Doodle Jump MOD APK 3.11.30 (Unlimited Money)

Doodle Jump MOD APK 3.11.30 (Unlimited Money)

February 22, 2024


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Unlimited Money

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It is easily noticed that the old viral games are gradually disappearing and now, a few of them can only stay in gamers’ memory. Originally developed by Lima Sky since 2009, “Doodle Jump” is one of a few games that are still persistently updated. The game is widely well-reviewed from critics for its one-of-a-kind gameplay. To understand how famous “Doodle Jump” is, the game makes an appearance in “The Big Bang Theory” through a line of the character Sheldon Cooper.

When it comes to “Doodle Jump”, most people know about this title because, for them, it is a childhood game as well as Jetpack Joyride. The game has been a huge success thanks to its unique, hand-scribbled aesthetic art style and simple yet addictive gameplay. With precise tilt controls, a variety of themes, costumes, and items, “Doodle Jump” is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful game titles.


“Doodle Jump” is a fun and addictive jumping game featuring cute, hand-drawn characters and skillfully combined leaderboards.

You will play as a cute little alien with four legs which is called the Doodler, your mission is to guide him to jump as high as possible, bounce up a sheet of paper from one place to another on a never-ending series of platforms without falling and try to shoot the bad guys and avoid random obstacles.

The control is simple to use, players only need to gently tilt the game left and right, side-to-side to lead our little alien friend to increase the score.


Uncomplicated yet engaging gameplay

“Doodle Jump” is the game that anyone can figure out in just a few seconds. Players will keep jumping automatically and moving higher and higher up an infinite scroll in a vertical screen. The game ends when you blunder a jump and fall to the bottom of the screen.

As you play, you will meet the challenging arrangement of platforms including disintegrating platforms, moving platforms, platforms that will disappear as soon as you jump on, and more. The higher the Doodler goes, the scarier the obstacles but the better the boosts such as jetpacks or spring shoes.

Doodler will shoot monsters or UFOs that block your path with its horn-shaped nose, which can be performed by tapping to the screen. There is a diversity of enemies such as the motionless monsters, the bad ones who move up and down or side-to-side, a predator with wings that goes after the player diagonally up the screen, etc.

Frequents updates with new items and themes

The developer of the game regularly adds new themes to give the game a fresh look and feel while the same amusing gameplay is kept. There are also over 100 missions for you to complete for rewards

Each of the new themes is very well-implemented. There are a few outstanding themes like Christmas in which power-ups are wrapped as presents, Space with numerous jetpacks, and rockets for Doodler to ride inside. Other themes such as Ninja, Jungle, and many more are waiting for players to discover. Enemies will change their looks in each theme to fit the aesthetic.

To make the game more fascinating, many useful items have been put in. Players can use coins collected in the game to buy outfits that can affect the gameplay, supportive power-ups that will help players gain higher scores. Players can also pick up some gadgets throughout the game such as jet packs, propeller hats, rockets, trampolines, etc.

Entertaining, competitive game modes

There are currently two game modes for players to compete with other opponents.

In multiplayer game mode, you will play against a friend or a random person to see who will go higher. Whoever falls first, that person loses. You can ask for a rematch if you do not yield.

If you are into a more challenging competition, there are tournaments for you to participate in. This is a competitive game mode in which the contestants go as high as they can to have a position on the leaderboard. Tournaments are temporary and once they end, the first places receive great prizes. This game mode is most players’ favorite as there is something to go after. The fact that everyone can see your name on top of the chart just makes the game ten times better.

Achievements to go after

There is a wide range of achievements for players to accomplish. Some are easy to do but some are nearly impossible because it is just way too high for a casual title. For instance, jumping on or passing by 30 enemies in one game or UFO Abduction survivor achievement which no one has figured out how to attain.

Unlimited money

If you are interested in an item and you fear that you cannot afford it, throw your worries away because “Doodle Jump” supports you with an unlimited money feature. Enjoy the game to the fullest and never have to worry about the money shortage.



Players will immediately feel close when they start playing this game because it brings back familiar memories when students start doodling on notes instead of studying at school. The graphics are adorable and quirky with the appealing art style, it feels like you just draw on your notebook and they come to life.

Sound and music

It is quite unnatural for some people that this game does not have music in it. “Doodle Jump” only uses a few sounds that can be annoying the more you play. Players can turn off the sound, but some are permanently there to help you. For instance, before an enemy appears, the game will make a sound that lets you know you need to be careful. Moreover, the developer also adds some ambient sounds to match each theme.


Besides a variety of themes and items to collect, the gameplay stays the same and can be repetitive.

Enemies are sometimes hard to see, this will make players feel uncomfortable because they lose by a nemesis that is too unexpected to predict.

Some sound effects can be irritating to players such as the jumping sound on the main menu. Sounds cannot be turned off if you wish to.


It is undoubtedly that Doodle Jump Mod APK is still one of the most hunted games by all generations for its specialness. The fact that it is still in operation after 11 years can prove that. The game is designed to be endless and addictive, besides, you can mark the name and height of the previous scores to the chart, it will show yours and other Doodlers’ in the world along the edge of the screen. The sound could use a small upgrade, but it does not prevent gamers from enjoying the game. Overall, “Doodle Jump” Mod APK is a great game to pass the time by yourself or with your friends.

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