Jelly Jump MOD APK 1.4 (Unlocked)

Jelly Jump MOD APK 1.4 (Unlocked)

April 12, 2021


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Jelly Jump offers an immersive 3D arcade experience. The game has a minimalistic design, and your mission is to control a non-stop jump stone from one location to another. The key to winning the game is concentration, and precise calculation. You need to take the reasonable steps to help the stone increase height. Of course, you will have to make great jumps on the correct appearance of the platforms. Everything will happen quickly, and you have to do it right away if necessary. After the tenth jump you can start collecting new jelly drops. The jelly drops have an interesting look, and it makes it easier for you to level up in the future. Get ready to collect small jelly blobs, and create new jellies out of them. Gameplay is addictive because the element jumps higher, lasts longer and continuously. Don’t forget to challenge your friends in this exciting continuous jumping game.

About the gameplay

Jelly Jump is an exciting action-intelligence game. The game has a brain-damaging, addictive and challenging Endless style. Players control a cube called Jelly, and perform non-stop jumping through obstacles. The game screens are designed very nicely. The game has quality content, lots of addictive gameplay and extremely difficult “brain hacking”. The game has the effect of developing intelligence, training judgment as well as stimulating the motor ability of the brain. If you love continuous action, and the difficulty is high, the game is the ideal choice. You will be challenged with the most difficult and “quality” intellectual levels. The game is considered one of the most successful products of Ketchapp. In fact, the gameplay and content concept originated in Wildroad Games, but the design and release was done by Ketchapp himself. The goal of the game is very simple, and very addictive. The player will touch a Jelly cube, and jump over obstacles (like the shape of a concrete block). The higher you attempt to jump, the better, and the more great scores you have. unique point in the design screen play. Concrete blocks are arranged in sensitive locations, and the player must press the right time to touch to help Jelly jump onto the surface of the floor. Of course, if you press wrongly then the Jelly will be squeezed, or fall into the water. The game builds on an interesting idea. You can imagine liberation from a home that gradually shrinks. If you run slowly, you will be stuck in the middle of the house or locked completely. Gameplay is simple, and Jelly will drop in the water if the action is wrong.

Jelly Jump makes it more difficult with the movement of the concrete blocks. Concrete blocks will close together by rapid speed, and continuous variation. If you play at high levels, the concrete blocks will move at an appropriately high speed. From here on, the challenges also keep getting harder over time. Even if you are a novice or not familiar with gameplay, you can completely “die” on the first touch of the screen. The game has difficult levels with high hardcore, and absolutely no check-points. This means that if Jelly gets into the water, or is broken by the concrete block, you will have to play all over again. Therefore, you need to maximize your concentration during the entire game to win. The game has absolutely no levels, and you try to help the character jump as high as possible. Besides the crazy challenge, players also need to collect Jelly drops. If you accumulate enough 200 drops, the Jelly character’s shape will be changed to your liking. In addition, if you exchange 10 drops of Jelly, you will also get a bonus “leap” 10 steps. Jelly Jump is really the typical brain game, and very helpful for brain development. However, the game also has some disadvantages. The game has only one level of play, and there are no level options like easy, medium, difficult. This makes many people find it difficult, and easy to give up early because it is not possible to rank high. The game also has no ability to save points or progress. So if you get Jelly to a certain height, you will still have to play all over again when you boot up. The game also contains advertising, and requires a fee to be completely free. However, the game is still impressed by the challenge, and high demand thanks to the focus on observing concrete blocks.

Jelly Jump offers a great experience in non-stop dancing challenges. Players who want to get high scores, it requires focusing on touching the screen to help Jelly get as high as possible. You must always be on the lookout for the next obstacle, and keep the focus on Jelly’s jumps, or the overall texture of the level. Throughout the game screen, you try to pass 10 to 15 floors to win Jelly drops – a high-level currency. If the higher you try to jump, the better it will be to gain the worthwhile Jelly drops. However, be careful with the speed change of concrete blocks. The challenge at high positions is the speed of the concrete blocks. You need to be alert to see the change in order to adjust your strategy to suit each challenge. You touch as quickly as possible to reach a certain height, and win many bonus points. Hint that you can switch the device to airplane mode to disable ads. Because the game is free, but still contains annoying ads. If you want to avoid being distracted by pointless ads, then it’s best to switch your device to airplane mode.


Jelly Jump has a very simple control system. You only need to touch the screen once to help the stone jump continuously. Your aim is to determine the timing of the right jumps. Of course, if you do not make the right decisions, you will cause the stone to fall into the water, or get trapped and destroyed. Also, if you slow down, the stone will be swallowed by the dark tide, and the game will be over. In general, the game has simple gameplay, easy to play but difficult to conquer, and addictive. You will be familiar with the simple controls, and just focus on the clicks at the right time. The game is completely free, and can be played without limit, suitable for all ages.

Graphics and sound

Jelly Jump is a simple, fun and beautiful game. The game is a perfect combination between great gameplay, and stunning graphics on touch phone devices. Fresh 3D interface, quality graphics and wallpapers are constantly changing. So you will not get bored if you play for a long time. Besides, the sound effects are full of effects, and extremely vibrant. Playful background music effects, and create a sense of excitement for players. You absolutely can spend hours conquering, and always feel full of excitement. Overall, the interface is eye-catching and the graphics are impressive.

You can try “Doodle Jump” if you love the continuous action. The game features simple gameplay, and wildly addictive gameplay. The game can be played back continuously, and is extremely attractive to you. Companion with a cute cartoon character on a drawing paper. Your task is to control the character to perform continuous jumping actions from one platform to another. You will be sure to laugh with joy throughout the game, and achieve your dream reality score. In short, this game is extremely addictive because of cuteness.


Jelly Jump fully converges the required elements of an interesting Android intellectual game. The game has fun, challenging gameplay, intuitive interface and great music effects. Get ready to control the cute little Jelly, and keep Jelly from drowning, or being destroyed. Try to jump higher, survive longer and never give up in the face of continuous difficulties. Also, you collect small jelly blobs to create new jellies, and challenge scores with your world friends. Get ready for a great classic arcade experience, and new game modes from constant updates.

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