stars. If you exceed that number of bullets, you will lose the maximum number of stars on the game screen.

Players should inspect the corners and items that appear on the game screen. Specifically, a screen with TNT explosives appears next to the criminals. You need to shoot a gun into the TNT barrel to destroy them all.

Shootout 3D

Shootout 3D players will play the role of a stickman hero capable of shooting superclass. Criminals and bosses are mingling among civilians or hiding behind cover-ups. Your mission is to destroy all of them without harming the good people.

Shootout 3D comprises stickman characters colored differently and objects appearing monotonous against a white background. You and the good guys need protection green, cream pink. You just swipe left or right to control all characters on the screen. Touch the screen to shoot, but make sure you do not destroy an innocent citizen by mistake.

The gameplay of Shootout 3D is very simple. You need to swipe left or right to control all characters on the screen, both good. Touch the screen to shoot. Make sure you do not destroy an innocent civilian mistakenly or the game will be over. At the end of the level, you will face the tough boss and if you defeat him, you win the game.

Shootout 3D shooter game players will have to align the shot angle accurately so that the bullet goes according to the intended intention. Do not forget to take advantage of objects such as barrels, wooden panels, mirrors to help you in difficult situations. The game has many similarities with a game of billiards with chief entertainment. It is suitable for enjoying spare time or for brief breaks.

Final Words

Mr Gun has minimalistic graphics with characters designed in the form of a box. The game interface is simple but also exquisite. If it bores you with the action shooting games, Mr Gun MOD APK will be a brilliant choice to try. The game promises to give players a fun time and helps to relieve stress effectively.

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