Rolling Sky 3.5.7 (MOD Unlimited Balls/Shields)

Rolling Sky 3.5.7 (MOD Unlimited Balls/Shields)

July 20, 2020


Additional Information
Cheetah Games
4.1 and up
87 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Balls/Shields

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Get ready for another simple yet addictive mobile game coming from one of the most popular publisher – Cheetah Games. Dive into the musical fun as you enjoy the arcade ball game. Test your eyes and hand coordination as you take on the incredible levels and challenges at Rolling Sky. Find out more about this amazing game as we take a look it with our reviews.


As mentioned the game is extremely simple as all you must do is to control the ball to follow a straight track. But that’s not all of it and you must also face a few challenges along the way. Avoid obstacles that are placed on your way and make sure you’re not knocked off the tracks.

The simple touch controls let you command the ball to do any, including jump, dodge, turn left and right, collect the diamonds, and more.

And that’s not all, the game also a rhythm game which means that you’ll have the chances to listen to exciting songs along the way. Follow the beat as you avoid obstacles and take your ball to the victory.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple gameplay and intuitive interfaces

To start with, Rolling Sky features simple gameplay with uncomplicated mechanics. All you have to do is guiding your ball to the right directions. Control it intelligently to dodge varied obstacles as you go. Combined with the tempo of the music, players must have good eye-hand coordination to guide your ball to the finish line.

In addition, the game also comes with intuitive interfaces which allow gamers to quickly switch between different in-game options. Look for the desired options or make customizations relatively quick in Rolling Sky.

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Rolling on multiple tracks with varied elements

And to make your ride more exciting and refreshing, the game also features a variety of different tracks. That being said, you can have your balls travel un and down along the rocky mountains, undiscovered universe, deep and dark forests, vast snowfields, burning infernos, and so on.

Find yourself traveling on unthinkable terrain and experience the enjoyable differences between the locations. It’s easy to unlock the locations, you just need to commit to the game and do your missions to gain the privileges.

On top of that, there will be more and more exciting maps available as the game receive new updates.

Unlock new music tracks as you progress

Follow the journey, players in Rolling Sky will have the opportunities to enjoy the epic pieces of music featuring different songs from varied genres. Hence, you can easily listen to your favorite tracks while immersing yourself into the addictive gameplay of Rolling Sky. Follow the beat as you get past the obstacles. Plus, like the maps, new music tracks will be automatically updated with the new versions of the game.

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Explore many exciting customizations

And to make the game more interesting, the creators at Cheetah Games also allow gamers to make varied customizations on their games. That being said, you can easily change how the ball looks by switching between dozens of customizations. Have your balls look more interesting instead of being a plain steel ball.

In addition, you can also customize the maps to make them more challenging and addictive. Switch between different styles and experience completely refreshed experiences. Customize even the visual effects as your ball hit the obstacles, make a sprint, and more. Play Rolling Sky in your own way.

Rewarding gameplay with valuable prizes

Not like many blood-sucking games on the market, Rolling Sky is one of the few Android games that actually care about their players. That being said, you’ll have your chances to unlock and collect valuable prizes without having to pay anything.

You can start by being active and log into the game frequently to unlock your daily rewards. The more frequent you are the better prizes you’ll earn. In addition, the game also features some exciting events that’re available randomly for players to enjoy. And last but not least, even the normal missions are extremely rewarding if you know how to make the most of it.

Complete exciting challenges and achievements

Along with the campaign mode, gamers in Rolling Sky can also put their skills to the test by taking up the challenges and achievements. Complete them and earn yourself valuable and unique loots. Enjoy a completely refreshed experiences with the game.

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Explore the addictive online gameplay

And if you’ve been bored with the offline gameplay, Rolling Sky also offers exciting online gameplay where you can go against the best gamers from all over the world. Start by challenging them in the leaderboards. Compete for the highest places on the ranks and collect bountiful rewards.

Or you could also connect the game to your social accounts and find out which one of your friends are playing this game. Compete with them by setting up the highest records for different levels. Show them who’s the real boss in this game.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features, Rolling Sky is still a free-to-play game. Which means that you can get it installed on your mobile devices whenever you want. Still, the in-app purchases might slow your down your progress significantly.

Unlimited gameplay with our mods

If you’re bothered by the in-app purchases and ads, then you’ll definitely find our mods helpful. That being said, our game features exciting mods that allow gamers to collect unlimited money and bonuses. Hence, you can easily get through the difficult levels or collect awesome customizations for your balls without spending a fortune on it.

Visual and sound quality


With stunning 3D graphics, Rolling Sky introduces gamers to a completely elevated experience compared to other similar games. The realistic physics make each of your actions extremely believable. Plus, you can also feel the intensity thanks to epic visual effects.


For a rhythm-based running game like Rolling Sky, the music should be the crucial factor and require good attentions. Knowing this, the creators at Cheetah Games have included hundreds of exciting songs from the world-famous artist. Moreover, with the recent updates, gamers also gain access to brand new soundtracks that are produced by the famous Alan Walker.

Download Rolling Sky Mod latest 3.5.7 Android APK

Those who’re looking for a simple yet addictive casual game would definitely find Rolling Sky interesting. Good physics and mechanics, in-depth gameplay, plenty of discoverable contents, and more. It’s hard for you to deny the game’s addictiveness.

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