Geometry Dash World MOD APK 2.2.11 (Unlocked Skins)

Geometry Dash World MOD APK 2.2.11 (Unlocked Skins)

June 20, 2022


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RobTop Games
4.0 and up
65 MB
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It’s hard to believe such a simple yet addictive gameplay could be available on the mobile platform for varied hardware. However, it’s true with Geometry Dash World as the game introduces gamers to a completely relaxing and enjoyable gameplay that they could have on their Android devices. A simple casual game that you can enjoy anytime anywhere. Find out more about this amazing game as we take a closer look at it through our reviews.


The game takes place in an odd world surrounded by all the geometrical objects. Players will start the game as a simple cube, not a 3D cube, just a plain-looking 2D one. However, as your adventure begins, you’ll find the game extremely addictive and rewarding thanks to its enjoyable gameplay.

Follow the music and control your cube as you travel to the finish line. Make uses of the simple touch commands to fly your cubes through the obstacles. Journey in the world of Geometry Dash as you confront the exotic monsters, mind-blowing puzzles, and more.

Explore the addictive gameplay and immerse yourself in the oddly satisfying geometry world.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and addictive platform game

To start with, gamers in Geometry Dash World will be introduced to the intuitive gameplay. Learn how to control your cube in just a few seconds. But it’s going to take a lot of time for you to get used to the advanced gameplay.

While it’s quite simple, the rhythm-based mechanics make the game somehow extremely addictive. Find yourself enjoying a single stage again and again.

Explore many exciting levels

In your adventure in Geometry Dash World, gamers will be introduced to ten unique levels featuring unique obstacles and challenges. In facts, in each stage, you’ll find yourself enjoying new music tracks that are composed by the world-famous artist and bands, such as Dex Arson, the Waterflame, the F-777, and more. Moreover, each stage come with adjustable difficulties which allow you to select the right levels for yourself.

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Collect daily rewards as you log in the game

And to make the game more rewarding than ever, gamers are also given daily rewards whenever you log into the game. Collect daily rewards and getting better prizes each time you come back. In addition, there are also exciting daily quests that you can complete and earn valuable loots.

Enjoy the epic online gameplay

If you think the offline campaign can’t cause you any trouble, it would be a great idea to take the game online and compete with the big boys. Challenge online gamers from all over the world in exciting online levels that are created by RobTop Games and even the Geometry Dash community as well. You can also create unique maps of your own and share them with others.

And to see your friends who’re also playing the game, Android users are only required to login with their Facebook account. Then, you can check on your friends’ progresses as well as challenge them in the leaderboards.

Moreover, having your Facebook account connected to the game is also recommended to prevent any data losses. That being said, with your Facebook account connected, your save files will be uploaded online. So the next time you log in to the game from another device, you can still have the same safe files.

Discover many customizable options

And to make the game more interesting and personalized, the creators of Geometry Dash World also included many exciting customizations for gamers. That being said, you can easily unlock unique icons for your characters and have them added to your inventory. Make your cube as unique as possible before you join the online community.
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Make uses of many awesome boosts

Moreover, gamers in Geometry Dash World will find themselves enjoying the gameplay more than ever with the unique buffs that are available along their way. Choose the one that you prefer and have your cube fly around like a rocket, challenge the gravity by extreme jumps, and so on. Make uses of the useful boosts to gain advantages during the difficult levels.

Hone your skills and abilities with the in-depth practice mode

For those who wish to have their skills and abilities trained and improved, Geometry Dash World also offers the exciting practice mode where you can put all your learning into practices. Sharpen your skills with the incredible practice levels, adjust the right difficulties for yourself, and more.

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Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for any Android users to enjoy. Hence, you can easily get it for free on the Google Play Store. On top of that, the rewarding gameplay also makes it possible for gamers to enjoy the game without having to make any in-app purchases.

Unlock unlimited content with our mods

However, if you don’t like to be slowdown by the in-app purchases, there is another way for you to easily get around. That being said, gamers in Geometry Dash World can unlock unlimited content by having our Geometry Dash World MOD APK installed on their devices. As simple as it is, this mod version will enable you to make in-app purchases for completely free. In addition, you can skip all the time limits and get yourself epic loots.

Visual and sound quality


While it’s essentially a 2D platformer, Geometry Dash World is still considered a great game in terms of graphics. That being said, the game features beautiful HD graphics that allow you to truly immerse in the gameplay. On top of that, smooth and satisfying mechanics will make you hooked to the game for hours on end. And, it’s also possible to play the game on low-end devices thanks to the undemanding hardware requirements.


Despite the simple gameplay, Geometry Dash World still manages to deliver intuitive and accurate sound effects to gamers, allowing them to feel addicted to the game. On top of that, with new levels unlocked, you’re also introduced to new pieces of high-quality music from the world best composers. Put on your headphone and enjoy the immersive gameplay the Geometry Dash World has to offer.

Download Geometry Dash World MOD latest 2.2.11 Android APK

For Android gamers, it’s difficult to deny Geometry Dash World as it comes with everything you would want from a mobile title. Simple and addictive gameplay, undemanding graphics and smooth mechanics, lots of discoverable features, and so on.

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